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Raging Silence Chapter Six Sharpened Fury

Jan knew that she had to act fast if she was to save her own, or Wanda's life. She began to shrink. The size of a child. Wanda was now sitting, Hank leaning over her. The size of a baseball. Hank was raising his hand, ready to strike. The size of a wasp. Jan shot forth tiny energy beam at her over- sized husband. They struck him on the back of the neck, causing tiny sharp stings. He instinctively turned his head towards the direction from which the shots had come from. Jan was already on the move, zipping towards his head. In Hank's moment of distraction, The Scarlet Witch snapped out of her daze of fear.

She had dealt with the Red Skull, Magneto, and countless other super- villains in her lifetime. Fighting Hank was no different. She had originally wanted to deal with the situation peacefully, but now saw that it was pointless. She would much rather regret hurting Hank and saving her life, than letting herself or Jan die. She kicked forward with both her left and right feet. The right slammed hard into Hank's chest and her left foot smashed into his crotch. He doubled over in pain and took a few steps backwards.

Jan zoomed at him, aiming for the ear. She knew that if she could just get into the ear canal and release her stinging rays, her and Wanda would have a fighting chance. Hank realized this as well, and thus wasn't taken by surprise when his ex-wife zoomed by his head. His hand shot up and grabbed onto her.

Jan felt the giant fingers catcher her like an enormous net. They squeezed, trying to suffocate, or better yet, squish her. She felt her ribs crack as the gargantuan masses of skin and bone crushed her. She tried to use her stinger rays, but could only get a few shots off. They sufficed.

Hank opened his hand as a smoldering boil started to form. He roared in outrage as his victim escaped from his palm. The Scarlet Witch had noticed none of this as she ran at the giant of a man. She kicked forward, wondering why he was screaming, as something attached to her boot. Hank held her foot in his left, un-burned hand. He twisted his arm, muscles rippling, as Wanda fell to the ground, her back face-up.

As Jan escaped from Hank's grip, she flew up. She knew that with her current injuries, she was out of the fight. She barely made it up to the crystal chandelier that hung from the middle of her room. She sat upon it and looked down to see her team-mate being kicked by her ex-husband. She had tried to help, but he was too big, too strong, and too powerful. He always had been.

Wanda felt the thump of Hank's foot hitting her side again, easily breaking ribs. Through the pain and fuzzy eyes, she could make out one thing. A thousand tiny Jans, staring down at her. She quickly realized that it was the reflection from the chandelier. She tried to utter a warning scream, "Jan!" but was kicked once again, muffling her cry. She raised her hand and let out a pink bolt of chaotic energy. She only hoped Jan would get out of the way fast enough.

Jan saw the bolt towards her and hit the chandelier. The next thing she knew, she was falling and screaming. Hank looked up to see a thousand images of his ex-wife, the cause to all of his problems come crashing down at him. The chandelier hit Hank's head with a loud crash, the glass shattering. Hank screamed in outrage as he head started to bleed. The blood ran down into his eyes, enraging him even more.

"Stupid little bitch! Do you want me to get angrier? Are you that stupid?" Hank screamed at Wanda, who was still lying on the floor. Hank called upon his power once again as he grew another three feet, and gained even more strength. "Now, you'll fell the wrath of Giant-Man!"

Wanda squinted as she looked up at the man. She knew she was out of tricks. There was nothing else that she could do to stop him from killing her and Jan. She started to think about her life and how it would end. The only thing she wished she had truly experienced was watching her children grow up. That's the one experience she would truly regret not living through. She watched as Hank stomped over to the coffee table and break one of its legs off. "So," Wanda mused, "He's going to kill me with a stick. The Scarlet Witch, daughter of Magneto, an Avenger, and a master of sorcery...would be killed by big man with a large stick." Wanda didn't like the way her demise was panning out.

Hank raised the wooden leg high over his head and right as he began the decent, he froze. Wanda looked up to see his rigid form, stuck in a expression of pure, utter agony.

"I'm sorry Hank," The Vision said, "But I can not allow you to hurt Ms. Maximoff anymore than you already have."

Wanda smiled as she realized what had happened. She knew of Vision's powers well, and knew that he has most likely become intangible, so to not make sound and alert Hank of his existence in the room. He then probably thrust his hand into Hank's form and then solidified it. This resulted in what can only be described as hell on earth. This technique of Vision's destabilizes the nerve ending in a person so that all of the nerve receptors that can detect pain, do just that. Every nerve in Hanks body was screaming in agony at the brain, that they were in too much pain.

The Vision laid Hank on the floor, knowing that he would be out of commission for at least an hour after an attack like that. Vision then walked to Wanda, and kneeled down beside her. "Are you alright Wanda?" he asked her.

"Just a few broken bones. Nothing a good rest won't fix," Wanda replied, trying not to sound fragile or hurt. She tried to sit up, but the pain kept her on the floor.

"Don't move Wanda, I shall carry you to the infirmary as soon as I locate Jan." Vision stated as he stood up.

Jan! Wanda realized that she hadn't heard from Jan since the chandelier had fallen. "I-I made the chandelier fall onto Hank, and Jan was sitting on it when it fel-I don't know wher- If she didn't move then she could be de-Oh no. She can't be?"

"Wanda, I do believe you've become hysterical. Please calm down. I'm sure I can locate Jan and this entire ordeal can all be over." The two heard a muffled cry from the wreckage of the chandelier.

Jan was lying on the ground, a sharp piece of shiny glass sticking through her shoulder.