Chapter 2 Yes you people...all your assumptions (and questions) were correct! This IS a Meryl x Knives fic! Yay! Well...actually...KMV but...Yeah...I was working on this chapter on a piece of scratch paper after finishing part of the ITED test (Iowa Test of Educational Development. The funny thing is...we live in Washington state o.O) the paper said BK chapter 2 on top and all these ppl were like "Whats that?" "Whats BK?" "Is it Ben Kauffman?" "Ooh! Doomy's in love with Ben!" . Idiots...see you guys? You got me all confuzzled...I think I'll just get on with the story before I die. (FYI: Ben has a girlfriend who he is engaged to o.O we're 9th graders) and just so you know...this story is done in many POV's but also narrations. Don't worry, I'll warn you when there's a change! ~_^

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Knives' POV~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Pain and darkness. I was...lying in a bed? I opened my eyes to see light from the

twin suns pouring in my window. I heard three voices and a clinking of silver wear

coming from what I guessed was the kitchen.

I looked over to my bedside table and saw a glass of water and a vase of tiny

flowers. I grabbed the glass and quickly downed the water, I was so thirsty. 'Probably

from blood loss and dehydration.' I thought angrily. Suddenly my mind processed what I

had seen and I looked back at the small flowers floating in the vase of water on my


Well...actually I didn't look, I glared. How dare this inferior race suck the plants

dry for their own pleasure! I raised my hand to snatch the flowers out of the vase and rip

them to shreds when the smaller human walked in. I stopped, my hand inches from the

flowers, and stared at her. She seemed surprised that I was up but, unlike me, wasn't at a

loss for words.

"Oh, you like the flowers? Millie picked them for you!" She said happily as she

moved towards me. I dropped my hand from where it had been hovering close to the

flowers and shied away from her while giving her the death-glare. She was not perturbed

by this at all and merely said, "Do you feel any better?" I didn't answer her, and turned

my back on her, thinking that maybe if I ignored her, she would leave. She then

proceeded to do the one thing I was not expecting, she got mad.

"Well fine then! I see how it is! Vash goes through all that trouble to tote you

over his shoulder, 100 iles to town! We put you up in our one bed and take care of you

wounds you actually DESERVE TO HAVE and you think you have the right to be

ungrateful! Well, you have another thing coming buddy!" She screamed. I turned around,

exceedingly angry, and mildly startled, to see her, with her face beet red, breathing like

she had run a marathon.

"Human, you speak of rights...what right do you have to come in here and yell at

me? No...what right do you have to even talk to me?" I answered quietly, malice thick in

every word.

It was her turn to look startled. She visibly deflated; almost as if she were a

balloon and I had taken a needle to her. I thought this was because she knew she was

beaten, but I was wrong again. She merely drew another huge breath, which I can only

presume was to launch more comments at me, when Vash came bursting in, apparently

he had heard the noise she was making.

"Meryl, what is going on here?!" Vash yelled. Little human turned her glare from me to

my brother. "Your brother is causing problems, Vash." She said through clenched teeth.

Vash quailed under her gaze and shrunk back as if she were about to strike him.

"N-now Meryl," he stuttered, "We have to make some allowances, after all-" he

was interrupted as Little human smacked him hard across the face. Vash stumbled back

and knocked over the vase of flowers, which shattered on the ground with a tremendous

crash. Big human finally seemed to deem the all noise worthy of investigation for she had

come into the room also.

"What's going on?" She yelled happily. I myself was getting tired of all the loud

noises and screaming so I decided to end this little meeting.

"If you all shut up, and get out of my room, I might consider letting you live." I

said. Everyone immediately quieted down, but, unfortunately for me, did not leave the


"What?!" Little human screeched. "You, threaten us?! When we took you in

and..." she didn't finish her rant. I closed my eyes and mentally picked every one of

them up and threw them out into the hall, making sure to slam them all into the opposite

wall rather hard. Then I slammed the door and locked it with my mind before anyone got

the urge to disturb me again. "Now, where was I? Oh yes, right about here." I said as I

snatched the flowers up off the floor and began shredding them mercilessly.


Meryl huffed back to the kitchen where she began cleaning up the breakfast

things. She threw the dishes into the sink, imagining each fork, plate, and spoon to have

Knives' face, and began scrubbing them furiously with a SOS pad. (A/N: Never wash

dishes without a handy SOS pad! Seriously!) This helped ease her anger a little as she

imagined Knives' face getting scrubbed into oblivion with a steel wool sponge.

