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Chapter 4a - Secrets

Rashel, Hannah, and Thierry had spent the past 20 minutes at the Mescalero reservation talking to River Dog, the shaman, and his apprentice, Eddie. Upon meeting them, Rashel immediately knew that both were werewolves. She was a bit worried about how they would react when Thierry told them her history; because she more than just some vampire hunter; she was the Cat. She had the entire Night World at her mercy; they were all frightened of her; even announce a huge bounty to any Night Person who could bring her down. As far as she knew, that bounty was still available. Besides, not even most of the members of Circle Daybreak knew about her past as the Cat for fear of retaliation against her. Thierry and Hannah knew because both Quinn and she decided that the Elder needed to know. Instead when asked by most Daybreakers, Rashel and Quinn would hedge and say that she was a vampire hunter, which was the truth, just not the whole truth. So, River Dog and Eddie surprised her when they only nodded at the news. River Dog explained that they both understood that the trauma of watching Hunter drinking Timmy's blood, along with watching the man break her mother's neck in front of her would have profound influence on her life afterwards. Any decent Night Person would realize that it would only be logical that Rashel would become a hunter herself.

After the introductions, Thierry began to explain his findings with the two on the Lunoir witches. "The Lunoir witches were one of the most powerful witches families, although not directly descended from Hellewise and Hecate, the Witch Queen, like the Harman family, the Lunoir family also could boast about powerful ancestors, Artemis and Selene. According to the legends, the Lunoir witches were some of the most powerful seers ever; they were often sought after by kings and other noblemen. However, then the Burning Times in Europe began, human somehow learned of the existence of witches and believed them to be evil and almost decimated them when they finished.

Around the same time, Lynette Lunoir sealed her powers. Lynette was the most powerful seer born into the Lunoir family; she realized was about to befall the witches of Europe and the colonies in America. She attempted to warn as many families as possible, but most of them wouldn't believe that their friends or neighbors would betray them. So, in order to insure the safety of her children, she sealed her family's power-"

Eddie interrupted the vampire, "We all know the history of the Lunoirs. As far as anyone knows, no one has ever been able to break Lynette's seal, and that includes the Harmans. Even though the family doesn't have powers; they're still one of the most well respected families in the Night World."

"But what very few realize is that Lynette foresaw the day when her seal would be broken."

Both Eddie and River Dog were stunned. "What? How? It would mean that Lynette saw something in the distant future, centuries after she would be dead." Eddie stated.

Thierry stared at him, "You forget Lynette's reputation; among the witches she's more celebrated than Notredamus. All of her predictions, whether they were about the immediate or distant future came true one way or another. You also forget; I was there when she sealed her abilities; I was her friend; and I also know the predictions she made before she did it."

At this point, Rashel came into the conversation, "Those predictions are one of the reasons why I'm here; why I came back to Roswell."

River Dog narrowed his eyes at her words, "And what is the other reason?" He asked her.

Rashel gave the older man a sardonic smile, "Well, you see; I'm cursed."

Michael couldn't find Max or Isabel on the school campus, and saw that Max's Jeep wasn't in the school parking lot. He wasn't alarmed by this since most of the time Max and Isabel believed that Michael ditched class sometime after 2nd period, which for the most part was true. Usually, he'd have to find one of them just to let them know that he'd be in school for an entire day. Michael cursed himself for forgetting to do that one little reminder today. Not that it was big deal, because Max was most like either at work at the UFO Museum or he was at the Crashdown, and neither was very far from the school. So, without another word Michael started to run towards Main Street; his mind still reeling from what he heard.

About five minutes later he opened the door to the Crashdown, and found Isabel and Max in one of the booths. Isabel saw Michael first, and was alarmed by the expression on his face. "Michael, what's the matter?"

"Trouble, big time. It's about the new girl."

Max frowned, "What type of trouble?" He asked softly hoping that no one would notice Michael's paranoia.

Michael rolled his eyes at the two's behavior as he slid into the booth, this was so not the time to try and act normal. "She knows about you, Maxwell, and she's going to tell your parents about you/us before she goes to Valenti." He gets the reaction that he wanted as the siblings' eyes widen in fear. "We need to leave, and we got to do it now." He whispered fervently to them.

"Michael, you're not making any sense. We never meet Rashel until today, how can she know about us?"

"I heard her talking to someone at the library before school got out in study hall-"

"But Michael, your last class of the day isn't study hall." Max said in a hushed tone, then understanding flooded his mind and his demeanor changed. Michael couldn't help but fidget under Max's scrutiny. "Michael, you weren't following the new girl were you?"

