Princes of Circumstance

Coco Malfoy2

Prince Harry is the crown prince of Gryffindor. He's best friends with Prince Draconis of East Slytherin. King Thomas Riddle rules all of West Slytherin. What if Draco loves Harry? What if Riddle does too? Harry is three years younger then Draco BTW.

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Warning- This is slash of the Draco/Harry kind. Don't like, don't read, don't Care. Not my problem. May be Male pregnancy. So let me know if you want it


Once upon a time, long before you and I, there were five great and mighty Kingdoms: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, East Slytherin and West Slytherin.

Gryffindor, to the south, was ruled by King Jameson, Queen Lilia, as well as their son, the crown prince Harold Alejandro James Potter and their daughter Amethyst Cynthia Lilia Potter. This prosperous land is known for their reserves of silver and their huge army. They value bravery and courage.

To the west, lays Ravenclaw, led by the Grangers. An intelligent family, their only daughter, Hermione Andromeda Granger is the playmate of Prince Harold and the fiancée of one Duke Ronald Arthur Weasley of the Manor of Ashlin.

Far to the east, the Macmillan realm of Hufflepuff resides. Led by King Adrienne and Queen Anika, the loyal and hardworking nation eagerly awaits the royal wedding of Prince Ernie to Lady Lavender in June.

By far, the land of Slytherin is the largest country. However, due to civil war, the nation was divided into East and West Slytherin.

East Slytherin is a rich, fertile land ruled by the Malfoys- the true rulers of all Slytherin before the war. They have a handsome son named Draconis Alexanderandro Lucius Malfoy is the figure of most girl's, and boys, if the truth be told, wet dreams.

West Slytherin is most different. Captioned by King Thomas Riddle, a half- breed bastard (literally), WS is a dank and dark place full of hatred, greed and desire. The king is obsessed with Prince Harry and has been trying for years to gain his hand in marriage.

In hopes of gaining assistance in their war from Gryffindor, King Lucius and Queen Narcissa have brought their son by to see the prince since his birth when Draco was three. The two immediately hit off and are now the best of friends. But it is also thought by each prince's respective countries, that they are slowly falling in love. Unfortunately, young Draco is done with falling. He's already fallen.