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Love of a Prince

Chapter Four: Confusion

By Nyoka Li

After finally reaching the palace, I run directly towards my garden. As the largest garden in the palace, and most likely Gryffindor, I find it to be quite relaxing. Striding in, I quickly take notice of several gardeners and servants milling about. Right now, I just need to be alone. Oh, the advantages of being royalty.

"Everyone, clear out! I need my privacy! That's an order! In other words, move!" I really don't know what got into me, but at that moment, I felt a lot like King Thomas of West Slytherin. I felt evil, mean, arrogant and cruel. And then I got over it. No one ever said that I had to stay guilty.

After everyone had hurried out, at an impressive speed mind you, I collapse onto a stone bench. I'm both physically and emotionally drained, but I have to think about this. I can't see him again, not till I'm sure exactly how I feel about him.

I thought before that there was a possibility that I might like him as a little more then a friend. I mean, he's smart, handsome, and incredibly charming. But he's also arrogant, conceited, and pompous. I guess that must be what love is. Noticing everything good about them and loving them, but also knowing they're faults, and still loving them even more for it.

'Wow that was deep.' I think, laying there on the bench, hair spread out around my head, staring at the sky. Tears begin to fall from my eyes, for absolutely no apparent reason. Maybe just all the emotions I have come across today, all the surprises form everyone. I feel betrayed by Ron and Hermione. They knew the entire time? But I forgive them. I would do the same thing if I were them. Draco can be very persuasive. I should know. The number of times he's talked me into doing the most idiotic things is very high. Like the time we had a hose race and accidentally caused a chain of events that took the ear off the statue of Merlin in the palace gardens. And believe me; it's very hard to break a brass statue. He's always getting me into trouble. But then, he's always there to dig me back out of trouble again.

I look up at the huge statue next to me. Poor little earless statue. I talk to him a lot. Sure, he can't answer, but it's better them spilling your guts to a friend who turns around and tells the media all about it. That's from personal experience. Sometime, when I talk to him, it's almost like he can hear me. Giving a small smile, I look down again.

"I'll bet you never had problems like this" I whisper to Merlin. His face continues to stare in the direction of Slytherin, looking stern and proud.

"That's what I though." I mutter bitterly. I know it sounds crazy, but I think Merlin here actually listens to me. He asks nothing of me, but gives me endless support. I don't know, but sometimes you've just got to let your feelings out to an inanimate object. For some people, it's stuffed animal, for other, the mirror. And for me, it's a fifty foot statue of the greatest King to ever live.

It's actually quite a formidable creation. Fifty feet or so of solid brass, encrusted with gold and silver where acceptable, such as in the eyes, or the buttons of his extravagant uniform. The man's tastes were quite obvious. He liked the best. One must truly wonder how he managed to be the greatest ruler in the history of Gryffindor when he was so vain. But then, vanity isn't a crime, so long as it doesn't get out of hand. Every great ruler must have some self-respect to truly gain the respect of his people.

I chuckle. If that's the truth, then Draco will be a better king then Merlin. He has a habit of being a little over obsessive about himself. My little interlude it brought to a close as footsteps echo off the stone corridor nearby, clearly heading in this direction.

This is agitating. I just want to be left alone! Is that so hard to understand? Idiot servants, they never do their job. You tell them to leave, and they're back in five minutes. You ask them to hurry with dinner, and you end up waiting half an hour for your meal. I sometimes wonder why I bother with them at all.

"I thought I told you to leave me alone!" I snap, turning around. And coming face to face with a freckle-faced redhead by the name of Ronald Weasley. Great. Quite possibly the last person I want to talk to right now, after Draco.

Raising his hands in surrender, Ron backs up a little to give me more room. Sighing, and also knowing that I have been defeated by the puppy eyes, I motion for him to sit down next to me. He does.

"Harry" He begins in a tone that signifies that he really does not want to be here at all. "You're one of my best friends, so you know that I am hopeless at lying, so I'll be honest with you. I know you heard Draco and Hermione in the Alley. And I know you must be upset about it, but what can you do? It's not like you can tell him to stop liking you, and he will. He wants you Harry, and Malfoy's always get what they want. Except, you know, that whole war thing, but hey, that's not important. And when"

I have to stop myself from laughing out loud. All through his little talk, Ron's been steadily speeding up, and now, he's moved into babbling. I tell him so.

"Right then, what I'm saying is that people make mistakes. All the time. Take the Trojans, okay. They bet on the wrong horse. And Pandora had that box thing going on. I just don't think that you should let this be yours."

"Gee Ron, thanks, but I'm a big boy now. I can tie my own shoes and everything. I don't need your help." For some reason, I'm crying again. And not just a few tears, I've got the water works going on full throttle now. Ron turns to me and hugs me tightly. Something tells me that he's doing it more for him then for me, but at the moment, I don't care.

"I'm only sixteen! He can't possibly love me can he?" I sob softly into the arms of my close friend. No matter how upset I am at Draco, I simply can't deny that being in his arms feels much better. Ron seems to offer me only delicate comfort, while with Draco, I feel safe and secure, like nothing evil will be able to touch me. Not now, not ever. Now I'm almost certain there's more to our friendship then I'd like to believe. I've nearly accepted the fact that I was in serious denial for quite a while there. But then, I'm also staring to wonder how I ever missed the fact that he loves me. Now that I think about it, it really has been sitting in front of my face for a while now. I truly am an idiot.

"I'm not sure Harry" Ron answers me honestly. "The way he talks sometimes, I wouldn't doubt it. I actually think he might care for you more then his entire winter wardrobe. Owwww."

