Chapter 1: A Journey into the Unknown

The sounds of typing can be heard echoing through the darkened hallways and empty labs of the complex, and the quiet stillness between bouts of typing only add to the uneasy feeling of the darkened workplace. Beakers and test tubes stand in silent rows, like troops at attention, next to large machinery and sophisticated computers humming quietly as they run the tests, record and then store the files of the test results for the scientists to look over in the morning.

A man in his late forties sits at a desk next to one of the larger Mainframes as he is piecing together the last pieces of the programming depicted on screen in front of him, "Yes...yes its nearly complete, just a few more variables to input in the targeting computers location algorithims," the man says to no one in particular," and then the prototype will be ready for testing."

He continues to type away at the computer oblivious to his surroundings, not noticing the person approaching him from behind. The man nearly leaps out of his chair in surprise as a hand comes down on his shoulder. Turning the man notices the hand leads to a familiar-looking sapphire armored figure, who is looking at the information scolling across the screen.

"X!" The man snaps, "Dont sneak up on people like that! Especially me, you could have given me a Heart attack just then."

"Sorry Dr. Cain, I didnt think I would scare you so badly..." The azure colored reploid apologized, "Terrance and Philip said you were still up here, so I thought I'd come up and see how your progress on the project was coming along." X shifted his gaze slightly, moving so he could more easily read the data scrolling across the screen, "So, hows it coming? The other scientists said you were on the verge of a breakthrough."

"Yes, well the Project is coming along nicely, they've already determined the current equipment has the necessary functionality, so all we really need to do is change the programming." Cain said, the pride in his research obvious, "In other words we just need to make it think slightly different, and it should have the desired effect."

"Right, but , sir, you really should think about getting some rest." X said, his features shifting to a bit of concern for the old man, he was the closest thing to a father X could get, next to his creator, , and all he had left of Dr. Light was the Holograms he had left behind, imprinted with his Neural patterns, so he could advise X when he needed it. "Genesis said I was to come up here and tell you he said to get some rest or in his own words, ""Get some blasted rest Cain, or I will personally have you quarantined and restricted to quarters until I'm satisfied you've had enough of it!""

"Yes, yes, I know, Im an old man who cant learn to listen to the reason of the young." Cain's features shifted to an amused smirk at X, "Oh poor me, all that work and no rest, dont give me that X, I'm in a lot better health than you know" he said as he stands up and stretches, with a slight popping sound from his back, he places a hand on it and bends over, "Then again, a nice rest for a while sounds just about right, Oh my achin back..." he trails off as he heads for his quarters, leaving X illuminated in the pale light from the monitor of the computer

X lingered at the computer station a moment longer, musing on the hell Genesis and Cain would have raised arguing with each other about Cain's state of health. After a moment of thought, X turned to the computer, saving the work on it, before shutting it down. He then headed out of the computer lab, and down to his own quarters, passing the training area as he did so. Hearing the sounds of combat on the other side of the door, he edged the door open, looking into the training area as his Hand split in half and folded back into the sides of his Gauntlet, forming his X-buster as his combat reflexes kicked in.

X slipped quietly into the now silent training area, the bodies of trainer bots littering the floor, and more than a few scorch marks, as well as outright gouges in the walls, where a stray buster shot, or missed slash of a sabre had cut into it. Luckily the walls were too thick to be cut all the way through and the building was sturdy, else it would have collapsed into the dust of the earth long ago from the rigorous workouts of the Maverick Hunters who were trained here.

A flash of lime suddenly from his left, and a sound like tearing metal reached X's audio receptors as the sounds of yet another training bot hitting the ground came from nearby. Then with a sound of metal striking metal, X was bowled over, landing on his back with his buster pinned and a sabre pointed at his face. A moments hesitation on his assailants part, and a gasped out "X?" and X swung his free left boot hard up and across the attackers head.

With the clang of metallic leg striking a helmet, X launched his assailant across the training hall and into one of the walls, before leaping up to his feet, and taking aim with his now freed X-buster. The attacker stood slowly, getting ready to charge again, and X fired into the wall right next to its head, leaving a smoking scorch mark. The figure immediately froze, obviously finding it wiser not to get its head slagged off, then after a moment the eerie crimson glow that X had just noticed was occupying the enemies eyes faded to a clear sapphire, and it yelled "Oy! X! Put that thing away man, you'll hurt somebody!

X stopped for a moment, blinked hard, then reached over and hit the Switch for the lights on the wall, cutting on the overhead lights in the gymnasium like room. "Zero? That you?"

Zero had squinted at the suddenly bright room,"Ugh, Damnit thats too bright, hey what do ya think you're doin', ya coulda slagged me with that shot!" Zero said scratching at the black marks on his helmet.

X turned back to see the crimson hunter standing there, with his helmet off and examining a Scorch mark on the side of the spiked apparatus, where X's shot had come a little too close.

"Sorry Zero, but you did attack me first, and besides, I thought that you would be somewhat intelligent enough to get out of the way of something that slow and energy heavy!" X retorted, his hand unfolding and fusing back into place, as his body powered down his battle systems. "What are you doing up so late, anyway? You're the one that imposed the MHHQ curfew, to keep our ranks ready for an emergency, not to mention the repair techs for the trainer bots are gonna raise hell about you destroying their work AGAIN."

