Gravity by Lerris

Chapter 1 - Future's Birth


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Notes: thoughts {other language}

This story is a continuation based on the Ranma 1/2 series by Rumiko Takahashi. My knowledge of the series comes from the anime and other fanfictions. If you are looking for a story where all of the Ranma 1/2 characters act exactly as they do in the anime then you should probably skip this story. This is, after all, my story. There will be no Sailor Scouts in this story.


Night had fallen at the Tendo house. The sound of a ledger could be heard to be closing softly. Nabiki brushed a tear from her eye. She set the book down near the foot of her bed and reached under and found the hidden catch. She opened the storage area and placed the record of the true household finances back in its place.

Nabiki wiped another tear from her face. How had it gotten so bad? She had done her best. Heck even Ranma had helped her. At first she thought of it as a game and they really needed the money. Besides the dumb jock was making his sister miserable and he deserved it. It all changed when she saw Ranma-chan open an eye quickly when she was taking pictures and then close it again. Of course he knew. Heck he had to watch out for love sick Amazons climbing in bed with him, and insane Panda's and angry sisters.

She thought about her younger sister and Ranma. Why does it have to be this way? My gosh those two love each other, and yet they make each others miserable. It hurts just to watch them. She thought of her older sister. The life had long ago gone out of her replaced with this pretend happiness. She had sacrificed too much for her family. Now the finances were falling apart. The damage from Ranma's fights and medical bills were a large expense, but in truth Ranma's presense still allowed her to more than cover it. It was just that the savings were gone, and there was no income. They couldn't last much longer. Things were never this bad when mother was alive. For one thing her father actually earned a living.

Her mind raced in circles as she tried to find the peace to sleep. It eluded her for much of the night.


In another room in the house Kasumi Tendo sat trying to read a medical book but her thoughts kept slipping away. Things were unweaving no matter how much she tried. Her youngest sister was unhappy. Nabiki was little better despite the mask she wore. Kasumi knew all about masks. Her's was the best of all. Dang it. Haven't I already read this page?


Genma Saotome slept the sleep of the blissfully ignorant. He wasn't truly stupid, but he had long ago learned to ignore anything that would truly upset him. He knew he was a foolish man yet he had such hopes for Ranma and Akane. He tossed and turned a little in his sleep as a scene was replayed in his dreams where Akane professed to hate the female Ranma in front of her and Nodoka insisted they commit Seppuku for failing to make Ranma a man among men. Ok perhaps Genma's ability to remain blissfully ignorant was failing.


Ranma was staring up at the ceiling. It was patched several places. One was where Akane had punted him through the roof. Two others were where he had kicked Happosai through. Ranma sighed. He wondered if things really would work out. He hoped so, but he was really beginning to worry. Once again he thought of leaving. At least then the chaos would hopefully follow him and leave the others alone. He knew it wouldn't ever be that simple. They would always find him. -

Akane continued to write in her diary.

"Dear Diary. It happened again today. That slut glomped all over Ranma again today and I pelted him into the ground. Why can't he do anything about her? I know he truly doesn't want the attention, but I can't help being angry. What is wrong with me? Why do I blow up so much? Why the hell doesn't he deal with the problem? It hurts so much to continue this charade called life."

She looked down at her feet where P-chan was curled up sleeping. Well at least you are always faithful. I still wonder why Ranma and you fight so much.


In another place an attractive brunette sat at her desk and went over her work for the day. She had heard the dreams and thoughts of the Tendo house tonight and dearly wished she could help. The rules didn't allow it though. She cursed the rules. Sometimes she wished she could be like Urd. Suddenly a message flashed on her screen asking her to come to a meeting.


"Peorth, I have a job for you."

She listened carefully and at the end smiled a small smile. She didn't like much of what she heard but she saw and agreed with the need. There were many trials ahead of them, yet her father had given her orders. Peorth could feel the small ray of hope that had been created today. She hoped it would be enough. It was time to get started.


Nabiki yawned and got up. She reached to pull the cover off of herself only for her hand to pass right through it. "What the heck?" She looked around. She was in her room, yet she wasn't solid. Am I dead? Just what is going on? Nabiki never was one to rush off in blind panic. Most situations could be made profitable if one could just find the right approach. Still it didn't look good. She got up and went to open the door, but her hand passed through the handle. She shrugged and passed through the door. In the kitchen she saw Kasumi cooking.

