by Lerris

Chapter 3- Beginnings

A young woman walked into her favorite local restaurant. She had dark brown hair and eyes and for those who knew what to look for was of obvious Japanese descent. Cheri sat down at her usual table in Panera Bread. She had her old copy of "The Elegant Universe" in front of her and was munching on some French onion soup and one of their new sandwiches. She forgot what it was named, but it didn't matter. It tasted good and it was filling. What more could a scientist ask for?

She really wish she hadn't thought of that question. Sure at the age of 30 she had a lot to be proud of. A PhD, several awards in physics. Many published papers, and lots of people who quoted her theories on string theory. She chuckled briefly at some of the information in her book. Sure it was old, and she herself had corrected many of the innacuracies. Ah well perhaps she should have spent a few more seconds choosing her reading material so it looked at least like she had a purpose in eating alone. Ah there, finally done with the soup. Why do they have to make these rolls so hard to chew anyway? Now what was I thinking of? Oh ya, my love life sucks. Curse my logical mind that can't seem to let a point go without examining it. She turned the page and continued to ponder elementary particles.

"Excuse me, is this seat taken?" came from a handsome man. He looked to have worked out regularly. He was definitely one of the most handsome men she had ever seen.

"Um no."

He proceeded to sit down and introduce himself. In time they had several dates. He was so kind, so sweet, that she found herself completely disarmed and trusting of him. She invited him to her house for coffee. She wasn't sure how it proceeded so fast, but suddenly he was kissing her and her body seemed to have taken leave from her common sense.

He left before the morning, and she never heard from him again. Nine months later the true love of her life was born. She would name her Nabiki in honor of one of her favorite anime characters. She briefly wished she had some of Nabiki's skill at reading people. It would have come in handy nine months ago. Still while she had no love for Nabiki's father, she could find no regrets in her heart when she looked into the eyes of her daughter.

A young woman with fiery red hair sat and stared at a stick. Said stick had done what few mortals thought possible. Angwyn had been rendered unable to speak or, in her case something far worse. She couldn't even utter a note. It was as if her vocal cords had left the building when her eyes saw it starring back at her. She knew that sooner or later it was bound to happen. Jeff and her had been trying after all. Still the red plus continued to taunt her. Before long her wits returned and seemed eager to make up for lost time.

In a classic opera singer voice she sang, "Jeffrey, what have you done to me."

Said Jeff was quietly trying to focus on finishing his latest creation. Perhaps it was silly of him to paint yet another picture of his wife, but well he just couldn't help himself. Suddenly he had a bad feeling. Whenever his wife sang in that pitch, it almost always boded something he would rather avoid. He was torn. Decisions, decisions. He could sneak out the door, pretend he didn't hear and keep painting, or respond.

Deciding discretion was the better part of valor Jeff thought it was definitely time to take the dog out for a walk. He quietly called the dog to him, attached a lease and slipped out the door. Angwyn smirked as she saw him walk out the door from the kitchen window. Chicken.

Jeff decided that perhaps a long walk was in order. Besides he needed inspiration for his art. Yes, he would go down to the river. It always calmed him. His conscience troubled him slightly. He should have found out what she wanted, but then he remembered that tone. It was always something big when she used that tone, and he just didn't feel up to anything big right now. He let the dog free of his leash and climbed into the hammock he had setup a few months back. It was such a nice day and surely everything would be better after a short nap. Oh look at the skyline. This would make such a great painting. He soon fell into a deep sleep.

Angwyn was a little annoyed at her dear husband. He had run away, before even finding out what was going on. She was growing angrier and angrier until she looked into his study and saw the new painting of her. It was beautiful. Surely I'm not that beautiful? Ah well he's off the hook this time, but next time.. Still I'd better go track the baka down. Her mental tone when she thought the last was fond, even though her words were not.

Before long Angwyn saw him in the distance sleeping. She pondered the best way to wake her dear cowardly husband up. Spotting a bucket not far away she filled it from the river and then tossed its very cold water at her sleeping dear. She then immediately tossed the bucket away and circled around so it would appear she had just gotten here.

Brrr.. cold.. "What is going on?" Jeff sat up and almost fell out of his very wet clothes and almost fell out of the hammock. Jeff thought he heard a small giggle but dismissed it as his imagination. He looked around and saw his wife coming down the hill.

"Oh dear your all wet. What happened to you?"

"I don't know. I was sleeping and..."

"Well perhaps it was that motorboat I heard on the way down here. It may have splashed you."

"Perhaps.." Somehow he wasn't too certain about that. His wife seemed too happy, and then there was before. "Is everything ok dear?"

"Yes, everything is fine. Oh and by the way there will be no long training trips for our child without me."

"Its a proud tradition in my family. To truly learn about art one has to learn about the world first." His higher brain functions took the opportunity to finish rebooting. "Child... your your pregnant..." His previous fortune at not falling out of the hammock left him, and he fell out in a most undignified way. Well most of him fell out. For some reason his left shoe caught in the webbing. Lucky for him the ground underneath him was fairly soft.

She said softly, "Well its not as if this should come as a surprise to you." His foot came out of his shoe and went to say hellow to his other foot allready resting on the ground. Angwyn stiffled a giggle and proceded to quickly check that he was only unconscious. She then pulled out a small digital camera from her purse and took a snapshot. Her child might want to see it someday after all.