"Yeah, well I just needed to work out some kinks in my system, and I wanted to get some practice in without anyone in the way." Zero stated calmly as he slipped his sabre into its sheath on his back, "Some one could get hurt if they get in my way while I'm trainin', and I dont need Genesis OR Lifesaver on my case about wounded hunters, and their 'Why do you always send them to me' and their spiels about watching out for people less skilled than I am."

"Yeah whatever, Zero. You know that Cain is almost done with his Trans-Dimensional Teleporter Project, the testing is in a few days. Cain's gonna raise hell if you miss another one cause you were zonked out from too much work and not enough sleep"

"Alright, Alright, I'll get some sleep, dont know why Cain always has to try his new crap out on me first though." Zero grumbled as he walked out the door near X, and went towards the East Barracks

"He said it has something to do with your systems adapting really well to anything he can build," X cheerfully replied, "either that or he's trying to see how much you can take before you overload your processor"

"Yeah, whatever. Later X" Zero mumbled before stumbling into his quarters

"'Night Zero." as X continued down to his own Quarters for some rest himself.


A few days later, out in the Skeleton Grasslands...


"Ok Doc, were approaching the coodinates now, Sigma's old base is coming into view" Zero sent through his communicator, as he and X zipped across the ancient battlefield, the dead grasses crumbling from the mere pressure of the air caused by the ride-chasers passage. Dead trees dotted the landscape, their gnarled branches, devoid of leaves, reaching for the sky like giant ancient hands.

"Good...he ruins wil...rovide the bes...ace to test th...ew system from." Came the reply from the communicator, the signal being disrupted by the low level background radiation.

Slowly rising out of the dust of the irradiated battlefield, Sigmas base from the second Maverick war came into view, a decimated behemoth, with large breaches in the sides of it. Its majesty stripped long ago, when it had been bombarded from above by the aerial squadrons of the Maverick Hunters.

"Hope this thing works, X" Zero said bringing up his system status, and implementing the new programming, as they dismounted at the entrance to the base.

"Why?" X asked amusedly, "Because you dont want to lose the 500 zenny, or because you remember that most of Cain's failures ended up zapping the hell out of you, or screwing up your systems?

"The second one, you know you guys still wont tell me what was going on when his last one zapped me" Zero frowned on this as he had the impression that he had done something stupid, because Terrance and Phillip hadn't been able to look at him with a straight face for a week. "Stupid inventions, wish Cain would find another guinea pig for his damned creations..."

"Ze..." the communicator spat at him "..ero, you're app...ching the test coordinates...X, the trac...g station"

"Right Dr. Cain, setting it up now." X spoke into his own communicator, as he began to setup the small laptop, and a small device reminiscent of a radar dish, "Okay Doctor, its setup, you should be able to get a slightly better signal now"

"Yes, goo... ork X, now Zero you...ow what to d..." Cain said over the com-link, " you coordi...tes for MHHQ, and it sho...d be able to ge... you here."

"Right, right, I'm on it..." Zero said hastily punching in the coordinates, then he closed the panel on the gauntlet on his arm, and tried to teleport, by willing the device to work. His gauntlet sputtered a bit, and Zero was surrounded by a familiar crimson glow, but he didnt teleport. "Hey Whats goin' on, I was supposed to be teleported right in front of Cain so I could scare the hell outta him. This thing aint working! Stupid piece of junk.." and with that Zero begins to punch in commands on his system status screen, still glowing a neon red, while X busts out laughing.

"Heh, hey Zero, you look like Terrances night-light, heh heh heh..." X managed to get out between laughs"

"Why, you...huh?" was Zeros intelligent response to X's mirth, as Electricity began to arc from him to the ground, "Hey whats going on?!" "X!!" the communicator crackled to life, "Massi...uild-up tem...ral ener...vacuate t...rea NOW!" X immediately started towards the exit of the base, thinking Zero was following behind, after a moment, he checked behind him, only to find Zero still standing there, as though frozen in place by the tethers of Electrical energy streaming off of him.

A scream ripped from Zeros mouth as intense pain lanced through his form, his mind on fire from the intense overload of sensation as the built up energy washed over his form, over and over again, and then in a blast of red hot energy Zeros form blasted upward, forming an intense crimson tower, that burned brightly for a few moments, then slowly thinned before dissipating into a thin streamer of energy, even the wisps of that fizzling out a few moments later

X had his communicator open so fast it looked like it opened itself, "Cain!...Cain!...Zero teleported, did he arrive? Cain?! Cain! Alia! Did Zero arrive? Somebody at HQ Answer ME DAMNIT!" X screamed into his com-link come...n X wha...status, di...ou and Zer...cape the blast area?

"This is X! Can you hear me?!" X continued yelling into his com-link, "Zero did not escape the blast area, but he teleported, and that seems to have caused the explosion, can you put a tracker on him?"

"X, retur...ase, rep...t,re...urn to ba...

-Fade to Black-

Next time on Dimensional Travels, Zero trys to figure out where he got teleported to and trys to find his way back to HQ, but no-one said it was gonna be easy right?

Until Next time,

Stay Vigilant, Hunters


Well, that's chapter one, hope you enjoyed it...

-Zero walks in scorched and a few pieces of his armor are hanging on by a thread, and hes smoking from his burn marks-

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Zero: yeah whatever...

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