Michael feels a bit guilty, but quickly remembers why he came to them, and that washes away all if any remorse he had in invading Rashel's privacy. "Yeah, I did, and it's a good thing that I did too." He then rapidly told them about the conversation he heard between Rashel and the other girl. When he finished, Isabel's face turned white, while Max seemed stunned. Michael felt triumphant; he knew that for once, he was right about something and he wasn't about to let them forget it. Plus, this only seemed to emphasize his point from before about not getting too attached, because now they would have to leave Roswell. And good riddance, he thought.

"But, but maybe if we tell Mom and Dad first then Rashel won't have anything to tell Valenti, or maybe we can talk to her." Isabel stuttered out. "Besides we don't actually know what she knows. I mean she never identified Max by name, maybe she's talking about someone else."

"How many Evans are there in Roswell besides your family?" Michael shot back hotly.

Neither of them answered him, and luckily for them, Liz came by with their shakes when she noticed the forlorn looks of Max and Isabel. "Is everything all right? You two look like you're about to loose your best friends."

Isabel reverted to her Ice Queen attitude while Michael brushed her off, "Look, it's none of your business, Liz."

Max felt pained at the way his sister and friend treated Liz since she was only trying to be nice. He got out of the booth and grabbed Liz's arm and took her into the empty employees' break room. After checking to make sure no one was listening, Max apologized for dragging her away. "Sorry, but Michael just told us something disturbing, we have to leave soon." Seeing Liz's concerned face, he quickly continued. "It seems the new girl, Rashel, knows about us and is going to tell our parents."

Liz was shocked by the news, "That's impossible; Rashel left Roswell before you and Isabel were found in the desert. There's no way she could know that you're special."

Max shook his head, "Maybe she was at the Crashdown that day when you got shot, or maybe she saw me use my powers." He stated before Liz's words sunk in, "What a minute? What do you mean Rashel left Roswell, before Isabel and I were found? How well do you know her?"

Liz bit her lip, "I knew Rashel; she and her mother use to live in Roswell. When did you meet her?"

"This morning, Isabel is head of the Sunshine Committee; I walked with her to the office and introduced myself."

"Max, what makes you think she knows about you?"

He repeated the tale that Michael had told him not too long ago. When he finished, Liz looked stunned and dazed; thinking that her astounded state was due to the fact that another person knew their secret, he gave her a sad smile, "So, now you know why we'll have to go."

His words seemed to snap Liz out of her dazed confusion. "No, Max, she's not talking about you."

This time it was Max's turn to be surprised, "What? Of course she's talking about me, who else would she be talking about?"

"Oh my God, you don't know do you? They never told you."

"Told me what?" Max was perplexed by her demeanor. She was still stunned, but this was a different type of stunned; she seemed almost sad. "Liz, you're not making any sense."

She licked her lips as if she was trying to find the exact words to tell him. "Lets just say that Isabel and you aren't the only one keeping secrets from your family."

He frowned at her words, "You mean my parents are hiding something from us?"

She sighed, "I shouldn't be the one to tell you, and Isabel needs to know too, but yes, you're parents are keeping something from you, and I'm actually kind of surprised you don't know considering how small Roswell is. You and Isabel need to talk to your parents; I promise you, it has nothing to do with your, your Czechoslovakian status."


She smiled, "Yeah, Maria came up with it. That way we can talk about how you're different in public, without being so obvious."

"I got it." He grinned, and then his face became somber, "I need to give Michael and Isabel more than just your word that Rashel isn't going to my parent because of us."

Liz thought for a moment before nodding. "You said your boss, Milton, had tons of documents and records about alien sightings and abductions right?"

"Yeah, why?"

"If all three of you want to be sure before confronting your parents, ask Milton if he has records about an abduction/murder 12 years ago, and if he doesn't, go check for newspaper clippings at the public library."

"A murder/kidnapping-"

"Memorial weekend 1987, and Max, if you need to talk to someone I'll be here." She told him with a sympathetic smile before leaving the room to go back to work, leaving behind a very confused Max Evans.

"I hate this place it gives me the creeps." Isabel cringed as she passed the alien autopsy display.

"I know, but if we want to find out what our parents are hiding, this is the best place to go according to Liz." Max told her.

Michael snorted, "This is a waste of time Maxwell, a pipe dream. You just don't want to admit that your perfect little fantasy life is about to end."

