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"So, how far away is your living room?" Midnight looked around, the five had been walking for ten minutes and still hadn't reached Draco's room.

"Not too much farther," Draco replied, then suddenly stopped walking. Three of the other four stopped walking, but Harry continued and was hit by an arrow flying out of the wall.

"POOR HARRY!" Chiharu crouched down and prodded the now-dead Harry.

"Don't worry about him, you can't kill the main character, he'll be back later," Draco pulled a reluctant Chiharu up and continued walking.

"My father wanted to keep our family protected, so installed a series of traps in the walls and ceilings, I suggest you guys staying a little bit behind me."

A spike fell from the ceiling and landed an inch away from Ron's shoe. Draco cursed his bad luck, he was hoping to at least cause some pain with that spike...

Draco stopped again as the floor in front of him opened up. He jumped over it and everyone else followed.

"Did you guys invite anyone else?"

Chiharu brightened up, "We invited Snape!"

"Why didn't you think to tell me this BEFORE we left the front room?"

No one answered.

"Oh yeah, right, you guys wanted to put me through as much pain and misery as you could."

Midnight and Chiharu nodded.

Draco sighed, "Figures." He turned around and started to walk back the way they had come.

Twenty minutes and many traps later, they arrived back at the front of the house. They were greeted by Harry, as said earlier, the main character cannot die.

"Hi guys! Nice to see you again!"

Ron looked blank, "Didn't you just die?"

Harry joined in his blank-ness, "When?"

"About thirty minutes ago."



"Wouldn't I know if I had died?"

"Maybe.. Don't know, it's never happened to me before."


Their conversation was cut short by a screeching sound outside. Everyone rushed to the window to see what it was.

Snape had apparently decided to try out some Muggle items (i.e. a car) (A/N: I don't really care if he wouldn't do that, because if I want him to, he will xD) and was driving, or at least trying to drive, a Mustang Convertible. With the top down. In the rain.

The quintet watched as he drove past the house (waving), off the road, and into a tree. They ran out the door and over to where Snape was trying to open his car door.

He looked up and saw them, "Hi! I think I'm getting a bit better at this parking stuff."

Draco looked from Snape to the smoking front of the car, then back to Snape, "Somehow, I don't want to know how you can be worse."

Snape got out of the car and everyone walked back to the house. An explosion was heard, Snape turned around and started into a rant about all of the "hard work" he had gone through to "pay for" the car. Everyone else had already figured out that he had stolen the car.

They headed back to Draco's room.. now with one more person...

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