"Kasumi, I'm so glad to see you."

Kasumi continued to cook oblivious to Nabiki's presence. Nabiki spent ten minutes trying to find someway to be noticed but in the end gave up and decided to look around some more. Ranma and Genma were sparring outside, while her father was sitting watching them. Akane was watching Ranma, and so was Nabiki? "What the heck... Thats me?!" Ranma proceeded to be tossed into the koi pond. The solid Nabiki smirked, and Akane laughed. Genma was tripped and sent that way to. In short a typical morning, except for the ghostlike Nabiki. She searched the rest of the house but could find nothing until she came to the guest room. There laying on the cover was Ranma. She reached down and shook him.

"Wake up! Something weird is going on." How the heck am I going to get him to wake up? I can't use the usual bucket method.. Inspiration dawned in the pseudo apparitions eyes. She bent down and whispered in Ranma's ear, "Wakeup Saotome, there is a new fiancee at the door and Akane's mad."

"No. Its all pops fault. I didn't do anything." With that the ghostlike Ranma snapped awake and looked around. "Nabiki?" Ranma noticed Nabiki's rather revealing Pajama's.

So when taken by surprise Ranma Saotome does react to a beautiful woman. She mentally filed that thought away. "Its about time you woke up. Ranma we have a problem. It seems that the two of us are ghosts or something, yet I've seen us walking around."

Ranma put his hand down on the floor in preparation for getting up and it went through. "Huh? This is weird, even for me." Ranma as a rule only panicked about big things. If it didn't threaten his self image or his honor, well he was getting pretty good at taking weirdness. He had after all been simmered in it for a couple years now.

"What are we going to do? There are two people out there pretending to be us and we can't even touch anything."

"Dunno, on the bright side I can't become a girl if I can't touch water." Solid Ranma proceeded to run into the room to try to get away from Akane and her bucket. He failed. The water went through ghostlike Ranma instantly changing him into a girl. "Dang it, when will I ever learn to just shut up?"

Nabiki laughed just as Akane sent solid Ranma on a trip via Akane Airlines. "Stupid baka, even refusing to try my cooking!"

Nabiki stopped laughing and turned to Ranma again. "Seriously, what are we going to do? Your used to this weird stuff."

"Well if no one else in the house is changed, then we have two options. We could wait to see if whoever did this shows up, or we could go see Cologne."

"I hate waiting. Let's go." Without thinking Ranma's night clothes changed to his usual Red shirt and black pants. Another thought and Ranma was male again. Nabiki thought of herself in shorts and a t-shirt. "Well thats convenient."


They arrived at the Nekohaten, but despite their best efforts could not get Colgone's attention. She would look around as if something was odd, but that was all. They finally gave up and began walking home. A beautiful brown haired woman with lightly tanned skin and a diamond tattoo on her forehead walked beside them and said, "So how are you two doing?"

"You can see us?" came from both of them.

"I'm talking to you aren't I? Gee mortals, they allways ask the dumbest questions."

"Are you responsible for this?" asked Nabiki.

"Me personally no. My father did it. He just asked me to be a guide of sorts."

Ranma decided to stay quiet. He truly wasn't stupid, and he knew that when it came to getting answers, Nabiki was the one he wanted asking the questions.

"So what happened to us?"

"I think the park is a good place for this. Its a nice day and since no one can see or hear us, its a good choice." They began to follow her. "First things first. I don't know if you will believe me, but both Ranma's and both Nabiki's are quite real and neither is in anyway a fake. Father split your essences in two and gave each what it needed to be perfect and complete. The Ranma and Nabiki you saw this morning will continue to live their lives, not knowing anything about you two."

Ranma was irritated at the "perfect and complete" nonsense. "Perfect and complete? I can walk through doors. People can walk through me. I don't find that perfect."

"I never said alive. You are basically spirits now. Father did not give you life yet. Don't worry, if you do this small thing for us, that little detail will be taken care of."

"Little detail?" said Ranma.