Max only ignored Michael jab, "Liz said that Rashel left Roswell 12 years ago, that's 2 years before we even came, and that she only came back yesterday. There's a very small chance that she knows anything."

"Says Liz, but does that really prove anything?"

Isabel tried to pacify Michael, "Look. It's not like Max and I can just pack up and leave like you can Michael. Our parents would get worried and probably send to police after us to find us. Not to mention it'll make Valenti even more suspicious, besides I want to know if Liz is right, they're my parents too."

Michael opened his mouth to say something when Milton came up the threesome. "Well, Max what can I do for you?"

"Umm, I was wondering if you have any document about an abduction on Memorial weekend 1987?"

"You're kidding right? It thought that would be part of the reason you were alien fanatic, Max?"

"Excuse me?" Isabel asked.

Milton just looked at her blankly. "I thought you believed because of your older brother, Max. Thought you would want to be on top of every new lead possible." He said with a shrug before turning around to lead three very shocked aliens through his massive collection. He pulled out a couple of files and handed them to Max and Isabel. "Here you go, everything I have on the Jordan murder and Evans kidnapping. Nasty business, feel horrible for that little girl, one of the reasons why I don't talk about in the slide show. Too sad. You guys can copy whatever you need then just give them back to me, all right? Well, got to go and check on the displays. See you tomorrow, Max."

After he left, the three just looked at each other, "Brother?" they asked.

Rashel just got back into the apartment when her cell started to ring. She checked the caller id before answering, and saw that it was a local number, "Hello?"

The voice was tentative, but familiar to her, "Shelly? It's, it's Diane Evans; do you remember me?"

Rashel immediately stiffened. She didn't think that her letter would arrive at the Evans so soon; did they find out that she was in town from the Parkers or Mrs. Deluca? "Of course I remember you," she paused amazed that she could keep her voice steady, "Aunt Diane. I guess you got my letter, huh?"

"Actually, we didn't, um, I was the grocery story and ran in to Amy Deluca, Maria's mother? She told me you were back in town and gave me your phone number. You sent us a letter?" Her voice brightened a bit.

"Yeah, I just thought you wanted to know I was coming back to town."

"That's sweet of you, but how did you know where we lived? You were too young to be able to read let alone write when you left."


Diana gave a little chuckle at her answer. "Anyway, I was calling to ask if you wanted to come over to the house for dinner tomorrow."

Rashel stammered at the news, "To-tomorrow?"

"Or the day after if it's better for you. Whatever is more convenient is good for us." Diane began.

Rashel mentally began to berate herself for her lack of control. Zanshin, she needed zanshin. She began to take some calming breaths before answering, "Tomorrow will be fine, when did you want me to come over?"

"Umm, Max has to work after school so how about 7?"

"Sounds good. I'll be there." At that moment, Hannah and Thierry returned with take-out, "Um, Aunt Diane, my friends just arrived with dinner, so I kind of have to-"

"Oh, sure, go have fun with your friends, and the family will see you at 7. Bye."

"Bye." Rashel turned off the phone and found herself the recipient of two very concerned gazes by her friends. "I'm fine." She told them before going into the kitchen to get plates. "The Evans invited me to dinner tomorrow."

"Are you ready to see them?" Hannah asked.

"I'll have to be."

"We can stay an extra-" Rashel threw Thierry a stern glance before setting the table. "Or not."

"I appreciate that you two are worried, but I need to do this alone. I'm not saying that to be brave; I don't know why I feel like I have to do this alone, but I have too. I can't move on until I do. Both of you have spent so much time with me already; I think it's time for you to move on too. Besides if Hannah doesn't return to U State soon, I'm sure Lupe will be pulling her hair out just from trying to take notes in all of her classes. Oh, and I'm sure Nilsson is having fun trying to sort through all of Thierry's business matters."

Both of her friends looked a bit sheepish at her observations. She was right, and they knew it, yet they really didn't want to leave their friend alone in this town without anyone to turn to. Seeming to know their reservations, Rashel spoke again, "I'm not alone; I have Eddie and River Dog to look out for me. Plus, I have a feeling that the Parkers, Ms. Deluca, and possibly the Evans will want to mother me for the next couple of days. I'll be fine. Come one, let's eat."

