Summary : Set after "The Mummy's Tomb" in Season 5, Cole was invincible? Phoebe came back to him in a plan of vanquishing him. Piper found out she'd vowed to love her current brother-in-law for eternity in their past lives. Would she have a heart to let him die?

Declaimer : The Charmed Ones, Cole, Leo, and Chris… belong to WB Television. I just own some minor characters in this fanfic.

A/N : I used to love Phoebe in Season 3 & 4, and I still love her whenever reading a fanfic that telling she changes her mind and reunites with Cole. But I'm hating her so badly on the show now. Piper is my favorite character from Season 1, but I sometimes hated her when she took part in vanquishing Cole.

I adore Forbidden written by GrantingTroyTurner, and Cat tale written by MysticalRoqueSpaceman so much. Actually these stories've inspired me to write this fic.


Part 1.

In the penthouse, Cole's standing at the balcony looking out listlessly. Two Avatars appeared behind him.

"How did you think about our offer, Cole ?" – asked one of them.

Cole took a gulp of wine from the bottle he's holding in his hand.

"What are you waiting for ? She doesn't want you anymore. Don't destroy yourself like that." – said another.

"Destroy?" – he dragged a half smile out of his lips – "I'm invincible. Damn it!"

"No, you aren't." – the first Avatar stepped forward – "They couldn't vanquish you since you could heal yourself. It doesn't mean you're invincible."

"We are invincible. But you, they just haven't known your weak point yet." – continued the second one.

Cole turned around to see them, surprised.

"If you're really invincible, Barbas couldn't manipulate your mind, The Siren couldn't seduce you, and stripping powers potion wouldn't work on you." – eleborated the first one.

"Want to be invincible, you have to join us." – said the second.

"What's my weak point ?" – asked Cole.

"It's involve your emotion." – answered the first – "You can't heal yourself if you get hurt while. . . having sex." – he smiled talking about it.

"Your pleasure prevents you from self recovering. Higher orgasm, higher danger." – said the second.

"I never get this danger." – sighed Cole.

They heard the bell of the elevator.

"Think about our suggest again!" – said the first before both of them disappeared.

Cole heard someone knocking his door. He's walking to open it sluggishly and surprising to see the visitor.

"Cole!" – greeted Phoebe merrily.

He's dumbfounded. He hadn't seen her smile since coming back from the Wasteland.

"Uh! Can I come in?" – asked her sweetly.

He stepped aside to let her enter. She walked in and took her coat off revealing the very sexy red gown. She leaned on his chest courting him.

"You've drunk again?"

"I have nothing else to do." – answered him, he still didn't know what's going on but it's really wonderful to hold her. He's always infatuated to her. Anyway no one had offered herself to him like her, and taught him how to love in the first place. He's given her all his love since then.

"Oh yes! But you need a shower, and shave first." – smiled Phoebe lustfully.

Cole stared at her in amazement.

"OK," – she striked his upper arms gently – "I've thought so much about us. And I decided to. . . come back to you." – she paused waiting for his reaction.

"What?" – winced Cole.

"Screw the divorce. We're back together." – said Phoebe.

Cole laughed, he didn't know what had changed her mind, but it didn't matter much. He kissed on her lips madly. It's so sweet to kiss his wife, he never wanted to end it. Finally Phoebe broke it.

"Oh God! I'm nearly out of breath." – grinned her.

Cole smiled, now he believed he wasn't dreaming. His eyes were filled with love and joy.

"Uh, Cole! I have a request for you."

"I'll accept everything." – replied him. He knew she would have some conditions, especially after he had teamed up with Jeric to mummify her, and fought Piper.

"I want us to live at the Manor with my sisters."

"That's all?"


"OK." – smiled him.

"Now take your shower. I'll help you to pack up." – said Phoebe.

"You don't want to join me?" – suggested him.

"No. Hurry up! We'll have dinner with my family. And I don't want to introduce you in this situation."

Cole smiled, he gave her a quick kiss on her lips and go to the bathroom. Phoebe sighed for relief. She recollected the conversation with her family this early morning.

- Flash back -

Piper had prepared breakfast for four. Leo came in, kissed on her cheek.

"Hi, hon!" – said him. She smiled, and poured a cup of coffee for him.

"Thank you!" – he sat on a chair.

Phoebe entered.

"Hey! Where's Paige?" – asked her.

"What's up?" – asked Piper. She hadn't seen Phoebe in such an exciting mood since Cole'd been back from the wasteland.

"I think I've found a way to get rid of the hugest trouble of mine once and for all." – answered her with a big grin.

Piper understood who her younger sister's talking about. After Cole'd failed in an attempt to mummify Phoebe, they determined to dispose of him for their own security. But it wasn't easy as all of their methods in vanquishing demons were ineffective to him.

Leo put the newspaper off, looking at Phoebe sceptically.

"How?" – frowned Piper.

"I need Paige to make a useful potion." – said Phoebe.

"I heard I'm having a new task for my witchly job." – said Paige while walking to the kitchen.

"Yeah, sweetie!" – smiled Phoebe - "My happy future depends on you."

"What?" – questioned Paige. She sat on a chair near Phoebe and poured herself a cup of coffee.

"She's talking about vanquishing Cole." – explained Piper.

"Can you make the potion that weakens his powers ?" – asked Phoebe.

"Is it possible?" – asked Piper.

"Maybe." – answered Leo – "Paige succeeded in stripping his powers."

"Yeah, I can do it in theory." – said Paige unsurely – "But I'm not sure if it works on Cole."

"We can try." – stated Phoebe excitedly – "We aren't hoping it works on the spot, we'll wait until he drink enough for it showing its effect."

"You sound like he'll be willing to take it." – doubted Piper.

"Yeah! Hi, Cole! It's good for you. So drink it!" – mocked Paige.

"I'm going to come back to him and invite him to live with us here. That's why he'll drink it." - informed Phoebe.

Everyone's stunned.

"What ? I don't skip any way to get my life back." – asked her.

"What are you talking, Phoebe ? Do you lost your mind ?" – asked Leo.

"Of course not," – grinned Phoebe – "It's the best way to lure him drink it. We can watch for him everyday till our chance comes."

"Sounds good." – said Paige thoughtfully – "So it means you're ready to sleep with him?"

"No." – resisted Phoebe – "I won't let him take advantage of me. I have my way."

"OK, if you say so." – agreed Paige. She finished her coffee.

"I don't think it's a good idea." – protested Piper – "I know we need to vanquish him for good. But your plan's despicable. Why don't we do that openly without shadiness?"

"He isn't gentlemanly to us, Piper." – said Paige.

"He had forced you to choose one of us," – continued Phoebe – "I don't think he won't kidnap your baby to get me in the future."

Leo had hesitated about the plan for a while, but he thought they're right now. He touched Piper's hand.

"They've got a point, Piper." – said him – "He's insane now, it makes he's very dangerous. We have to get rid of him before our daughter being born."

"If he's dangerous, why are we letting him live with us ?" – asked Piper rubbing her stomach gently.

"You're invincible, Piper. We're going to finish this scheme as soon as possible." – said Paige.

Everyone kept silence.

"So we've passed it by common consent finally?" – asked Phoebe hopefully.