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Author's Notes: Maybe I haven't been looking in the right places, but I always kind of thought L. J. Smith's Night World Series and Roswell would have meshed well. Rather surprised that I haven't found a cross over fanfic yet. Okay, some changes to Rashel's past: Her first encounter with Hunter took place in Roswell, New Mexico. The Chosen, never really specified where the first chapter occurred, but we all pretty much assumed that for the story it was somewhere in the New England area. Well, it's my fanfic; I'm changing it. Instead of being 17 when she met Quinn, she was 16. Changes in the Roswell time line go as follows: I'm inserting Rashel in the first season, and she plays a role in both seasons, but I'm not saying how right now. This is a mostly Roswell fic, with Rashe being the most prominent Night Worlder in the plot (Quinn and she are my favorite couple followed closely by Hannah and Thierry.), but that doesn't mean that the others won't make cameos. Enjoy!

Italics are used for either when characters use telepathy or inner monologue.
*~*~*~ indicates old memories, flashes, or dream state, don't worry, I'll specify.

Prologue - Portent?

Her dreams usually involved sound. In fact, interaction, that is, talking/walking around, occurred quite frequently; but tonight her dream was decidedly lacking in both areas. She didn't know where she was, or why she was even seeing these images since she didn't recognize any of the people standing in the scene ahead of her. However, she did seem to know some information about them. Curious, I know I would have remembered meeting these two very hot guys before, so why do they seem familiar? There were six people besides herself, three men, and three women; no one looked older than mid-twenties. The non-hottie was facing the one of the cute guys while the other four were only a couple of feet away from him.

Turning to face the group of five, she immediately was drawn by the eyes of man standing a few meters in front of the group. They were luminescent gray almost sliver orbs. Their soulful intensity took her breath away. After her initial reaction faded away, the dreamer noticed that those eyes seemed were also very tense, guarded, while his whole face displayed a stoic determination. Did she stumble into some type of stand off? She continued to study him; he had light brown hair that was in a very short and dignified style. The silent observer deduced from his posture and the quality of his clothes that he was someone of wealth and importance. The large gold signet ring and intricate gold circlet around his forehead also validated her assumption.

The watcher turned to focus her attention on the other members of the group. The other male was taller than the first. He had dark blue eyes and dark brown hair. Like his companion, his eyes were intense, but from a different emotion. Rage? Fear? Looking between the two, the dreamer determined that they both held themselves in a dignified stillness, yet she somehow knew that both of them were fierce warriors. However, upon closer inspection she noticed there was some quality in the way the first one was facing his opponent, some quiet and solid focus that identified him as a leader. On the other hand, the other's face betrayed suppressed emotions; he was like a coil waiting to spring. He was impatient for a conflict, not because he wanted to fight, but because he wanted to finish it. Watching them, she realized that the second man was a soldier and was of high rank judging from his uniform along with the silver signet ring he wore. Adorned upon his forehead was a silver circlet; but like his ring, it was of different design from his companion.

Clutching the young man's hand, was a slight, thin, lady in an elegant blue-green dress that brought out her eyes, with short blonde hair that just framed her face. She wasn't drop-dead gorgeous; nevertheless, the woman possessed that extra something, that drew attention to her. Perhaps it was how much expression her eyes could portray in a short amount of time. She kept shifting them between the two men; her gaze was anxious and scared. The dreamer got the impression that the young lady wasn't afraid for herself; more like her fear was for the two noblemen near her. Another impression the quiet observer obtained was that the young noblewoman was related to the dark-haired solder. They have the same expressive eyes, she told herself. Plus, she couldn't mistake the protective posture of the soldier; her own brother had the pose down to a science.

The other two women had raven tresses and possessed brown eyes. The two of them were standing next to the blonde; their expressions mirrored the other girl's. The shorter girl had curls in her hair, while the taller one's locks flew loose around her shoulders. Both women had circlets on their foreheads like the first man. However, the taller woman's was silver, not gold like the other two. However at the center of her circlet lain a blue stone shaped like a small raindrop. The two ladies also wore elegant clothes, although they had on different shades of purple. Geez, feeling a bit underdressed right now, the dreamer thought. Silently observing the pair, she noticed that the taller one's expression was slightly different from the others. She was anxious and frightened, but there was something else as well, like dread and suspicion.

Suddenly, the man facing the group raised his hand, and an energy blast sent the silver-eyed man to the ground. The others raced towards him, but the young man shakily got back up to his feet and waved to the others to keep their distance. As he stood up, he raised his hand. But instead of a blast, a green energy shield formed in front of him. The field deflected the second energy blast that was aimed towards the group. As the other man continued to lob blast at them, the group's attention was focused on nobleman defending them and their enemy. So it didn't surprise the young watcher when no one seemed to notice the entrance of another actor in this drama. He came to the side, where the energy field wasn't protecting anyone, and the observer immediately didn't like the new addition to this little play. His eyes were shifty, cruel, and right now, had a very malicious glint, that it scared the dreamer. She watched as the newcomer raised his hand, and no one in the small group seemed to realize the danger that he presented.