"I can't believe this. How is it that we never knew?" Isabel asked stunned by what she had just learned in the past hour. She and the others were still at the UFO Museum reading everything Milton had on the murder of Linda Jordan along with the disappearance of Timothy Evans. Her question echoed the Michael's and Max's own thoughts. Why hadn't anyone talked about Timothy beforehand, out of respect, out of fear? The clippings were helpful, but they only provided the threesome with more questions. It was obvious from the pictures that Rashel Descouedres was actually Rashel Jordan because of the close resemblance between the two women, but it didn't explain why she decided to come back after 12 years. Did she come to solve her mother's murder? And why was Timothy with the Jordans that weekend anyway, where were Max's and Isabel's parents when the tragedy occurred? Before anyone could respond to Isabel's remarks, her cell went off. "Hello? Oh, Mom...uh-huh... sorry...yea, I' with Max. We just got a little distracted. Sure, we'll be home in twenty minutes. Bye." She looked at her brother, "That was Mom; we were suppose to be home an hour ago for dinner. What are we going to do Max?"

"I don't know Iz. I mean it's not like we can really go up to them and ask them why they never talked about our brother. Even though I'd like to know why, I have a feeling that it's a very painful subject. I mean, it's an unsolved case; we don't even know if he's alive or dead."

"Do you think that's what Rashel meant in the library? She knows what happened?" Isabel asked.

"But the papers say that there were no witnesses." Max pointed out.

"Officially, the papers say there were no witnesses, Maxwell. Off the record, this website's information states that one reporter suspected that the police had a witness, Linda Jordan's daughter." Michael told the two of them holding up the print out for them to read. "It says that Rashel Jordan was hysterical and screaming about a stranger. However, when the police arrived, they couldn't mind the man fitting her description, and her remarks were written off as hysterical ramblings by a very traumatized little girl. The official word is that she found her mother's body, ran out scared, someone tried to help her, and she just lost it. Unofficially, the reporter believes she saw the whole thing and ran out of the tent because of a survival instinct."

"But what if she did see something? That would explain the meaning of her conversation." Isabel started.

Max ran his hand through his hair in frustration, "But it doesn't explain why she'd come back now. Anyway, we should get going before Mom thinks something bad really happened to us."

They quickly cleared up the space they use and put all of the clippings away before Max went to find Milton to return them. Max offered Michael a ride back to Hank's trailer, but he refused. "I think I'm going to take a walk; clear my head a bit." He told them.

Isabel and Max just nodded before driving home, as Max parked the Jeep in the driveway, Isabel turned to him. "So do you think we should tell them we know, or should we just tell them that we met Rashel in school?"

"I'm not sure, Iz; I'm pretty sure that they have good reasons not to tell us, and I'm sure that they'll talk to us when they feel ready." Isabel looked at her brother before agreeing. "But I'm think it's a good idea if we mention that Rashel is in Roswell. Just in case."

"I can't believe that we're leaving you, that you're not coming back with me to class." Hannah stated, "I still wish you'd let us come tomorrow."

"I know, but it's not a good idea, Hannah, I have to learn how to be strong on my own, how to deal with my problems instead of running away, because that's all I've really done all my life. Becoming a vampire hunter, so I didn't have to deal with my grief and my guilt, when Quinn left, I threw myself into work so I didn't have to deal with the pain, and well, we know how that turned out. I can't keep running, and I need to start here."

"I know that, but you know Ash wouldn't mind staying with you or Keller-"

Rashel let out a small laugh at her friend's suggestion, "Hannah, I'll be okay, but I appreciate that you'll worry and care about me."

"Always." Hannah told her as she gave her friend a hug, "You are always welcomed in my home, and I'll miss our late night chats."

"Me too." Rashel replied.

Hannah then pressed her gold signet ring into Rashel's hand. "I want you to have it."

"Hannah, Thierry gave you this ring. I can't accept this."

"We both agree and want you to have it. It'll be more visible than the pendant Quinn gave you since you hide that under your clothes. The ring should serve as warning to your fellow classmates and any adult Night People living in Roswell. Just because you're not going to be guarding me doesn't mean that you won't face danger from the Night World. May it bring you protection when you need it."

When Hannah stepped back, Thierry came up to her and shook her hand. "It's been an honor knowing you, and I meant what I said the other night. You're family and not just because you protected us, or because of some blood tie, but because we love you and you're one of us."

"I know that, and thank you for everything, Thierry."

"I mean it, Rashe. If you or your family ever needs anything, just call me anytime."

She smirked, "Don't expect that call anytime soon."

"I suspected you'd say that. Oh, and before I forget, this is yours too." He told her as he gave her another key.