She found a comfortable spot in the lush grass and sat down. She then gently moved his head to her lap so he would be comfortable and began to sing softly. Are you going to Scarborough Faire? Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. Remember me to one who lived there. He was once a true love of mine. Time to make me a cambric shirt Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. Without no seams, nor fine needle work. Then he'll be a true love of mine. Tell him to to find me an acre of land. Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme Between the sea foam and over the sand. Then he'll be a true love of mine Love imposes impossible tasks Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme Though not more than any heart asks. And I must know he's a true love of mine When thou has finished thy task. Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme Come to me my hand for to ask. For then you'll be a true love of mine

As she was finishing her abridged version of Scarborough Faire, her dear husband was beginning to come around.

"Hello dear. Did you have a nice nap?"

Their were times like this when he wondered what he had done to deserve her. He smiled up at her and said simply, "Yes, Thanks." His higher brain functions were finally coming back online and he remembered. He shouted joyously, "Were having a baby!" He then almost passed out again, but Angwyn kissed him. "Now now. No more passing out today. Your pillow is stiff from sitting."

Angwyn was lying in the hospital bed. Jeff had run away again. A training trip he says, but she knew that it hurt him to look at her like this. Well it wasn't as if she was dying or anything. Most women went through this at some point in their lives, but did it have to hurt so much? She reached out and grabbed a nurse by the sleeve and spun her around and sang out in her best opera voice, "Drugs.. Give me drugs!"

The nurse for her part really hated when they assigned her to the maternity ward. No, crazed emergency room patients hopped up on drugs weren't bad enough, they had to put her here. She rubbed at her arm. That woman had an incredible grip. Her right ear was still ringing as well. Maybe next time I will remember not to remark on the bosses wife. She mused that at least she got off better than her husband during one of her earlier contractions. They had to bandage his hand after she let go of him.

Jeff for his part hadn't really gone on a training trip. In his panic to leave he had mentioned it, but he really wanted to see his son, so he was camped out in the waiting room. Much safer here. After another contraction and scream from his wife followed by a scream of pain that didn't sound like his wife, he decided to take a walk and ended up at the gift shop. He pondered buying one of the crystal figurines, but decided against buying any of the cheap junk. He could make better himself, and his sculpture skills were at best average. He instead bought several different pens and pencils they had there, and borrowed some plain white paper from a copy machine he saw earlier. He would have bought paper of course, but all they had was lined paper and that was just useless. He stopped by the nurses station to let her know he would be in the waiting room, but he heard another contraction. "That is, I'll be on the waiting room at the other end of the hall." The nurse smirked and nodded.

So there he was using an odd mix of pen and pencil to try to draw a picture of two angels complete with wings. One was his wife of course, and the second was his son held gently in her arms. The nurse was quite impressed when she tapped him on the shoulder and asked if he'd like to meet his son Ranma now.

Ranma awoke. Something was wrong. He looked down and saw a diaper. Oh no, its true, I'm a baby. He did what all babies do when they are really upset he cried incredibly loudly. Of course he was actually trying to curse fluently in Japanese, but he lacked the motor skills to do so in his new body. Stupid body not listening to me. Somehow I don't think hot water is gonna get me out of this one. He awkwardly grabbed onto the side of the glass container he was in and looked around. There standing there barely holding onto the side of the glass container was another baby. Nabiki? He tried to talk, "waahh, wa, go, gaaaaa" Well that didn't work either.

She tried to say something but "gah, goo, gaaa" came out. She fell back down with very Nabiki like frown on her face. Well its how he imagined Nabiki's frown would look if she was a baby anyway.

Ranma's father soon came for him. "Come on little Ranma its time to go home." said his new father. "I know your going to make us proud and be the best artist in the world." Ranma nodded without thinking.

Author's Notes:

I've decided to end this chapter here, even though it is a bit short. The next chapter will definitely require a bit of inspiration. If anyone has any ideas feel free to put them in reviews or something. While I know basically where I want to take this, a few more ideas can't hurt. If I use one of the ideas I'll go ahead and give credit of course. At any rate it may be a while before the next chapter.

One person commented something along the lines of that perhaps working on the side story distracted from the main story. Actually I was fishing for ideas for how to go about the next few chapters in the main story when the idea for the side story came. Now, to an extent, I need to keep the side story and the main story compatible which is a bit of work, but well if something needs changed, I shall simply have to go back and change it. At any rate if the side story continues it will most likely be in a completely separate story, and I don't foresee that anytime soon.

Keeping it interesting is somewhat hard for me at least. One problem I know I had with the first thing I wrote, that I've yet to complete is it got a little boring, since things perhaps went too well and were a bit too perfect. I do intend to finish/improve that one someday, but to an extent well I think everyone is just sick of Sailor Moon crossovers so its not a priority. While recognizing a problem is necessary to improve, it takes more than that. It is interesting in that you can think of lots of things were peoples flaws and such cause chaos and make things more interesting, but when you add in the fact that you really want the story to progress in a given direction it does get harder since the two conflict to an extent, at least thats my opinion on it anyway. Another thing I dislike and try not to do is to have too much stereotypical behavior although admittedly I have a lot of work to do in that area as well. I may even go back and change this again, but in general I like what I have made of their new parents so far.

Scarborough Faire is most certainly not my creation, although I did shorten it slightly for this. (I think the lyrics themselves are so old that no one owns a copyright on them, but I could be wrong.) Sarah Brightman sings a very pretty version of it, but then its the only version I have.