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Chapter one:

"Baby, we'll be late!" The legendary showstopper told his daughter from downstairs.

"Coming dad!" his daughter, Lizelle, running downstairs and tripping over the rug.

"Are you okay, sweetie?" Shawn asked

"Yup! Okee Dokee!" She said perkily

"You must've hit your head hard." Shawn said

"Yup, I think I did." Lizelle said rubbing the back of her head

"Oops! We're late! Got your things?" He said

"Yup. Let's go!" Lizelle said running to the door and unfortunately right on the door.

"She really did take after you, dear" Mrs. Michaels said from the kitchen.

"No time for that! I'll see you next week!" Shawn said to her

"I'll be watching and waiting!" She said

Shawn opened the door and Liz went out and Shawn followed her out the door.

"Dad, where are we going again?" Lizelle asked

"We're going to a RAW taping. Which means that you will be with me backstage the whole time and you'll be able to see the show live."

"Dad, you don't have to talk like you're my preschool teacher or something, I'm seventeen." She said

"But you sure acted like a kid back there."

"That was just me trying to overcome the sleepiness. You still had to put me through tons of rounds of that monopoly-"

"pictionary." He corrected

"pictionary game, just because you didn't win a single round. And then we changed to wrestling. And I beat you!" Liz grinning frantically.

"I was just going easy on you." Liz

"So you actually risked having you head bleed freely AGAIN. If that's going easy on people, I can't wait to see how you look like when you get run over by a car." Liz said smiling

"Well, let's just see now." He said attempting to jump off the car any moment.

"Wait! Don't!" she screamed

"See, you do care." He said

"No! You're holding my cell phone!" She got her cell phone and said, "Ok. Now you can jump."

Shawn rolled his eyes and smiled.

"Besides, who'll drive me? Wait, I have a license permit, ok, you can jump." She said looking through her bag for the permit.

Then Shawn had a brilliant idea.