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Sugar-high ended, the group of thirteen sat on the curb in front of Long's.

"Well, what are we going to do next?" asked Ginny.

"Let's try to actually get to that alley place," said James, rolling his eyes at Snape.

"Fine," Snape (who had not, actually, been allergic to peanuts) muttered. "If it'll get you lot to shut up."

"Once again," said Remus, "I doubt anything is going to get all of them to shut up."

So Snape created another Portkey, this time from a run-away shopping-cart. Everyone held on (okay, so Sirius sat inside), looking doubtful, but hoping that it would work this time.

The portkey transported the thirteen people to a place much like Diagon Alley, only… not.

"Where are we?" Ron asked.

"Sublimin Alley," Snape answered.

"So it actually worked?" asked Harry incredulously.

"Precisely, Mr. Potter."

"So where to first?" Ginny asked.

"WANDS!" Sirius cried, attracting stares from a few passers-by.

"Could you be a bit quieter?" Snape asked. It's bad enough being stuck here with you all. Must we also attract the attention of everyone around?"

Sirius shrugged. "Maybe. Anyway, wands?"

"How are we going to buy wands?" Taylor asked. "Neither one of us has any money."

Sirius grinned. "I could pay for them. One of the very few perks of being a Black; we do tend to have large bank accounts."

"You rock!" Jondy cried, giving Sirius a hug.

Draco made a gagging motion with his finger.

"Oh, shut it, Malfoy," Taylor said. "You're just jealous. And it's not like you're poor."

"Like I'm going to pay for something for a couple of mudbloods? I don't think so. And there's NO way I'm jealous. I don't want a mudblood hugging me!"

Jondy whirled around. "Don't you call me that! If I had my wand right now, I'd hex you on the spot!"

"Aww… can't you do your 'wandless magic'," Draco said, frowning mockingly.

"Just shut up," Jondy said, rolling her eyes at him.

"Yeah… would you guys please not fight?" Lily added. "It's going to be easier on us all if we just try to get along."

"She's right," Hermione agreed. "I'm glad there's at least one other sensible person here."

"Thank you," Lily said with a smile. "Now let's get going. I suppose we'll need to go to the bank first?"

The group headed towards the bank, following Snape, as he was the only one who knew his way around. Getting the money at the bank to a little longer than usual, since Sirius' vault was in Diagon Alley and they had to transfer the money over. Once they had it, though, and a few of the others got some spending money, all thirteen of them headed toward the wand shop.

The man who sold the wand introduced himself and told them that he was a cousin of the Ollivander from Diagon Alley.

He started with Jondy, using his magical tape measure and asking which was her wand arm. He then took a small box from the shelf, and handed the wand to her. "Mahogany, 9½ inches, unicorn hair."

Jondy barely flicked the wand before both of them realized that it was not the right wand.

"No, no, of course not," he muttered, taking the wand from her and getting another one.

It took about five wands, but the American Ollivander finally pulled a wand off the shelf that was perfect for Jondy. Sirius paid for it as Jondy hugged the wand with joy. "Yew, Basilisk eyestalk, 11½ inches," she said with a mischievous glint in her eye.

Next came Taylor. It took about as long as it had for Jondy to find her a wand, but Ollivander finally took out the right one. "Birch, 10 and ¾ inches, phoenix feather."

Taylor shrieked and jumped up and down happily while Sirius paid. "Thank you Sirius!" the two girls chimed together, grinning.

Sirius grinned back, blushing slightly. "Well, what shall we do next?"

"I dunno… why don't we just wander until something catches our eye?" James suggested.

Everyone agreed and they all exited the shop and began walking down the street, scanning the shops as they passed, waiting for something to jump out at someone.

Then someone noticed that something was amiss.

"Um, guys?" Ron piped up suddenly. "Where- where did Snape go?"

Malfoy sneered. "He probably had the common sense to get away from this sorry lot as soon as he could."

"Well, as much as I know most of you don't want to hear this," Lily gave the Marauders a hard look as she said that, "but we have to find him. He's the only one with good enough magic to get us back."

"Okay, let's split up into groups and look for him," Hermione suggested sensibly. Of course, ideas never seem to work out as well in reality as in words. No one could agree on who would be in which group. Draco, of course, didn't want to be with anyone, Sirius wanted Harry but Harry didn't want Peter and wouldn't say why, James wanted Lily, but Lily didn't want to be with James, Taylor and Jondy were having a heated argument over who was in their group (or groups, they weren't sure whether they were going to split up or not), Ron was over somewhere else entirely, drooling at a broomstick in a window, and Ginny and Remus were sitting off to the side, watching with amused looks as Hermione tried to organize everyone.

Finally, Remus suggested that they all put their names together and randomly draw them, making three groups of four that could each go off looking for Snape. They would send a signal of high purple sparks that could be seen over all of the shops when they found Snape, and would then meet back at the Gringotts.

"Agreed?" asked Remus, looking around at everyone until they voiced their agreement.

"Agreed," everyone finally said, with a few moans and eye-rolls thrown in.

"Good. Let's do this drawing then." Remus put everyone's name on a piece of paper magically, and put them together in a bag someone had procured. He then proceeded to pull out pieces of paper one by one and read off the names, splitting everyone into groups. "The first group will be…"

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