Whoever said 'The more the merrier'? What would you do, if not one, but two of your friends were in love with you? Which one would you choose? Or would you try to win the heart of your own crush. Hopefully, you don't mess things even more up ... YxYY? and other pairings

Miho and Rebecca are not the characters from the show! I changed them a little bit to my liking.


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'...' Yugi's thoughts

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/.../ Yugi to Yami

(...) Yami to Yugi

[...] annoying interruptions by Sansi



by Sansi



"Hey Yugi! Do you want to go out with me on Friday? I heard there was a new film out ..." the addressed teen didn't register more of the conversation in which he didn't really has an active part. As soon as he exited school this day, Miho was not far behind. It was a daily routine. Miho asked him out and he would come up with some stupid excuse to decline.

Yugi knew Miho for several years now and he really liked the girl, but only as a friend and nothing more. But of course he never had the heart to tell her this, because she seemed to be head over heels for him. How could he break her heart like that?

Yugi Mutou was now 17 years old and since Battle City he grew and was now only a few inches shorter than his friend Joey. He still had the same large lavender eyes and his spiked hair, but he was now thinner and all girls adored him. But it wasn't that he was interested in any of them. Yugi has hid eyes already on someone else.

The attention he received after Battle City was more than he wanted. His friends on the other hand were not surprised how popular he became with the girls. After all, what girl could resist a guy, who was walking around with the title 'King of Games' in a hot leather outfit?

Yugi had to keep back a grin, which wanted to make its way on his face. His thoughts always went in a circle and came back to one person. The teen smiled to himself, loosing himself to his daily fantasy. It was much more tempting than the girl in front of him.

He may be the 'King of Games', even if he thought he didn't deserve the title, but a few months ago he solved the most mysterious puzzle. What can make you feel happy and sad at the same time? What gives you the strength to overcome all obstacles? What eats you up inside, but gives you the feeling, you can't live without it anymore?

Love. Such a short word, but probably the most important thing of the world. If you found it, you would do everything to keep it save and nothing else matters ...

"Yugi, hey! Did you hear me? I asked you a question" Miho brought him out of his happy-world. "I'm sorry Miho. I have no time this weekend. I promised Grandpa to help him with the shop and there is still homework to do ..." he rattled off, hoping the girl would buy his lie. And what a lie it was. He had other plans this weekend and they certainly have nothing to do with the shop and school.

"Oh well. If not this weekend maybe ..."

"We talk about this another time, ne? I have to go now. Ja ne!" he interrupted her and was already taking a few steps back.

'She had me almost this time. I always use the same lame excuses and she didn't catch the lie? Oh well, my luck' He had to give her the credit, that she was persistent. But there was no way, he was going out with her. It wouldn't be fair to play with her heart like that and there was only one person he wanted to ask out and that was not Miho.

Yugi smiled again, he couldn't help himself. He was just happy and wanted to hug the world. The teen never experienced something like this before. It was great to be in love.

He was running home, but not because of the fear of bullies, because they stopped picking up on him as soon as he came back from Battle City. They feared and respected him and his other. His other. Yami

Yugi smiled dreamily. Every time he was remembered at his darker half, he was in his own world, which was quiet often, because practically everything he saw, made him think of him. Even if it was just a box of cornflakes.

But now the bearer of the millennium puzzle was more eager than normally to come home. One thing was, that his grandpa was out this afternoon and needed him to look after the shop and the second and more important reason was, that his poor yami had gotten sick. After the tournament he discovered a way to have his own body, but a few millennia spent in a puzzle did nothing to prevent him from catching a cold. Domino wasn't Egypt after all.

The hikari was really worried about his other half, but he couldn't help, but like his darkness when he was ill. He looked so awfully cute with his red cheeks and glazy eyes and there were only rare situations in which the proud pharaoh would except help. Yugi felt always special, when he could be the one to make the spirit laugh and happy and he wanted this smile to be his and his alone.

Most of the time he was the one to be taken care of and he liked this change very much. Not to mention that with his sick Yami he had a lot of excuses to touch his spirit, like helping him up or checking his temperature with his hand on Yami's cheek ... Yugi felt a little bit guilty when he thought about it. His yami was sick and he was the happiest person on earth ... well faith is cruel

But when he remembered the time when his poor yami had a bad fever and was really cold, he was allowed to sleep in his bed to warm him up, the guilt was replaced with butterflies in his stomach. Yugi could cuddle with him all night, without being obvious. I'm sure I don't have to mention, that this was Yugi's most cherished memory with Yami. This was the closest he has gotten to Yami so far, but he was willing to change that fact soon.

He admitted to himself half a year ago that he was in love with the spirit, but he kept quiet and didn't say anything, as he didn't want to damage their strong bond. Yugi didn't think that Yami would leave him, but it would break his heart if Yami would look at him in disguise. He thought about the possibilities and decided to tell him. It was getting painful and he was willing to take the risk. Probably there was a chance for them ...

I kept you long waiting, who Yugi was in love with, even if it was obvious if you know me. I hope it wasn't too corny, but I think it's awfully cute. There is just one problem. I love this fic, but I'm already a little bit stuck with it. I have a few ideas, but not enough.

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