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Chapter Eight

Harry, Hermione, Remus and Sirius sat in Hermione and Lily's room wondering where Lily and James were. The group of four had looked all over Potter Manor for the two but had not found them.

"I give up let's just hope they haven't had an argument and killed each other or something" Sirius said and collapsed on Lily's bed.

"Nah if they did we would probably know it" Remus replied.

"How?" Harry asked.

"The two of us would be nonexistent in any time" Hermione answered. Sirius and Harry nodded in response; the realisation of what Hermione was saying hit them like a ton of bricks.

"Hey what are all you guys doing in here?" Lily asked as she walked in.

"And were have you been young lady, bed empty, no note, you could have been anywhere" Hermione scolded, mimicking Mrs Weasley when Ron and the twins had flown the car to rescue Harry.

"Ah Mione have you lost your mind?" Lily asked.

"No I just always wanted to say that" Hermione answered happily.

"Right, well I'll be back in a minute" Lily said and she walked out of the room, closing the door behind her. Lily turned around to come face to face with James Potter. "Sorry sweetie they're all in there" Lily said.

"It's okay" James replied, shrugging his shoulders and running a hand through his messy raven hair. "I'll come back in a few minutes" he added. "And remember twelve" He said with a goofy grin. Lily smiled bashfully in reply.

"I won't forget" she replied, blushing and went back into the room to find four pairs of eyes staring at her. "What?" Lily asked.

"Do you know where James is?" Harry asked. "We can't find him" he added.

"Nope haven't seen him since I had breakfast before my walk" Lily lied smoothly.

"So that where you were?" Hermione asked.

"Yeah I woke up this morning and just felt like going for a walk" Lily lied again. "I would have left a note if I knew I was going to be as long as I was"

"Doesn't matter now but we're going to Diagon alley in half an hour" Hermione said. The door opened and James poked his head in.

"Lil, Mione have you…" James started to say until he saw Harry, Sirius and Remus. "Never mind" he added.

"Jamesie where have you been?" Sirius asked.

"Yeah mate we couldn't find you anywhere" Remus added.

"Looking for you guys" James lied, he and Lily had already thought of what they would say if questioned about where they were. "So what's been going on have you five have fun while I was aimlessly wandering the manor" he asked sarcastically.

"Oh yeah we were having a party since we thought you had ran away" Sirius replied in the same tone.

"Thanks Padfoot glad to know you love me" the younger Potter drawled.

"Of corse I do" the onyx eyed teen replied innocently

"Hey I don't want to have to explain to people that I'm getting sent to Azkaban for killing my boyfriend who was cheating on me with my cousin" Harry said.

Harry: who is also my father in the future oh and my boyfriend he is my future godfather.

Hermione they would probably lock you up in a mental institution instead if you told them that.

"Well you won't have too because that will never happen with anybody" Black replied and pulled the smaller teen so he was now sitting on his lap.

Hermione: Awww you two are so cute

Salazar: Sickeningly cute maybe

Harry: you're just jealous that you can't get anything

Godric: Ha, ha Sally can't get any

Merlin: now children play nicely

Godric: Humph but Gramps…

"Siri, we better go Gramps will be expecting us" Harry said, got up and then pulled Sirius up behind him. The older teen wrapped his arms around the other.

"Why are you to going to see the headmaster?" Lily asked, running a brush through her auburn hair.

"We figured we should tell him about us before we get to Hogwarts I mean he might be able to do some damage control if it gets out. We're not going to deny that we are together if someone asks but we're not going to go out of our way to make it common knowledge either" the grey eyed teen answered.

"Damage control?" Hermione asked, curious to what the two males meant.

"Mi you of all people should know that people aren't always that open minded and when it come to things" Harry answered his twin.

"I never thought about that" the red haired potter admitted.

"You two obviously did though" James said to his cousin and best friend.

"Yeah well we had no choice" Sirius replied and the two Males walked out of the room.

The walk to the headmasters office was silent and neither made any attempt to talk, they just walked had in hand to the only man that would be able to help them if this got out. Harry walked up to the large wooden door that led to his grandfather's office and knocked on it.

"Come in" the elderly wizard announced when he herd the knock. The two sixteen year old Gryffindors shuffled into the room closing the door behind them. "Harry, Sirius what can I do for you today?" the headmaster asked.

"Well you see we need to tell you something before it gets plastered on the front page of Witch weekly or you are informed by Hogwarts local gossip queens" Harry answered.

"What would they think that I would take an interest in?" Dumbledore asked

"Your oldest grandchild's love life" the emerald eyed teen mumbled. It would be hard enough telling your parents who you are going out with let alone your grandparent.

