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Road Journal of a Wandering Reploid - Day 6

Date: January 21st 21XX

-System Overall Status: 92% operational,

-Ascendant Program still defragmenting weapons information

-Teleport Unit Functions reading multiple abnormalities, Recommendation: Total shut down of Teleport Unit until repairs can be effected

-All other systems: average 95%

-Begin recording . . .-

Ugh...Man, thats bright. I don't think I'll get used to the bright flashes that overload my visual receptors each time my teleporter overloads.

Yeah, its me, almost a week since I began this trip into the Unknown, and I still havent fixed the Teleport unit. With every Power Surge, i find myself in a new World, and they seem to be changing Radically with each transfer, I Mean, i really didnt mind that World where the people were Zombies, that was probably the Calmest Universe id been in yet, but the World with the 10' tall talking Purple Dinos? How in the World would that...that...Thing Evolve?

Thank the Creator, those things are as Dumb As they Look...

Luck was with me, I landed in a technologically advanced world yesterday, and finally managed to get my sabre, armor, and buster repaired and working again. Man, fixing those things made me swear never to take Hunter HQs ARM-techs for granted anymore...

I checked on my armors installed DNA Soul Upgrades today. Found out I managed to keep the Kuuenbu booster jump I got from Mushroom, and several of my offensive abilities, though at Less than Half Efficiency. I'll have to work on that...

Man, its lonely out here.

Of course theres always civilization in these worlds, but it's...it's just not home ya know? And of course there's always those countries who want to vaporize you as soon as look at you. So, yeah, Home would be good right now.

I almost miss Cain screaming at me "Get your butt out and DO something!" when I got behind on my work...

The key word here is "Almost".

I've Been getting more and more of those weird dreams lately, the ones With Wily in them...and then Bass even shows up to talk a while. He's a good brother, and he understands why I fight on the side of the Humans, even if he lived his life for Evil. At least he doesn't judge me by who created me, which they were about to figure out anyway.

Of course, Bass was Created by Wily too...

Then the dream gets dark...and even though I shouldnt be bothered by it, I feel cold, not your usual "Damn this winter's cold", but the Really Creepy, "Holy crap, am I being watched..." kind of cold, and "He" shows up.

He's just a Silouhette, but he seems to radiate Evil. Kind of like a heater gives out infrared, and he just stands there facing me. Theres a moon in the sky, wherever we are, and the light moves to reveal his face, and right before it does, He laughs, and its a deep, bone-chilling Laugh, full of malice and ice, the kind that would make Satan himself think twice about crossing the person doing it.

And then I wake up, and I feel like my body's on fire...

Anyway, I really just needed to get that off my chest, feels better now that I've said something about it...

Man I miss Kapcom City...and Celeste...wonder if she forgot about me yet...hope she finds someone who could give her what I couldn't...but at the same time a piece of my soul dies whenever I think about not seeing her again...

Well thats about it for this Entry, My Translocator seems to have made a short jump this time, so it's getting a charge back quicker, I'd better get ready for the transfer.

Oh yeah one more thing, X. If I die and you find this I just want to tell ya one thing...

You still owe me 500 Zenny for the bet we made on whether or not this piece of Junk would work or not, Well! It Works! So hope ya see me in hell! HA!

This is Hunter Zero, Hunter Id# 07196

Logging out...

January 21st 21XX -

The crimson figure finishes speaking into the mission recorder on his arm, and closes it. A build up of multi-faceted energy begins growing on the outside of his right gauntlet, then with a bright flash, he elongates vertically and blasts into the sky in a beam of crimson energy, parting the clouds as he is blasted through the dimensional barrier and into the next dimension the device is taking him to...

(Chapter End)


This one was re-written in several places, because I feel it says it better this way. If you wanna see the Horrible Freak the first one was, you can check it out at the forums, under "Dimensional Travels" in the Fanfic section, It's posted as the first chapter of "Dimen. Travels" there.

I've taken this chapter and it doesnt really belong as part of my Dimensional Travels story, so, im going to put these up seperate, this is basically what the title says, a Road Journal of Zeros Journey to find his way home, or of where he needs to be

BTW, the Zero in this story and in my "Dimensional Travels" story (In case you dont read Red-Draco-samas work) is taken heavily from red dracos story "Bass Is Not A Fish" and "Zero Tolerance", though hes been modified by my own personality, and hopefully I will get better ideas, but this seemed to be a good example.

Thanks go out to:

Red Draco-sama, for writing the astounding piece of fan literature called "Bass is Not a Fish" and its sequel, "Trip Through Your Wires" and the story "Zero Tolerance"

Aria-san, who gave me the dimensional traveling Idea with her Maximillion stories, Espescially the one with Max and Syn when their still together

Meta at forums for correcting my capitalization when I first posted this there

Signing off, Jammin2099

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