Nabiki continued to stare at the brown haired girl. She was perhaps Kasumi's age and stunningly attractive. "What is your name?"

"My name is Peorth. I am a goddess first class unlimited with no restrictions. So will you do it?"

"Do what?" continued Ranma. He had the feeling he was being manipulated. It was a feeling he had a lot of practice learning to identify, usually because of the girl next to him.

"Why save the world of course? Well in all actuality your job won't be quite that impressive yet you do truly have the opportunity to make the world a much better place."

"Your not going to tell us what the job is are you?" asked Nabiki.

"No, that I am forbidden from doing. If you accept, you will be told when the time is right. If you both accept, I can offer you each a wish. The wish must be for another and it must be a heartfelt wish so simply trading wishes is out. Beyond that you can wish for almost anything and if it is approved it will be granted."

Nabiki said sarcastically, "Thats some wish. Did you put enough of a disclaimer in it?"

"I am forbidden to lie as a goddess. Lying carries very drastic consequences. No I cannot guarantee any wish will be approved, but most are that we grant to worthy souls."

"Anything we want?" said Ranma.

"No, It must be a heartfelt wish for another and it must be approved. You couldn't, for instance, wish to be rid of your curse."

Ranma sighed.

"And if we decided not to accept?" asked Nabiki.

"Take a much time as you want to think about it. Once you decide call my name together and I will come. If you decide not to accept the offer and help us then other choices will be given to you. One of those choices will be to merge again with your old selves. Another option that will be given to you Ranma is to take on your old selves cursed form freeing your old self from the curse."

"Gee thanks. He'd be thrilled and I'd be stuck as the pig-tailed girl forever."

"You are called to serve, but are given the choice. Your curse was meant to teach you a lesson. If you chose that choice you will learn the lesson."

Ranma grimaced. He knew what lesson she meant. Nabiki looked thoughtfully at Ranma.

Peorth continued. "I will tell you this much. Along the path that we wish you to take there is much danger and it is forbidden for us to interfere too much in the affair's of mortals. In short you will be almost entirely on your own and yes there is a reason you both were chosen." With those parting words they were gone. Ranma and Nabiki were left in the park alone while being surrounded by people. They were lost in their thoughts for several minutes afterwards.

"Saotome, what do you think? Are you going to accept the offer?"

"I was thinking about her words, 'a reason you both were chosen' A martial artist and a mercenary?"

Nabiki chuckled. "So they need brains and brawn eh?"

Ranma was quiet for a moment. "What are you going to wish for?"

Nabiki said quietly, "I'd wish for mother to be alive today. Kasumi and Akane could use her love so much. Things were so much better then.."

"And you too?"

"Don't be silly, besides I wouldn't be there anyway. It would be the other me."

Ranma nodded. "I try to think what I would wish for, but its hard. I thought about wishing for the other Ranma to be free of the curse or the nekoken, or to find a way to resolve the finance mess or.. I could use about a dozen wishes."

Nabiki laughed. "Do you love her?"

"Akane, who could ever love that uncute tomboy?"

"I never mentioned a name. You filled that in. So you do love her. We were all so sure. Everyone except the two of you. Yet you want to do it."

"A goddess asked me to help people. That is the first duty of a martial artist. How can I say no to that? Even if... But if I say yes, what of you? Will you go? I think she wanted both of us and you would be in danger. I should just say no that way.."

"Ranma Saotome, now listen here. You do not, ever, make my decisions for me! Got that? I am a Tendo as well and I do not run away. I will make my own decisions."

"I'm sorry. I ..."

"I know Ranma. Just don't do it again."

"What's next?"

"I think its time to go observe. We have time do we not? If nothing else it may help us to be sure what to wish for if we decide to do it. Besides I may yet figure out how to make this profitable."

Ranma laughed.


In total they spent weeks watching all the Nerimians. Ranma got so sick of watching the continual misunderstandings between his other self and Akane. Why couldn't I just learn to shut up? The rest of the fiancee brigade was no better. Every time they got close one of them would show up.