"Well you see sir it all started at James's party, ummm…. well to make a long story short… ah"

"We're dating" Harry blurted out, his face going as red as a tomato.

"Well that was unexpected… but no less welcome" Dumbledore replied. "So do James and the other know?" he asked.

"Yes sir they found out that night" Sirius mumbled.

"Boys there is no need to be embarrassed just know that if you need anything my office is always open" the old man replied. The two sixteen year olds thanked the headmaster and left.

"So what do we have to get today?" James asked as the group of six stepped into the leaky Cauldron.

"School supplies and my birthday is in one week" Lily answered looking straight at James.

"I think that was a hint Prongs" Sirius replied, nudging his best friend.

"Thank you captain obvious" Remus joked.

"Harry Moony's teasing me" the oldest of the sixteens pouted, turning to his boyfriend for support.

"Ahem I think we are ignoring the big picture here" Hermione said. Everyone looked at her, wondering what the hell she was going on about. "Why Lily only looked at James when she said that her birthday was coming up" she added at the blank stares she received.

"Well… I… um… it's…" Lily stuttered, her brain unable to formulate a response to that. The muggle born just groaned and walked over to her boyfriend. James's eyes went wide as he felt the small girls lips come in contact with his own. At first the sixteen year old Gryffindor was in shock, he could feel his arms wrapping around her and her hands running through his raven hair but it didn't really hit him what was going on. Finally when oxygen was needed they pulled away, leaving there faces only inches apart.

"It's about time" Harry said and the group started laughing.

"Why didn't you tell us?" asked Remus, his arm was snaked around Hermione's waist and she was resting her head against his arm.

"We just I don't know wanted to keep it too ourselves for a little while I guess" the hazel eye male in the group answered, running a hand through his hair. Harry also ran a hand through his hair and Hermione was about to do it as well until she realised.

"Stupid family habit" the girl muttered and glared at James and Harry.

"Hey what did I do?" Harry protested and he too glared at James.

"Hey don't look at me even grandfather does it when he thinks no one is around" James replied.

"Ok I got everything except for Lily's present now" James announced to Harry, Remus and Sirius. The females had opted to shop without the guys so they could get Lily birthday presents.

"Well that sucks we only have two hours left" Harry announced, looking down at his watch. "That's it I need some inside help" he said and James glared.

"Cheater" the other Potter muttered but he too went for some inside help. Unfortunately he got none since he couldn't talk to Hermione unlike Harry

Harry: Mi what should I get Lily?

Hermione: she wants some form of jewellery from James and I don't know why you're even bothering to ask for present ideas off me, just get her what you would me.

Harry: So a book, chocolate, girl stuff?

Hermione: See you didn't even need my help.

Harry: thanks Mi.

"Ok so James, get jewellery" the eldest Potter said and his 'cousin' let out a sigh of relief.

"What about us?" Sirius questioned. He knew Lily the least of them and was probably having the hardest time.

"Book, chocolate, girl stuff" the emerald eyed teen answered simply with a shrug. "Stuff Ron and I would have got for Mione in the past, future or whatever it is" he added. Thinking of the time stuff scared Harry, it scared him because he really was beginning to think of James as a cousin and Lily a good, close friend who also happened to be his cousins girlfriend as well. It didn't bother Harry that he had no godsonly feelings for his boyfriend anymore he was actually glad and as for Remus, well he hadn't known the werewolf that well before but he thought of him as only a good friend anyway.

"What's up Harr?" the sound of one of his train of thought's voice brought the sixteen year old out of his musings and he blinked his emerald eyes a few times before bringing them leave with the other male's grey one's.

"Nothing" he replied with a sigh. "I was just thinking about the life I had before" he added. Feeling the older male beside him tense up he decided to continue. "I don't regret it or anything it's just when I imagined life with my parents I didn't imagine this and I definitely didn't imagine us" he added and again he realised he had said the wrong thing.

"Why don't we go somewhere and talk" Sirius said and squeezed Harry's hand slightly. Harry let out a sigh of relief and smiled slightly at least Sirius didn't hate him.

Harry: Guys can you tell James that Sirius and I will meet him and the others back at the manor?

Hermione: What's up?

Harry: Sirius and I need to have a talk even though we have had time to do it since the party we haven't and-

Godric: Harry just stuck his foot in it big time actually he more like trampled on it.

Rowena: You're not helping right now, Godric Gryffindor.

Salazar: When does he actually help?

Helga: -scolding- Salazar! Be nice.

Salazar: Dunderheads, why did I even build a school with you three?

Godric: Because you couldn't resist my charm.

Salazar: Unlike your descendent I do not swing that way.

