Dimensional Travels: The Lost Documents

Road Journal of a Wandering Reploid

Chapter 2: Lost Entry #2

Activate field recorder...

Loading Voice recognition.


Logging entry date and time: March 8th 21XX, 14:37 Maverick Hunter Standard

Recorder active, Awaiting Entry...

Battle Log: Entry #59386

Since Last Debriefing: Entry #2

System Status: 97 percent Total Efficiency

Physical Systems: 100 percent: All damage repaired.

Data Processing and Analysis: 94 percent: Defragmentation at 78 percent and continuing.

Defragmented data for new weapons partially implemented.

WAS Status: Online

DNA Soul Upgrades: Operational

Zero, Hunter #07196, Submitting my continuing report. Begin Recording.

Well, Here I am. And I don't have any idea how I got here.

Actually, I guess you could say I was brought here through a critical malfunction of an untested teleportation device that rips asunder the very fabric of Reality to accomplish its primary function. Also, that the same teleportation device has malfunctioned repeatedly, as it's powercell has been in a constant state of charging and overloading, catapulting me to another universe every time it did so.

But, that would be getting a little too specific, and I'm not that great with details anyway.

Discovered several new universes since the last entry. I've started adding them to an information file of these universes (see file: Universe Description ), which I am attaching to this report each time I submit a new entry.

... Field recorder Registering silence, skipping 2-3 minutes ...

Aw screw it all! What the Hell am I doing! No one's gonna find this! I'm lost in another friggin universe for Light's sake! Even if I do find my way back, theres no one there to take these damned reports! There's no damned reason! There's no reason to ANY OF IT!

...(In the background, sounds of something large and wooden being struck and splintering can be heard. After that the distinctive Snap-hiss of Zero's sabre is heard followed by sounds of the blade slashing something, and something massive smashes into the ground nearby.)...

No...no reason...a-any more...(Several moments of silence reign, as we hear the calm sounds of a forest slowly return after Zero's outburst.)...

Damn it... Lost it again... It's getting harder to keep myself together. I can feel a dark presence inside me. Trying to get out. Trying to take over. Whispering for me to set him free. And I know who it is, it's me. I was built by Wily. I was trained by Bass. Trained to destroy humans, to be the first Maverick. Heh, look how I ended up. A Maverick Hunter. Leader of the Maverick Hunters even, for a time at least.

And now that dark part of my past is coming to reclaim it's freedom. Pheonix released it once already, with her, "Project: Hellfire"(A.N. See "Zero Tolerance" by Red Draco.) Reprogrammed me as a Maverick. Erased my memories, or so she thought. She really just let my dark side out. Lucky me the reprogramming did scramble my memories, and "He" didn't 'really' get loose.

Lucky for everyone, if you really think about it.

...(Field recording temporarily suspended "Time: 14:49 MH Standard")...

...(continuing recording "Time: 16:23 MH Standard")...

Sorry about my outburst earlier. I tend to get worked up on it sometimes. Felt good to get it out.

I really wish that universe I had been to after the one with the zombies had gone better. It all just went straight to hell. At least now, that girl and her friends can rest in peace. The magic is safe from that evil person and he won't be taking anymore lives, I Made Sure Of IT. I won't fail her again.

Yes, I said magic. It really does exist, and it's bonded with me somehow. Don't really understand it myself. But apparently it will make itself known in time. Nothing for me to worry about right now.

I actually did make it back to one of the universes I visited before. That first one, the one where I met and fought with 'what's her name', Mekal or Terru or something. But, that also is part of the reason for my outburst earlier. I...I can't really talk about it right now.

...(Zero's words appear to be getting strained. A moment of silence follows while he regains his composure.)...

Anyway, I finally got the teleporter fixed. Still don't know how to get home, but at least I have control over it now. Thought I'd try my hand at exploring, picked up an old ship here. Some kinda fighter-style ship they call a V-wing. Managed to get one of those devices they call a hyper-drive for it too. You know, all that "Faster than light" junk and all that, but it really works. The guy said it was salvaged from a "New Republic" junkyard, guess the New Republic is one of the factions in this universe. The ship doesn't have much firepower right now, but the sublight engines are on par with some of the faster cargo freighters, so I have fast feet if I need to run. Yeah X, I know, like "I" would ever run from a battle.

Guess that does it for this entry. I don't really have anything more to say. Except that I hope Cain finished his final build of the Teleporter and managed to get everyone to a safe place. They're gonna need it with a real demon headed their way.

This is Maverick Hunter Zero. Hunter ID# 07169.

Good luck Hunters, and Give 'em hell...

Signing off,

Hunter Zero...no wait...not Zero...Alex.

Hunter Alex Wells, Codename: Zero

Godspeed X, Godspeed.

(End Recording. Time stamp (Date: March 8th 21XX, Time: 17:04 MH Standard)

(Deactivating Field Recorder: Files Saved, Shutdown Complete)


Well, That's another chapter of Zero's journal recordings during his trip. Kinda darkish, ne?

Hope you guys like this one as much as you liked the last one. But, this one doesn't have bad capitalization! Anyway, Zero's journey takes a step towards despair, Lost and alone, he begins searching for answers. But the Darkness in his heart will always be there. And other evil things will seek him out, wanting his dark power for their own. And won't that be fun?!

Ah yes, Megaman series, Zero and all things related to them are property of Capcom. Star Wars things belong to George Lucas, and whoever came up with the stuff I use from that universe. Except Murra Tekal, Who is a fan character of my good friend.

Thanks go out to all my readers, I wouldn't have a story without you.

And to Aria-dono, Red Draco-dono, and Meta-dono for their help and inspiration in my endeavor.

This is the end of another chapter, and I bid thee, good night!

As Always,

Stay Vigilant, Hunters.