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This is my take on a rumor I heard about the Avengers: Disassemble arc.

Raging Silence ~ Chapter One ~ On Edge

"Everyone! Could everyone quiet down?" asked the short, brown haired woman standing at the head of the table. "Thank you. I've called all of the Avengers togeth..." She quickly scanned the room. "Where's Tony?"

"He was having some troubles with Stark Enterprises. Something about a corrupt vice-president," responded Wanda as she reached for the pitcher of orange juice.

"Oh. Well, I still have something to tell you all, even if Tony isn't here to hear the news. Captain America is going to be in Germany fighting off a new Nazi uprising with the Falcon," Jan said. She looked around to see her teammates' reactions. Hawkeye was trying to hide a smirk. He and Cap had recently had a falling out concerning Hawkeye's old teammates, The Thunderbolts. Both Wanda and She-Hulk seemed somewhat disappointed. She looked to Vision, but he was focused on Wanda. She sighed, remembering how awkward the Vision and the Scarlet Witch seemed now. They both obviously had feelings for one another again, but were too scared to act upon them. She then turned to Hank, her ex-husband. He averted his eyes. She could tell he was still mad at her for telling the rest of the team that he used to abuse her. "While he is gone, I have been reassigned the position of leader," she concluded.

"Congratulations Jan," She-Hulk said as she reached for the last piece of sausage.

"Yeah, congrats!" said Wanda.

"You'll make a great leader Jan," Vision said, somewhat mechanically, showing that he wasn't really paying attention. Hawkeye reached across the table for the serving dish full of scrambled eggs.

"Aren't you going to congratulate her?" Hank asked in a low tone, almost growling, grabbing Clint's arm in mid-reach. Clint pulled away his arm and sent a glare at Hank. "What? Do you not like Jan?" Hank said as he stood up.

"What's your problem Hank? You've been acting weird the whole week. Of course I like Jan. I like her a hell of a lot more than you ever did, I'd never hit her," snapped Hawkeye as he rose from his seat.

"Clint...don't," said Wanda in a calming voice. Jan blushed in embarrassment.

Hank breathed in deeply, and started to turn away. He abruptly turned back towards Hawkeye and threw his fist forward, connecting with Hawkeye's jaw. Hawkeye fell to the ground with a thud, as the rest of the team jumped to their feet.

"HANK!" screamed Jan. Hank turned at the mention of his name right as The Scarlet Witch shot a bolt of chaotic energy at him. The pink energy blast thudded into Hank's chest, knocking the wind out of him. She-Hulk lunged to him, grabbing his arms and holding them behind his back. He began to struggle and broke one arm out of She-Hulk's grip. "Hank, just go," Jan said in a motherly scold, as a tear ran down her cheek.

" know I would nev-," he tried to say.

"Just go," she interrupted.

He slumped in She-Hulk's arms.

"What am I supposed to do with him?" the green-skinned woman asked.

"Take him to Jack of Hearts' holding tank. We'll hold a meeting and decide what course of action is best for the team," Vision responded.

"C'mon big guy," She-Hulk said as she led him to the lower labs. Wanda followed in tow, knowing that She-Hulk would need a briefing on what had just occurred. She-Hulk had just recently rejoined the team, and wasn't quite up to speed on all of the latest dramatics.

Hawkeye started to stir. "Glad to see everyone rushed to my help," he said as he stood up.

"I'm sorry Clint. I never should have brought the team into mine and Hank's personal problems," said Jan.

He locked eyes with her, making sure she understood exactly what was going on. "Jan, you did the right thing by telling us. Every time you forgive Hank ...that's when you're making a mistake."

"Clint, please don't berate him. It's just not what I need right now," she said, sitting down.

"Jan, it's exactly what you need right now. Hank's a creep who likes to beat up those who can't defend themselves! Why can't you see this, and just let him go?" he snapped back, almost yelling.

"Clint, he's all I have. He's stuck with me all these years...without him..I just...I don't know Clint..."

"What are you saying Jan? That he's your safety blanket?" he asked her, an astounded look on her face.

"Clint...just...leave me alone. I need to think." At that, she walked out of the dining hall.

"Well that ruined a perfectly fine breakfast."

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