Nabiki spent time watching herself place bets, and manipulate Ranma into earning her money. It was a very sobering thing to watch yourself. She was beginning not to like herself very much. It wasn't long before she saw Ryoga change. Having nothing much to do but watch makes one very observant. Ranma was with her when she saw it.

"I had hoped you would find out..."

"Why Ranma? Why didn't you tell us? Why did you let that .. that bastard sleep with my sister? Heck a large chunk of your problems comes from him using what Akane tells him against you."

Ranma went on to tell her the full story about how Ryoga came to be cursed and the promise he made. "I tried to let everyone know. I gave so many hints. I couldn't break my promise.. I tried.. I really tried..." A few tears fell from ghost Ranma's eyes. Nabiki patted his back with one arm gently. It was not much, but for the middle Tendo it was alot.

"I once asked your father why he never told her and he replied, 'Its not my place to tell her. I will watch and if he does anything truly improper well he will regret it. Watch over her Ranma. She is precious to me. They all are.' It was the first time I ever had a truly serious conversation with your father."

"Daddy." Nabiki sighed and was lost in her own thoughts for several minutes. "Ranma you know you are a fool? Some times you can't make everyone happy, and sometimes there are things more important than promises."

Ranma didn't respond but wondered if she was right for a long time before they went their separate ways to get some sleep. It was odd that they needed sleep as ghosts, yet perhaps they were just used to it. Nabiki was lost in her own thoughts again as she sat beside Ranma on the edge of the porch facing the koi pond. My first guess for a wish is still the best. Mother could help them. Besides I'd imagine my other wish of being a billionaire would have been rejected, even if it was for the other me.

"Figure out what your going to wish for Saotome?"

"When did we say yes?"

"When we realized how much we wanted those wishes. It looks like we have been bought."

"Yes, I did. It is similar to an idea you came up with. I thought about wishes for the removal of the curse or nekoken or even Mallet-sama, or the fiancee brigade. Then I realized what I really wanted. It only took a few weeks to finally face the truth myself. I want them to be happy, to understand each other. She really does love me, err him. It was so obvious in all the looks she gave him that he didn't see."

"Spill it Saotome. What are you going to wish for?"

"Telepathy. That they know each other's hearts and minds. They can then find their own path, but for once they will understand each other."

Nabiki stared at her sister's fiancee. To think I rejected him so long ago, and now we seem to be forced together and he years to be in my sister's arms.

"Are you sure Ranma? We could just merge with our old selfs and you could tell her how you feel. I think it would work out."

Ranma looked at her. He shifted to a she without thought. Tears were in her eyes. "Yes, I have my duty and she...will have.. me..."

Nabiki did something out of character for her. She took Ranma-chan into her arms and gently held her to her chest and let the neo-girl cry. A few tears came down her own face, but Ranma would never mention them.

An hour later they called her.

"Thank you Ranma. Thank you Nabiki. Your wishes have been granted. Though she will not remember it, would you like to spend some time with your mother before we begin? And you Ranma would you like to spend some time with anyone even though they will not remember it?"

Nabiki nodded. She went with Peorth to talk with her mother. Her mother held her in her arms and told her how proud she was of her. Over the hours that they talked a pain was lifted from Nabiki's heart. She talked to her father, Kasumi and Akane. Kasumi cried yet in the end she accepted and a short time later she forgot. Akane raged at the unfairness of it all. She did not forget, since Ranma was yet to talk with her.

Ranma first spent time with his father. He told his tale, and told what he had chosen to do, as much as he knew. His father didn't believe him but a trick or two by Peorth convinced him. In the end Genma told him, "A martial artist's life is fraught with peril. I'm proud of you son." He too forgot.

Ranma's mother was so proud of her son. Unlike that lazy bum Genma, Ranma is a true man. Called to serve the gods. She smiled. She was going to miss him. She made him promised to watch over Nabiki. He gladly did so.

Ranma's didn't really have anything to say to Kasumi, but he gave her a very long enthusiastic hug and thanked her for everything. Kasumi remembered this, yet she thought it odd that Ranma didn't when she asked him about it later.