I smacked Ron upside the head. Leaning away, I glare at Ron, my angular face the very picture of annoyance, emerald eyes blazing with a strange fire. "I know he's vain Ron, but not that much! Give the guy a break. When you're that gorgeous, you can afford to be vain." I get up and run out of the garden, realizing that I just called my best friend, the man who loves me, gorgeous.

Well, that gorgeous guy certainly is hard to find. After leaving Ron in the gardens to think about how stupid it is to insult Draco in front of me, I head off to find said guy. He is leaving in a half hour, and I know that I am expected to spend that time with him. Otherwise, people would get suspicious. Namely my parents, Ron and Hermione and Draco himself. The best thing to do until I get myself sorted out is to act like nothing is wrong. 'That's right Harry, you heard nothing.'

I find Draco walking towards the palace with Hermione, both whispering under their breath to each other. I confidently waltz up to them and squeeze myself between them.

"Hey Hermione." I greet warmly. I can't stay mad at Hermione. "Hello Draco." But apparently, I can stay mad at Draco. For some reason, I can't keep the coldness out of my voice. Maybe it's just that he kept something this important to me hidden for so long.

"Hey Coco. Are you mad? Sick? Oh no, your sick aren't you? I knew we shouldn't have left you alone! Your immune system is shit, and I left you all alone. What kind of lo... friend am I?"

I laugh. I'm not quite sure, but I think he was going to say lover. Someone's been up all night thinking of me. Maybe it's the way he's always so concerned about me, but suddenly, I'm not so mad at him anymore.

"I'm fine Draco, really. It's just something Ron said that made me so mad. It's nothing. Ignore me." I'm getting steadily better at lying through my teeth.

"Lord Malfoy?" A voice interrupts us. A well dressed servant has somehow approached us without us noticing.

"Yes? What can we do for you?" Hermione answers for him. Always the polite one.

"The carriage is waiting to take the Lord Malfoy back to East Slytherin."

Draco sighs and straightens up. "Coming"

He turns back to me. "See you Harry. Bye Hermione. I'll be seeing you." Draco turns again, and follows the servant toward the entrance hall.

"Sooner then you think" I mutter under my breath. I fully intend on seeing him again before the next visit. Maybe I'll go see him this time.

Merlin's bones, he hated this. Hated this with a passion that he could not ignore. How could life possibly be so cruel as to make him love someone who can never feel the same way? Fate's a bitch, and she's out for Draco Malfoy. And he can't do anything about it. You can't cure love. But you can ignore it.

Draco Malfoy was sprawled out on his green and ebony bed back in his country of Slytherin. He didn't know what time it was, and it didn't matter. Sleep was clearly not coming to him tonight. Every time he closed his eyes, and pair of sparkling emerald eyes appeared before him.

'What the hell am I going to do?' The questioned echoed against the walls of his mind. 'I've done a lot of thinking in the last hours, and it certainly didn't help that the entire day was spent around Harry. My plan has some seriously gaping holes in it, and I can't for the life of me figure out what to fill them with.'

A hard knock on his door signaled the end of his inner conversation. After Draco sighed and went to the door, and taking his sweet time, he pulled the heavy oak door open to reveal his close friends. Dawn, Sumi, Pansy, Blaise, Theodore, Vince and Greg all grinned at him from the door frame.

"Hey Draco!" Piped Dawn Phillas, pushing past him and entering his room, others following her. "We thought we'd come by and chat for a while. Hope that's okay with you."

The daughter of a powerful Duke, the pretty redhead was engaged to Blaise Zabini, who clearly loved her. She was defiantly the smarter one of the two, and had a zero tolerance policy for stupidity. Hence why she got huffy at Draco whenever he talked about Harry. It was obvious that they belonged together. If he couldn't see it, that counted as stupidity in her books.

"Not at all. I was nearly driving myself crazing in here." He replied to her question.

"And we absolutely couldn't have that. What a tragedy for East Slytherin. We'd miss you terribly." Came an annoyed voice of Sumi Pham. Tending to be a very depressive character, Sumi was the exact opposite of her best friend, Dawn. And with her jet black hair and black eyes, she defiantly looked the part, once you added on her expression and dress style that is.

"Sum, be nice. I've had a rough day." Draco mutters in a tired voice, before collapsing back on the bed. "I really don't need this right now."

"Yeah guys, give him a break." Pansy abolishes. "He just spent the entire day at Gryffindor being dragged around to Merlin-Knows-Where for hours. And this was after he spent all night dreaming about Harry, so just lay off."

"Yeah!" Draco exclaims, clearly agreeing with Pansy. "Wait...How did you know?"

"Well, I wasn't spying on you"

"That's a relief"

"I paid the servants to do it for me"


"I mean, why do something yourself when you can get someone else to do it for you, right?" She looks up at him, seemingly hopeful.

'But I know better. She's just trying to get under my skin and make me confess. Not going to happen.' The thought echoes in his mind as Draco makes up his mind.

"Guys, I really want to be alone right now, okay?"

'Great, I've resorted to pleading.'

"But.." Pansy stutters before Blaise cuts her off.

"Of Course Draco. Come on, let's go everyone. How about drinks at the Hog's Head. My treat."

A knock on the carved oak door brings Tom Riddle out of his sleep. Getting off the bed, he strides towards the door, pulling it open to reveal a young man standing in the hall.

"What?" He snaps at the boy. Patience is a virtue that Riddle simply doesn't have. Cruelty is.

"The king and Queen of Gryffindor will see you now."

Riddle rolled his eyes and gave an exasperated sigh. "Well, where are they. I really haven't got all day."

"Straight down that hall and down the staircase. Take a left and it's the door in the end of the hall."

"Alright. I'm going."

Tom Riddle started down the hall towards the Throne Room, mentally setting out his argument as to why he should be allowed to wed Prince Harold of Gryffindor.

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Nyoka Li