Author: Jackie or as you people know me, Golden wolf 73

Tittle: A New Destiny

Rating: PG13 for language

Disclaimer: I wont do this often so listen- I mean read up, I am not J.K so I do not own anything to do with Harry Potter nor do I claim to I just borrow the characters every now and then and do what I want with them.

Summary: Harry and Hermione are given a new life in the time of the Marauders and Lily, thanks to the four founders and Merlin

Pairings: James/lily, Harry/Sirius, Remus/ Hermione, Peter/? (If I give him one at all that is)

Chapter 1 Family secrets

Harry Potter sat on his bed next to his best friend Hermione Granger, they were both rocking backwards and forwards on his bed, neither ate or slept, they hardly ever talked but would mutter names every now and then Harry would either mutter mum, dad, Sirius or Remus and Hermione would either mutter Remus or Sirius. On their second day of the holidays they had got the awful news that Remus had been killed. When they told Hermione she went pale as a ghost and only said three words: I want Harry. Dumbledore being the all knowing person he was knew that Hermione had to be with Harry, had taken her to the Dursley household, within seconds she had latched onto Harry crying and mutter things like I should have told him and ever since they had been in Harry's room.

It was now 11:59pm the 30th of July. All of a sudden the weather became extremely cold, the wind raged, thunder boomed and lighting lit up the sky.

(An: No its not the end of the chapter (not even I am that evil) I just have a few things to explain although Merlin and the four founders will do most of it actually the only thing I have to tell you is that they are talking in Harry's and Hermione's heads)

Merlin: Hello Harry, Hermione Pleasure it is to finally talk to you both

"Who the hell are you and how do you know our names" Harry called out to nobody

Merlin: you don't have to worry about talking out loud Harry all you need to do is think it

Hermione (snapping): Fine but you still haven't told us who the sodding hell you are and how the hell you know our names

Merlin: as you wish. I am Merlin but before I start explaining more we better wait for the four founders

Harry and Hermione: Huh?

Godric: Hey Grandpa Merlz, talking to the little ones without us are you?


Salazar (mutters): Now you know how I fell when he calls me Sally

Merlin: Ah but there is a reason I let him see you are a total pain in the ass, well so is he but that's beside the point

Salazar: but that's not fair

Merlin: well it's not fair that my great, great, great, great, great, great granddaughter and grandson have to live in the wrath of your great, great, great, great grandson is it? Look at what he has done to them they were rocking backwards and forwards on a bed muttering names of people that were dear to them, while he goes around laughing like a maniac and killing innocent people-

Helga and Rowena (scolding): Merlin! You weren't meant to tell them that part yet

Harry: G-g-g-g-g-grandchildren but can't would mean herms I related

Merlin: well I didn't want to break it to the two of you like this but you are twins

Hermione: but we can't be I'm a muggle born

Merlin: No your not, haven't you ever wondered about that scar in the shape of a crescent moon you have got at the small of your back and how it always seams to hurt when Harry's scare hurt no matter how much you say it is-

Helga: Merlin don't you dare finish that sentence. The poor girl has had to deal with a lot lately with out you blurting that out

Merlin: Yes Helga. Anyway as I was saying before I got cut off. You did not receive that scar in a car crash like the Grangers told you; you got it when Voldermort attacked you, your twin brother, your mother and your father at your house in Godric's hollow-

Godric: *starts doing happy dance* Yay! I have a hollow named after me-

Merlin: Godric, could you at least let me finish first

Godric: sorry Grandpa

Merlin: arrrggghhh grandchildren, anyway Hermione would you like to see your real appearance?

Hermione: Umm I guess so

Merlin: ok then all you have to do is count backwards from 5 with your eyes closed. We will do the rest

Hermione: Ok *closes eyes* 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... 0...*white light forms around her*

Harry: Oh my god Hermione you look just like mum

Hermione: I do *opens eyes*

Harry: yeah 'cept you got dads eyes

Merlin: now for your birthday presents we will grant you one wish each but a word of caution whatever you wish for will be permanent no going back, do you understand?

Harry and Hermione: yes Grandpa Merlin

Merlin: Good then, Harry you first, Oh and by the way we can't bring back the dead

Harry: ok then scrap that one umm...

Harry sat and thought for a while. If they couldn't bring back the dead then what would he wish for. After 5 minutes it came to him

Harry: ok I know what I want. I want to go back in time to when my father and his friends were on their summer holidays before their 6th year at Hogwarts

All except Hermione gasp: Are you sure Harry?

Hermione: he is and that is my wish as well

Merlin: ok then do the same as what I told Hermione to do before

Harry and Hermione: *close eyes* 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... 0... *white light swirls around them* (A/N: like when they do the time travel spell in Charmed)

The white light was there for a few minutes but when it went the two teens were no where to be seen. Well not in this time anyway.

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