Ranma's conversation with Akane was the hardest. She had allready heard all the details from Nabiki, except of course what his wish was. He didn't tell her either. "Akane, I know you won't remember any of this, and perhaps that is for the best, but I love you. I love you so insanely much that I go crazy just thinking about you. I have fought it for so long, and now for me it is over and I am going to miss you, you kawaii tomboy. Please Akane, just once may I give you a real kiss, my first true kiss and last from you." Tears ran down both their faces. Akane nodded. It was clumsy. It was precious. It was gentle. It was wonderful. It lasted almost twenty minutes then Ranma hugged her and said goodbye, and with that goodbye Akane forgot, yet she was left with a feeling of loss that she couldn't figure out. A few minutes later her Ranma came back in and asked if she would like to go spar.

Off in the distance, in a place invisible to the rest of them, Nabiki and Peorth watched Ranma's conversation and kiss.

"Regretting?" asked Peorth.

"Many things. Is it worth it?"

"Yes. Ranma is coming. It is time."

Ranma appeared before them.

"I will now tell you what I can. It is said that the future is always born in pain.[1] While the future is in motion, you have bought them a true chance at happiness at the cost of having to give up all that you know. I thank you for that. Kami-sama long ago ordered that with a few very rare exceptions the life mortals live is their own and not to be interfered with without great cause. Your wishes have done what my own could not."

She spread her hands and a view of Kimiko appeared in a hospital bed surrounded by the Tendo family and Ranma. "She does not recall anything after her death and will not until her time to pass on comes again. They all believe she has been in a hospital for all this time in a coma and that the reason they were never contacted is they never knew her name. Don't worry Nabiki when I talked to her before she seemed intent on making sure Soun got to work and stopped moping. She had made plans to help you all. I'm sure she will make those plans again."

"Ranma your wish for telepathy is a rare one, yet I believe it will bring them close to each other in time. We decided to let it develop gradually over a few weeks. Do not worry about her. You know that your other self will guard and protect her and keep her safe" Her eyes grew mirthful and a smile appeared on her face. "whether or not she wants to be kept safe."

Nabiki laughed. "Thats Ranma for ya." Ranma sulked for a few seconds then smiled briefly.

"Now it is time for me to tell you a little about your future. Life begins at the beginning, and you two will not be an exception. You will each be born into a new family 19 years in the future." Ranma interrupted, "born again?"

Peorth ignored his comment and continued. "You will grow up to look much as you do today. Ranma will remain cursed but will only change when he wants to. You have been free of the Nekoken since being split and will remain so. Beyond that you will keep all of your memories, so try not to draw too much attention to yourselves as toddlers. Find each other and teach each other. When the time is right, I will come again and tell you more, but that will not be until quite a few years have passed. I wish you two the best, and that you enjoy your second take at life."

Everything went white and when Ranma and Nabiki woke again the world had changed.

End of Chapter 1.


Author's Notes:

[1] The previous sentence is from a television show called Babylon 5. The sentence before that sentence in Babylon 5 was, "It is said that in every age there is one singular event that forever changes the world around us. A nexus if you will." No this is not a Babylon 5 crossover yet both sentences are appropriate.

For those who haven't guessed this is not a Ranma and Akane story. Well in the previous it is obvious that Ranma and Akane stand a good chance of eventually reconciling their differences and all the rest, but the story will not be about them, unless of course I get bored later and decide to write that story. There are enough stories similar enough to the setup I made that I think you can all predict the most likely ending of that story, so I doubt I will ever write it. I suppose in a small way this is my attempt at a possible way for an alternate match up without making Akane out to be evil or similar.

No, this is a story about Ranma and Nabiki. Now all I have to do is write it. In a way I suppose you could consider this chapter a prologue to that story.

The problem with Ranma fanfiction is there is so much of it, it is somewhat hard to do anything truly original. (After having read through a LOT of stories that follow the anime closely, I flatly refuse to contribute to that bunch. There are already too many of them.) Being an engineer and not a writer by trade probably makes it a bit harder to make something truly original and interesting, but I'm working on it. If anyones wonders, I do have the core idea behind why Ranma and Nabiki were selected. There are all those pesky details to figure out though. Until later.

I wrote this awhile ago, but I haven't decided if I'll continue it yet. I still need to finish my other story as well. When I get time I need to reread this and edit some more, but I decided to post what I had for now.