The Griffin and the Fox

Interlude - Notes in a Journal

September 29th, 1995

It happened again this morning. I woke, as has been the norm of late, to the sound of singing. None of the other girls could hear it apparently, so I'm left to assume that I am the sole victim of one shinobi's bizarre sense of humor. Bedeviling me seems to delight her, though I know not why. I refuse to let her get to me, however. Avoiding her has not been the easiest thing, however, since she appears to be everywhere I go.

- H.G

September 30th, 1995

The nerve of some people! My every attempt to talk to the other Shinobi or learn more about them is sidetracked by HER! EVERY TIME! It's as if she's my personal minder, orienting solely on me.
Unbelievable. They have been paired off with us. I wonder why... This bears further investigating.

- H.G

September 30th, 1995, 2nd Entry

I have not spent a lot of time here this year talking about my friends. I am going to do that now, however. Specifically, Harry. Umbridge's arrival was not met with much enthusiasm by anyone, least of all the Headmaster. Apparently the Minister has been quite successful in undermining his power in such a fashion that he was not able to halt the undersecretary's placement here. Today, however, demonstrated exactly how her arrival has affected Harry. More than once, while observing classes, her sniping remarks when she would interject has caused him to lose his temper. (Something he has been doing quite a bit recently, I will admit)
But the one shinobi who has been trying to tutor Harry, Neji, I believe, is very abrasive in his demeanor. During lunch, Harry lost his temper with him and they got into an argument.

Well, Harry got into an argument. Neji kept himself restrained the entire time. A fact that only made Harry angrier, I think. Until finally, Harry tried to curse Neji after he made a remark about being weak. And from there... Neji simply leaned to the side, looking BORED, and the curse sailed past without incident. But Umbridge noticed and was quick to lambaste Harry for recklessly casting at a visitor from another country. She gave him detention, with her. (Yet another thing that the political cold war between the Headmaster and the Minister has given her the power to do.)

I am really worried. Umbridge... she genuinely disturbs me. Perhaps it is her obvious fanaticsm to the Minister, but I am not sure. Whatever the cause, she is dangerous and I fear for what she'll do to Harry...

- H. G