Instinctively the dreamer opened her mouth to cry out a warning only to reminded again, that she couldn't speak or hear sounds. Then it seemed like the following action was in slow motion, like in the movies. The young blonde noblewoman seemed to notice the slight hand movement, because she broke free from her brother's grasp and propelled herself forward. Although very small, her momentum was enough to knock the leader off his feet; effectively protecting him from the energy blast, but she wasn't fast enough to avoid it. The blast hit her squarely on the side and the force of it pushed her into the wall behind her. The girl's flight alerted the group of the extra danger. The two men quickly ran to her side, while the other two women produced their own shields to protect them. The taller girl kept looking back at the men; concern etched onto her face, while the other girl kept scanning the doorways for other attackers.

Meanwhile, the leader of the group was holding the fallen girl; his hands glowing over her prone body. However, whatever he was doing didn't seem to work, because soon afterwards, he just dropped his hands before gathering the lifeless form in his arms. The realization that he was now holding the dead body of someone close to him seemed to break his stoic fa├žade. His unfeeling silver eyes were now blinking back tears, as he gently stroked some hair away from her white face. For the dreamer, it was captivating; she couldn't tear her eyes away from the scene playing out in front of her, let alone blink. On the other hand, the brother's eyes reflected a pain that she recognized; she had seen it in her own brother's eyes once before. Then his jaw clenched and the pained look was replaced by a fierce, frenzied fury. Turning towards their attackers, his right hand began to glow with a pulsating blue-white energy. He then said something to taller girl because she dropped her shield and the brother tossed several energy pulses towards his sister's killer. The pulses incinerated the man, but the brother didn't stop his barrage. His grief and rage now directed at the other gentleman, who started the whole stand off first, along with several vases, and works of art around them.

So there wasn't any sound in the dream. Nevertheless that didn't mean that those pulses didn't make some type of noise, whenever and wherever this scene took place, because within minutes soldiers began to come to the group. At first the observer was scared that these soldiers were there to fight against the group, however, it became clear that they were on the same side as the others. Their leader spoke to the taller girl, and she went up to the brother and told him something. Judging by his face, the brother wasn't happy about the news, yet he turned back to his fallen sister and the man holding her. He wouldn't let go of the body; it seemed like no matter what the two people told him, the man only shook his head. Eventually the three of them persuaded the man to get up, yet when he tried to carry the girl's body, one of the soldiers shook his head. Apparently they didn't have time, or something, again, the observer cursed the fact that she couldn't hear anything. With great reluctance the man finally placed the girl down and was the last of the others to leave through a dark doorway before the dream plane shifted.

She didn't recognize the desert landscape because it was night, but the moon was out so she had some light. The watcher noticed that in this plane she could hear things, and right now she heard a very familiar voice behind her. Turning she saw one of her friends gripping the shoulders of another girl. The girl had long dark hair, and blazing green eyes like the blonde in the earlier part of her dream. The two girls seemed to be having a heated argument over something; however, the dreamer was still too far to hear all of the words. So she walked closer to them and heard the tail end of her friend's speech, "You're not a killer; do this and I promise you, you'll never forgive yourself. Yes, the man is a sadist bastard; yes, you've suffered because of him; yes, he should pay, but not on his terms. He's taunting you; hoping you'll destroy yourself. Don't you see? If you kill him, it's endgame, because he knows you'll never survive the guilt of killing someone in cold blood." Her friend let go of the girl's arms before continuing softly, "He'll haunt you until you die."

The plane shifted again, the dreamer wasn't completely sure how far forwarded she moved in time; she suspected no more than a couple of hours since she saw her friend wearing the same clothes as in the last dreamscape. It was still night, but the moon was no longer visible, possibly hidden by some clouds. Looking back at her friend, the observer noticed something; her friend was white, deathly white. No, no, you can't do this, she thought. What's the point of getting these visions, if I can't find out how to save my friend, or who the people in the beginning were, and how they're connected to the second part of my dream. Yet, even as she told herself this, she felt her consciousness awaking, dragging her out of the dream plane.

She awoke abruptly and upright in her bed. Her gasp caught the attention of her companion.

"What's wrong?" His worry showing through his eyes as he went up to her.

"My phone, where's my phone?" She stated as she started to look around the couch and the surrounding areas for her cell phone. The missing phone turned out to be sitting on the stand next to the couch she napped on. Quickly she dialed the number and waited impatiently for the call to be connected. "Come on pick up the phone," she kept muttering, before she heard the click of someone picking up. "Thank God, I reached you!" She cried into the phone.

"What's wrong, Poppy?" A somewhat concerned female voice asked.

The girl swallowed before stammering out an answer, "I'm not sure, but I, I think, I just saw you die, Rashe."

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