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I was incapable of coherent thought. Maybe it had something to do with half of

my blood in my feet and half in my head and a constant ache in my stomach? Maybe it

had something to do with my brother happily carrying me over his shoulder, oblivious to

the pain I was in. I don't know...The sand...the glare of the sun, reflects, burns my face.

Vash's boots, thump, thump, steadily moving toward...voices? What's that other

noise? Sun, bright, pain. I wrench my eyes open just in time to see a small river of blood

issue from what I think is my shoulder, and splatter onto the sand. The blood makes a

fizzing sound and begins to steam. I shut my eyes in disgust and because I don't have the

energy to keep them open any longer.

Vash's boots now move faster toward the voices and the

sound. Thump, thump, thump. The voices are louder now, Vash shifts his weight, I slide

a little ways to the side as he does something with his other hand. He's...waving?

The sound is louder now; a rushing sound, roaring, like it's coming from the very

center of the planet. Vash walks closer and I begin to think it is.

Vash stumbles suddenly, and I moan as a wave of nausea overtakes me. I keep my

mouth shut tight, even though I know I will vomit nothing. I haven't eaten in a four days.

Suddenly I feel things hitting me all over. They don't hurt. They're wet and cold. Like

water from the sky. The nausea leaves me and is replaced by wonder at this miracle.

Vash almost breaks out in a run, but must have realized the pain that would cause

me, so he kept his pace at a swift walk. He was anxious to be closer to the voices and the

noise. The water droplets come faster and closer together until it was like some great being was taking buckets and dumping water over us.

"Hello!" Vash yells suddenly. I grunt at the loud noise. Then, I hear answers.

"Mr. Vash!" and "Vash!" The first voice was light and spunky; the other voice was

complete happiness with a businesslike undertone. The second voice held something else

too, but was very subtle, and I was too tired to decipher it.

Vash quickly walked up to where the voices came from. "Hello Insurance girls!"

Vash says with a laugh in his voice.

"Oh Mr. Vash! We're so glad you're back! Meryl and I missed you so much-"

this voice was interrupted by the other voice,

"Vash, is that...?" The business voice stopped in mid-sentence. "Meryl, Millie,

this is my brother, Knives." Vash said, as his elation at being around people he obviously

knew gave way to a grim sternness.

I had just enough strength to lift my head

slightly, and I saw her. Gray eyes, black hair, short, human. I let my head drop again, she

meant nothing to me.

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