by Sansi
Chapter 4: Desperate measures more mine than Yugi's

With a quick movement and extraordinary strength for the vertically challenged teen the door was firmly shut and locked. However, just to make sure that Kaiba didn't make an attempt to pay a visit to Yami again, Yugi braced himself firmly against the door. As if he could keep the much stronger CEO out with his sheer will; the lighter half knew that he was far inferior to Kaiba in body strength, but he was willing to put everything against the taller teenager he had. His yami was worth a beating.

Yugi's head thudded against the door painfully as he underestimated the force with which he threw himself against it. Moaning in mild pain the hikari leaned his ear against the wood soundlessly, breath deep and uneven in anticipation. The light could feel his heart pounding against his rib case, the blood pulsing through his veins in strong waves while he listened closely to any noise coming from the hall, wanting to make 100 sure that his newly defined rival Seto Kaiba wasn't waiting outside.

Yugi's tenseness wouldn't leave before he knew the CEO out of the house. Hell, if he had to say anything in the matter Kaiba wouldn't even be on the same continent.

Thinking of the cause of all this trouble, the lighter half glanced over at the pharaoh. His darkness was still fast asleep, blissfully unaware of the latest happenings and Yugi's heartache.

Immediately Yugi noticed how beautiful his dark was, covered with the white blankets. His peacefully expression and the slight light that fell on his face mad him look eternal. Like an angel – a dark angel, but Yugi's angel nonetheless. Or so he hoped.

Dropping his gaze, depression washed over Yugi as he thought about the whole situation. The hikari felt unbelievable stupid thinking he could have his yami for himself; at least, without a fight. He thought his only problem would be winning his other's heart – not an easy but at the same not an impossible task. But now he realised he wasn't the only one after his ancient pharaoh.

You just have to look at Yami to understand. He is tall, well taller than Yugi at least, attractive, smart, funny, dangerous and just a look in his liquid crimson eyes had the power to frighten his enemies or melt a would-be lover into a puddle of goo. Of course Yugi only felt the effect of the latter. Seriously, who wouldn't want to be with him? Compared to shy, innocent, cute Yugi Mouto he is the epitome of a sexy god!

But now the first problems were surfacing. To begin with Yugi didn't even know if Yami was gay. Stupid, he knew. The hikari didn't pay too much attention to that before; now it was probably the most important fact he had to know about his love and hopefully soon be lover. Instead Yugi was busy drooling and daydreaming over his doppelganger. Not to mention the nerving encounters he had with his fangirls, especially Miho and Rebecca. Why didn't they realise that he wasn't interested in any of them?

Back to topic. Yugi himself knew he was attracted to both genders. Sure he might have had a crush on Tea, but that was before he met the drop dead gorgeous spirit of the millennium puzzle. His soulmate in every way.

The truth was, nothing better could have happened to him than to fall in love with his Yami. The ancient pharaoh had taught Yugi to stand up for himself and helped him to experience genuine friendship. Though his gratitude wasn't the reason why he fell hard for his other half. Sure Yami was the first person showing him courage, strength and trust, but he fell for the yami for other reasons: his complete attitude; his smile (which was driving him mad), the gorgeous looks that were just an added bonus …

When did Yugi begin to think of his darkness this way? Forever and a day ago? It certainly seemed so. At first he thought of his feelings for his darker half as a simple admiration. Who wouldn't admire him? He was strong, he was brave and everything else that Yugi always wanted to be. But soon the lighter half discovered that his affection ran deeper. Originally he was afraid of those feelings. People didn't go and fall in love with themselves. But Yami and Yugi where two different people – two sides of the same soul to be exact. At first he was disturbed as he was paying more attention to Yami than his supposed crush Tea. Even if he was very attractive and sexy … those were exactly the words Yugi thought when he realized that he was in love with his best friend.

Now the only problem left was confessing his undying devotion and love - or so he'd thought. Only now, a full year after his pharaoh acquired a body of his own, he was ready to tell his yami his feelings. Yugi knew his shadow cared deeply for him, but if his worst nightmare come true it was simple brotherly affection. Reaction was something Yugi could handle as long as Yami wasn't leaving him … who was he lying to? He would be devasted.

But what would be even worse was when Yami might had the same feelings for him and Yugi was not fast enough to confess and someone else - namely Kaiba - won his darkness' affection.

He had to rethink his strategy and fast. Yugi had never lost to Kaiba in any sort of game and this was no exception. But never ever had the stakes been this high.

And as much as it irked Yugi, he came to the realisation that he desperately needed help. He wanted to woo Yami himself, but … desperate events require desperate measures. But who to ask?

Quickly tiptoeing out of the room he practically jumped downstairs where his friends were already waiting anxious for his return.

"Hey Yug'" everything fine with Yams' up there?" the blond-haired teen with the big mouth, commonly known as Joey asked in his always cheerful and curious behaviour.

The only other person in the room was Tea. Where did Tristan go to? Yugi needed all the help he could get …

Completely ignoring Joey, he directed attention away from Yami for the moment. "Guys, where is Tristan?"

"Oh. He told me he had some other business to attend to." Joey noted dully, changing the topic swiftly back he added "What where you doing upstairs so long anyway? Something must have happened up there 'cause Kaiba was coming down looking like had seen a ghost." Joey grinned as he remembered the incident "He muttered something under his breath and didn't acknowledge us at all … not that that was something new … but he didn't even throw an insult at me before he left."

'So he left' Yugi thought relieved and unfortunately let out a content sigh.

"We even asked him what was wrong, but he didn't react except … well I always could be wrong … but I think he was blushing. You have to imagine that. Seto Kaiba, president of Kaiba Corp. was turning red!" Tea said, clearly astonished and giggled at the sheer mention.

Noticing that Yugi wasn't joining in their fun. "Yugi, are you okay?"

Yugi shook his head deep in thought. Should he tell them?

Joey growled angrily "He didn't hurt you or Yami, did he? I swear if he …"

'Should I let him believe it? No, I can't let Joey beat Kaiba up for something he hasn't done, even if I would enjoy it … and Joey might get hurt too.'

"No-no, Joey. Kaiba didn't hurt us, but guys … I need your help."

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