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Part 2.

Piper was setting the table for dinner while Paige was soaking the inside of a glass with a colourless and tasteless liquid.

"I'm still confused." – said Piper – "It's not fair for Cole."

"Piper!" – Paige stopped her work turning back to see her older sister – "I think we've had the same mind. Being humane with your enemy means being inhumane with yourself."

"He isn't our original enemy." – defended Piper – "We can't accept him to be in our family. It doesn't mean we cheat him like that."

"OK, Piper, we've gone too far to draw back now." – Paige put the glass in a place – "Remember this's his place. All of us, even you, have agreed this. Don't show your reluctance in front of him. I'm sure you'll never regret about doing it."

Phoebe and Cole walked to the kitchen hand in hand. He looked totally different from a few weeks ago. Clean-shaven, tidy hair, and well-dress. He smiled slightly, a little shyly.

"Hi. . . Piper, Paige!" – greeted him.

"Hi!" – replied Paige. Piper just glanced at him, the fact that Phoebe accepted to reunite with him got himself changed so much. His eyes looked somehow wild, but it's obvious that he's happy.

"Where're our seat?" – asked Phoebe.

"Yeah! Sit here!" – Paige pulled a chair out quickly and Phoebe led Cole to there. She occupied the next.

Paige volunteered to pour wine to everyone, Leo orbed in.

"Hi, everyone!" – greeted him. His smile disappeared seeing Cole.

"Hi, Leo!" – said Cole.

"Uh, hi!" – replied Leo, he took a seat at the head of the table and smiled at Piper.

"OK guys!" – started Phoebe – "As I told, Cole and I are coming back together. So we're drinking to our happy family!"

She raised her glassed up, everyone clinked glasses one another.

"I know I've done a lot of things to you," – Cole cleared his throat – "It's really very bad. I'm absolutely sorry. Thank you for giving me this chance. I'll prove that I'm. . . good. Please forgive me!"

He's thinking about what he had done to them when trying to commit suicide, and mumify Phoebe then force Piper to abandon Paige. About their misunderstanding of his choosing to become The Source last year, he thought he would explain to Phoebe later.

"Of course we've already put it aside. Now we're starting a new life." – smirked Paige.

"Thank you, Paige!" – said Cole. He looked at Piper who kept silence.

"Piper?" – asked him expectedly.

Piper neither answered nor looked at him. Phoebe waited for a while and touched Cole's hand.

"Come on, baby! If she didn't, she wouldn't cook a lot for us."

"I'm sorry. What I did isn't easy to forgive." – said Cole – "But I promise it'll never happen again."

Piper stared at him, she saw honesty in his eyes that time, suddenly she felt guilty. If tricking someone was a sin, how about tricking a demon? Was it not? Cole had drunk his glass of wine without any suspision since he loved Phoebe and never thought they could do something shady. They're the Charmed Ones after all, they represented for the good.

"OK, try this one!" – Phoebe picked up some food to Cole. Everyone started to enjoy the meal.

Lately, in Phoebe's room. She went out from the bathroom, wearing a bedgown. She came to Cole and sat next to him on the bed, holding his hands tenderly.

"Don't be sad. Piper needs a little more time." – said Phoebe.

"I understand." – answered Cole.

"OK." – she cupped her hand on his jaw. He took her hand and the other one up and kissed them.

"I've desired this moment several times." – said him in a low voice.

"You'll back to work tomorrow?" – asked Phoebe.

"Yeah, I'll try all my best for our life."

"Could you have to prepare anything?"

"I didn't attend to it for weeks. But I don't care of it tonight." – smiled him.

He obviously smiled so much since Phobe'd come to him that early morning. He's about to kiss her, but she pushed him back.

"Speaking of the penthouse, I think we'll sell it." – suggested her.

"OK." – agreed him. It's apparent that he cared nothing else at that time. He held her tightly and kissed on her lips, she managed to resist him.

"I'm sorry, Cole!" – she tried to find a suitable reason – "Uh. . ., I love you, and I think I want to take you back in my life, but I'm. . . I'm. . . a little confused. I mean we haven't done it for a while. And. . . and. . . I want we'll take it step by step."

"OK." – sighed him, he loosened her disappointedly. She got out of him and sat on the stool in front of her dresser. He's still gazing at her adorably while she's brushing her hair.

"Why did you refuse to say forgiveness to Cole?" – asked Leo.

"My conscience was condemning me about cheating him." – answered Piper looking straight at her husband.

"Piper, we're just trying to defend our family." – comforted Leo.

"So it's a right thing?" – asked her.

"We have no choice." – he shook his head – "He's too dangerous for us. Think about the bright side, we're safer without him around."

"Without him around Phoebe got killed by that witch-hunter, or being caught by the witch from the fairy tale. All of us owed him more or less." – said Piper thoughtfully.

"How about he betrayed us choosing to be The Source? I admit we used to get along well with him. But he's invincible and insane now. He's a threat to us."

"Maybe not," – protested Piper – "If Phoebe doesn't reject him, he'll be good."

"Healthy people aren't be good or evil for anyone else, Piper. He's like a time bomb that we don't know when to explode. Moreover, Phoebe doesn't love him anymore. She's your sister, you have to think for her first."

Piper kept looking at him, he kissed on her forehead while holding around her stomach.