Godric: No but yours does for Lucius Malfoy and a monkey.

Harry and Hermione: A MONKEY?

Harry: Never mind I don't want to know.

Merlin: Gentlemen.

Rowena and Helga: SHUT UP!

Rowena: Now Harry sweetie you just worry about you and Sirius for now.

Helga: yes Rowena and I shall take care of these idiots for you.

Harry took hold of Sirius's arm and apperated them to the manor.

"So talk time" the emerald eyed teen started.

"Look Harry if your uncomfortable with this or anything I'll understand if you want to end it I mean hey I don't know what I would be like in your situation I would probably by running around in circles insane" Sirius's rant was cut off by a chaste kiss on the lips.

"Shut up" the younger male ordered. "I do not want to end what we have I would be a fool to I just wasn't expecting this to happen when I came here and it's all happened so fast I mean I have barely been her for a month and I'm already in a relationship with a guy I thought a month ago a father figure and although I have none of those sorts of feelings left I still need to take baby steps in this to get use to it" the teen explained.

"I get it" the other guy replied. "And I'm glad I really like you… a lot" he added and returned the kiss from earlier. Grinning like a mad man Harry laid down and put his head in Sirius's lap.

"I really like you a lot too"

Hermione shifted uneasily in her seat across from Remus which didn't go unnoticed by the werewolf.

"Hermione, sweetie, what's wrong?" he questioned. Ok so the thing with Harry had got her thinking, what if Remus felt uncomfortable being with her, they barely knew each other five minutes before nearly making out in the hospital. Well the barely knowing each other thing was one sided, Remus's side which is why they had to talk.

"We need to talk" she answered with sigh and took his hand, Apparating them to the manor. Remus who knew we need to talk was code for 'we're over' reluctantly followed. "Ok I need to know before I get myself too attached to you again, do you have any problems with us?" she looked up to see confusion etched into his face.

"What do you mean?" he questioned.

"You know us me, you boyfriend, girlfriend" she answered.

"Yeah I know what us is but what brought this on?"

"Harry and Sirius I expect they are talking right now or making out what ever floats there boat but my point is I though maybe you might have some issues since I would most probably be your goddaughter if things turned out differently or that you felt obliged to be with me because I had told you the first day we met that I loved you"

"I don't know if you would have been my goddaughter all I know is that your James's estranged cousin who I also happen to be going out with you maybe I am going to be the godfather of one of Lily and James's children when they have them but it's not you and I definitely didn't feel obliged to be with you, from the moment I met you it was, and I know this sounds corny but, love at first sight. You were beautiful and although you're identical to Lily you're different in the way you carry yourself and sure she is pretty but nothing like you and you were witty, smart and I just felt this instant connection with you" he replied and took her hands in his own. "I love you Hermione" he said.

"That's good because I kinda sort of love you too" she joked.

"Kinda sort of huh?" he questioned. "Well I guess I'm going to have to change that aren't I?" he said and captured her lips in a passionate kiss.

James and lily looked around finally noticing that they were the only ones left.

"Why do I feel like I've been abandoned?" James questioned the girl beside him.

"Because your cousins and their lovers abandoned us" Lily answered with a content sigh.

"Well there's no one I would rather be abandoned with than you" he replied and she giggled. "What?" he questioned.

"Corny doesn't suit you sweetie" she answered and James let out a sigh of relief.

"Oh thank god" he replied. "But no matter how corny it sounded I still meant it" he added.

"I know. So are we going to go home?" she questioned.

"I guess a room would be too soon a suggestion" Lily just laughed and playfully thumped him on the arm.

"Don't even think about it Potter" she replied. "Now I'm hungry so let's at least get food if we're not going home yet" she announced and hopped off her seat.

Later that night Harry and Hermione lay in there beds, both wide awake.

Hermione: So how did things go?

Harry: Good, I mean really good

Hermione: Oooh do I get graphics descriptions?

Harry: Mi! I didn't mean like that I meant in an 'I think he loves me' way.

Hermione: You think he loves you?

Harry: He at least really likes me a lot and I feel the same way

Hermione Awwwww my wawwy is in wuv

Harry: Am not! I'm just in serious like

Hermione: -singing- Harry loves Sirius, Harry loves Sirius-

Harry: -singing- Hermione loves Remus, Hermione loves Remus

Salazar: Will you two stop with that infernal ratchet?

Godric: Play nice Sally or don't play at all

Helga: They can't help being in love

Harry: I'm not in love!

All: Sure your not

Harry: I'm not I'm just in serious like

Godric: Sure you are we believe you.

Hermione: Oh yeah Remus told me he loves me

Harry: And you just decided to tell me this now?