She frowned, "Thierry, I already have my key to the apartment, and I told you I didn't need a car."

"It's not an apartment key." He told her grinning at her confusion. Without another word, he and Hannah led her out of her apartment building towards the parking lot to his convertible. Next to Thierry's car stood a new, sleek, black motorcycle, Rashel's eyes widened from shock and her jaw dropped when she saw the bike.

"This is a Buell M2 Cyclone! You got me a motorcycle?"

"Quinn always said you like his bike."

"Th-this is from the Harley-Davidson company." She stammered, still astonished by the gift.

"Yeah, we heard they make decent bikes." Thierry quipped, as she went to the motorcycle to examine it.

She noticed some of the features on it, "Wait a minute; you had this customized for me didn't you?" Not waiting for them to answer she continued. "This must have cost you a fortune, I can't accept this; I mean you two have done so much already. The apartment, the building, everything, and now this?"

Hannah only went up to her and closed her hand over the key. "The bike isn't just from us; it's from everyone, Nilsson, Thea, Eric, Lupe, even Ash. It's their good-bye and thank you gift to you; we all chipped in for it. Since you told us you didn't want a car, we figured that you'd take the bike instead. You like?"

"Do I like? Are you kidding? I love it! Look at it; it's gorgeous." Rashel turned her friend, her eyes shinning from gratitude and excitement. "Thank everyone for me, will you?"

"Of course. Stay safe." The other girl told her as she gave Rashel another hug before getting into the car.

Thierry then went over to his car and produced a black helmet for Rashel. "Watch your back, and take care of yourself, Rashe. Good luck with Eddie and River Dog." He gave her hug and then went into his car. Rashel waved good-bye as she watched her friends drive away.

When she couldn't see them anymore, she looked at her bike and the sparkle in her eyes grew. She heard an astonished gasp nearby; quickly glancing to the source, she saw the outline of a teenage boy with spiky hair. He had sandy colored hair and green eyes; Rashel remembered seeing him at lunch in school. He was the boy all the teachers were amazed showed up in class, what was his name again? Michael, Michael Guerin. She smirked as he came towards the bike as if drawn to it. She was pretty sure that he didn't see her, that all he saw was the beautiful, black machine in front of him. When he started to mutter about the cycle as he crouched down to get a better look at it, her suspicions were confirmed. "It's nice isn't it?"

Her words broke through his haze, and a surprised Michael fell on his butt. "Are you joking? Look at it; it's a work of art."

She chuckled a bit, "I said something similar to that a little while ago. Hey, don't you go to school with me? I'm Rashel Descouedres." She held out her hand to help him up.

"Michael Guerin, uh, I saw what you did to Joey today at lunch."

"Oh, are you a friend?"

"Nah, he's a jerk, must say I got a good laugh." Michael paused feeling a bit uncomfortable remembering what he just learned not too long ago. "Um, so, what brings you back to Roswell Rashel Jor-I mean Descouedres?" He asked awkwardly, not daring to look into her eyes.

"So who told you?" When Michael gave her a blank stare, she explained. "Somehow you figured out that I'm Rashel Jordan, former resident of Roswell. I'm sure that they gave you reason why I left. It's okay; you can look me in the eye, and you can ask me."

"Ask you what?"

"Yes, I'm the same Rashel Jordan whose mother was murdered on my birthday May 27, 1987. Timothy Evans was with us that day, and no, I don't want to talk about it because it was 12 years ago, and I've haven't spoken to Timmy's parents yet. I was sent to my Aunt Corinne to live with, but she died in a fire the night she took me home. So, for the past 12 years or so, I've spent in the good ole' foster system, going from city to city. Yes, it was a tough life, and no, I'm not all right, but that's okay as long as your curiosity is satisfied, right?"

"That's not what I was going to ask." Rashel gave him a disbelieving look, "Okay, maybe I was going to ask you that."

"Look, I came back to Roswell because in some oddball way this small town in the desert is home for me. I didn't come back to be pitied by people who don't know me, or know what happened, that's why I changed my name. So, lets start over okay?" She stuck out her hand to shake his. "I'm Rashel Descouedres. I take it you like motorcycles, Michael."

Michael stared at her for a moment. He didn't know why, but he liked her. Maybe it was the "Let's get this straight" attitude; maybe it was the way her eyes reflected a guarded hardness which he recognized in his own eyes; maybe it was the fact that she too spent a lot of time in Social Services like he had. Whatever it was; he found himself respecting the lithe teen standing in front of him. "Yeah, you?

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