Vash came back into the kitchen, rubbing the back of his head where a large knot

was forming. To further vent her anger, Meryl rounded on the wounded Vash. "Vash

your brother is an ungrateful jerk! Actually, he must take after you!" She yelled, waving

her soapy hands franticly in front of poor Vash's face. Vash lowered his head sadly and

mumbled something about having a headache and going back to bed. "Oh no you don't!"

Meryl growled. "You have a lot of chores to do around this house! And after that, you

have to go help Millie and the townspeople with the new water vein!" Vash looked up,

putting on his best pair of puppy-dog eyes.

"But Meryl, my head hurts really bad! I just want to lay down for a little! I'll still

get the chores done!" He whined. Meryl continued to glare, her soapy hands now on her

hips. "I could do the chores faster if I had some donuts!" Vash said suddenly, a big goofy

grin spreading over his face. Meryl threw up her hands, making soap suds fly

everywhere, and let out an exasperated sigh.

"Ok Vash, go get yourself a box of donuts." Meryl said resignedly "But then

come right back here to get the housework done. I mean it! No hanging

around...especially at the bar!"

"Alright Meryl!" Vash replied happily, already on his way to the door, the pain in

his head completely forgotten.

As soon as he was out the door Meryl let her angry frown slide right off her face

to be replaced by a happy grin. She turned around and began humming while scrubbing

the dishes, Knives' face now absent from the kitchen wear.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Millie's POV~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

'Ow my head hurts really bad.' I sit up, now also feeling the pain in my back and

tailbone. I cringe and do a backwards somersault from the wall. When I had been thrown

there I had landed in a very awkward position. I had been laying on my head and

shoulders with my back pressed against the wall and my feet dangling in front of my

face. I figured that this was not a very comfortable position and to do all that was in my

power to keep from finding myself in it again.

I reached my hand up to feel my neck and find it is very sore. "Mr. Knives is a

mean person!" I think for a second that I'll just go back in there and tell him to be nicer to

his hosts...when I remember my promise to myself not to find myself in any more

uncomfortable positions. Suddenly it hits me. 'Mr. Knives must be hungry!' I think. I

smile brightly; I think I would be mad too if I hadn't had anything to eat in days.

Just then my stomach rumbled...reminding me that I hadn't finished breakfast.

'I'll just go out, and buy something for myself and Mr. Knives!' I think happily. I yell a

cheery good-bye to Meryl and proceed outside and head down the road to the pudding


~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Vash's POV~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

'Wow...Meryl sure was angry...she should get to know Knives a little more before

she judges him though.' I mused on my way to the donut shop. 'It seems I've forgotten

how angry Meryl could get.' "And how she makes now allowances, and how she's a

work-aholic, and how good she looks in her skirt- OW!" I yelp as my head hits the corner

of the door of the donut shop.

I make little whimpering noises as I rub the front of my head where a new bump

is forming. Still whimpering I walk into the shop. The clerk looked quizzically at me and

I forced a smile I was sure was more like a grimace. Suddenly the aroma of donuts hits

my nose and I quickly call out what I want. "I'll have $$40 worth please! And lots of

sprinkles! Oh, and do you have any butterfly shaped pastries?" I say in a rush. The clerk

blinks, still confused, then chuckles.

"$$40 worth of donuts with lots of sprinkles and a butterfly shaped pastry?" It

sound a lot funnier coming out of someone else's mouth and I can't help but laugh. He

turns around, quickly pulls on a rubber glove, and deftly removes 8 boxes worth of

donuts from the under the glass. I can't help but drool a little. He places them up on the

counter and says he has to make the butterfly pastry and that it will only take a minute. I

nod and grab a donut out of a box and sit down.

The pain in my head (on both sides) completely disappeared when I took that first

bite of the doughy-goodness known as a donut. I must have started having ecstasy

induced convulsions because I found myself on the floor with the clerk staring at me as if

I had sprouted a tail. I smiled apologetically at him, paid the money, and took the pastry.

I walked outside and unwrapped the butterfly, curious as to how it would look.

I gasped as I looked at it, almost expecting it to fly right off the paper. It's wings

were black and orange with a gray body and delicate little antennae. I resist the urge to

poke it, just to see if the clerk had mistakenly wrapped up a real butterfly, because I

know, that the frosting, so expertly put on there, will slide off, just like the scales on real

butterfly wings. So, instead, I move the paper up and down slightly, just to see if it will

fly away. It doesn't, and I smile at it. "Knives will love you." I whisper to it.

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