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Chapter 17 - By Angeldust

"You foolish girl!" He growled as he gripped her neck then flung her viciously across the floor.

"You spineless bitch," He spat down at her placing a few well aimed kicks into her abdomen. "How dare you! How dare you think you can kill me with a knife! How long have you been planning this Minerva? Since I killed Fudge, since the beginning? Answer me woman!" She was bleeding when she looked up at him a long cut ran down her left cheek.

"Since the day you turned against us." She whispered chocking slightly on her own blood. His fist landed on her face and sent her sliding across the floor again.

"You, you slut! You let me touch me you let me hold you! I welcomed you into my bed, I gave you a second chance to live and this is how you repay me? You said you loved me!" He yelled throwing himself into the small chair near the stairs.

"I do… I do love you. You've changed this… this thing you've changed into this muggle hater your not the Albus I used to know." She whispered again her voice soft and raspy. Dumbledore ignored her he fished around in his robes for a while before pulling out his wand. He looked over at the broken woman his eyes piercing into her hardly dressed form.

"Stand up!" He growled. She didn't listen to him at first she just sat there staring up at him. "I said stand up!"

He watched her as she tried to stand she managed to get to her feet eventually but after that all she could do was groan and end up back on her knees again. He sighed and walked over to her he picked her up easily and took her into the living room where he sat her down on the cold unused sofa. He waited for her to settle into her new surroundings before gripping her arms and turning her round to face him. He cupped her face softly and trailed his thumb across her cheek bone sending shivers up and down her spine. He then pulled his wand back out and pointed it at her she didn't move. She didn't fight she didn't scream she just sat there motionless. Her dark eyes staring up at him.

"Avar…" She flinched slightly then waited for the pain to come. "Avar…." She held her breath and waited. His breathing was deep his hand shaking Minerva focused on her hands not once looking at him.

"God damn you Minerva! Why do you have to be so beautiful?" She looked up at him; he was crying huge silvery tears fell down his face and into his blood stained beard. "I promised myself the first time I held you. The first time you curled up into my arms to sleep. I promised myself that if you ever did something like this I would be able to kill you. I would be able to let you go. I… I can't! Your eyes the way you look at me there's just something there some kind of innocence that I know will never be found again in any body if you die." He trailed his hands sharply across his eyes. He sighed again then held out his wand to her.

"You have three choices… you can wait for the ministry and hand me other to the dementors that would be easiest for you and me… I'll be able to forget after the kiss. You could use my wand and finish me off. Or… you could run away with me. We could go anywhere we could do anything, if you want me to I will act again if you ask me to I will act like your old Albus. If you ask you know I will Minerva if you ask I would give you the world. Hurry and make your decision your friends have all ready called the ministry. They should be here any second." Minerva was puzzled how could he go from wanting to kill to wanting her to run away with him so quickly. She looked up at him he was shaking and looking round the room as if he had never seen it before.

"Albus…" She started he interrupted her by placing a heavy kiss on her lips. His tongue explored her mouth so leisurely that she couldn't help but moan into his mouth and move closer to him. She hardly noticed the order and the ministry Auror's crash into the house and if she did she didn't care anymore.

'He's willing to give up everything for me he was willing to go to Azkaban to make me happy.' The words played over and over again he is willing to die for me.

Alastor couldn't believe the sight in front of him, there they were the darkest wizard of all time and his best friend tangled in each other's arms. He couldn't believe it he was kissing her and what was worse SHE was kissing him back. 'It's fake she's under a spell a potion she has to be.' Albus looked up at her and smiled softly muttering something about it finally being his time. Alastor grabbed his wand and pointed it at Dumbledore no-one hurt Minerva and lived to tell the tale not with Mad-eye around. He watched as Albus fell limp in Minerva's arms, She looked down at him and gasped in terror.

"Albus?" She said softly shaking the motionless body. "ALBUS!" She screamed, her heart ached her head was spinning her eyes were blurred with withheld tears. She had never experienced such pain, she had been under the pain curse many times but that had just been physical pain it was nothing compared to this. She didn't hear Alastor walk over to her. She was dreaming it was all too real she couldn't take it, she felt Alastor grip her shoulders tightly.

"Ssshhh it's over now… he's dead he's gone this time." He was quite taken back when she whirled around and began sobbing into his robes.

"I don't want him to be dead, he wanted me to run away with him he was going to change he was going to change!" She cried burying herself into his chest.

"Ssshhh its ok it's ok." He whispered stroking her back softly with his scared hands.

"It's not! It never will be."

The funeral for Albus Dumbledore was held weeks later people form all over the world came to see the man they remembered not the man he had turned into to. Minerva McGonagall became Hogwarts new headmistress. She led the school wisely through both hard times and good. She wasn't the same as she had been though she was quiet and was seen rarely, only on main advents. It was a known fact that she locked herself away in her office every day. Rumour had it that she spent hours looking at a picture of her lost love, others said that Dumbledore had became a ghost and lived up in her office. But most were sure she spent her hours with him after all Albus Dumbledore had cheated death once at Grimmauld place why couldn't he do it again. Sadly no one ever did find out what she did in the hours she spent alone locked away from civilisation.

The end