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The group re-appeared on hard asphalt, most of them falling down. Luckily, they were mostly hidden by cars, but one lady saw them and fainted.

"Hey… Where are we?" Draco asked, looking around. "This doesn't look anything like Diagon Alley."

"Hey, we're in town!" Jondy said.

"Muggle town?" James asked, standing up.


"No wands, then," said Sirius, sad that they couldn't go through with his plans.

"No, no wands…" Taylor trailed off, then grinned. "But there is a Taco Bell!"

"What's Taco Bell?"

"It's a fast-food restaurant, silly! Let's go get lunch!"

They all agreed to have lunch at Taco Bell. Taylor and Jondy were the only ones with Muggle money, so they offered to pay.

As I'm sure you can imagine, the thirteen of them walking into Taco Bell together was quite a sight, especially considering that most of them were wearing robes. If they had realized they were going to be transported to a Muggle town, someone probably would have thought to change, but as it was, they hadn't.

They all ordered their food and sat down, taking up a whole row of tables.

"Hey, look!" Sirius cried out suddenly. "Hot sauce!" He grabbed a handful of each kind, Mild, Hot, and Fire, and took them back to the tables.

"Dare you to eat a packet of Fire sauce!" James said with a laugh.

"Dare accepted." Sirius grabbed a packet, ripped it open, and sucked the sauce out. "HOT!" he cried, causing everyone in the restaurant to look at him. Sirius ran over to the soda machine and put his mouth under one of the spouts.

"Kill me now," muttered Snape, slumping down on one of the tables.

Surprisingly, no one working at the Taco Bell had realized that Sirius was drinking the soda straight from the machine. Remus got up and dragged him back to the table before anyone could get a chance to notice.

"Wow, Harry, so your Godfather has always been this idiotic," drawled Draco, smirking.

Harry got up and was about to punch Draco in the face when Hermione stood up between them. "Hey, our order's ready. Harry, come help me get the food." She grabbed Harry by the back of his robes and dragged him up to the counter with her. Peter and Remus came and helped carry the food, too. Then everyone filled up their sodas and was ready to eat.

"Hey, where's my spork?" Taylor asked, looking upset. "I ordered a Mexican Pizza, I need a spork to eat it with!"

"You have a fork," said Lily, holding up the black plastic fork for Taylor to see.

"I don't want a fork," said Taylor, spitting out the word like a pureblood saying 'muggle'.

"Don't be so picky!" said Snape, who was already on edge, and looked like he might crack any second. "Just use the stupid fork!"

"Fine, I'll use the fork. Geez," Taylor shook her head.

Other than a few quarrels over sauce packets and whose drink was whose, the rest of lunch went along without incident.

"Hm… I'm still hungry," said Ron thoughtfully as they were all walking outside.

"If I had a sickle for every time I heard that…" Ginny said with a smirk.

"Ooh…" Sirius grinned mischievously. "Is there anywhere to get candy around here?"

"Oh, yes," Taylor grinned, and began walking toward Long's, the other twelve right behind.

"Uh, oh, Sirius on sugar… You guys had better watch out," Peter warned.

They found the Candy Aisle at Long's and put their selections into the basket someone had thought to grab.

"Maybe I'm allergic to peanuts," Snape said hopefully, taking a king-size PayDay.

"You are what you eat," James said with a grin, handing Lily a box of Nerds. She chucked the box at his head.

"Hey, James, now maybe you'll get a scar to match Harry's!" Sirius said, doubling over with laughter.

"Ha ha, very funny."

After they had paid for the candy, getting very odd looks from the cashier, they headed outside to eat the candy.

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