Dimensional Travels

Chapter 3: "Fun with Bandits" or "Didn't you know this wasn't your planet?"

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A note to those of you that liked the (As Templar of Ni put it), "Jedi vs Hunter" battle, all I can say is you ain't seen nothing yet. For this chapter at least, there is no more fighting force users...I think...

A possible spoiler for new Megaman X fans. This story takes as a given that you know that Wily created Zero. If you don't? Well, exactly how new a Megaman fan are you? Did you start in the last ten minutes?

On with the story!


"Come on, ladies. Let's see what ya got." Zero's tone was amused as he watched what was laughingly called an attack heading towards him. The bandits, their swords raised high, leapt upon him, their weapons coming in from all angles. Swords were slashing and daggers were stabbing, but Zero seemed relatively unharmed as he flowed like water through their ranks. The few hits that did connect either turning aside on his armor, or chipping the blade of the weapon as it was jarred back from the impact.

When Zero finally decided he had had enough, he leapt upwards and over the group, landing on the other side of the clearing. "Okay, not bad guys, but it's not...good...enou..." He trailed off as he felt a stinging sensation on his face. Lifting a hand up to his cheek, he felt it. A scratch, they had actually managed to scratch him. "Well, rack up another point for the humans. Damn berserkers(1). You did better than I thought, actually scratching me like that. Oh well, now it's my turn." He said, leveling a devilish grin at them.

At this moment though, Murra was boggling at his words. (Humans?! That means he's NOT human?! Who is this guy?!)

Several of the bandits backed up after seeing this, wondering who this guy was and how he had gotten all the way through them with only a scratch. Of course they only thought this for a moment, as Zero suddenly dashed towards them. Now, two of them (meaning the smartER ones...), did the logical thing, turned on their heel, and tore off screaming into the forest. The other three stayed grouped together, weapons at the ready, Mentally swearing revenge on the abandoning "friends" as Zero reached them.

Being the closest to Zero when he charged, the point man of the bandits brought his sword down in a cleaving slash. Zero simply kicked the ground slightly, sliding him sideways from the attack, and threw a right haymaker into the thief's rotund belly as he passed him by. Said bandit clutched his stomach, and fell over unconscious, while Zero had come down low as he reached his next target. This one leapt up over Zero as he passed low to the ground, and came down ready to stab his sword into Zero's unprotected back.


We take a moment here to consider the two opposing forces, piercing ability and defensive ability, and also the composition of the weapon and armor being used respectively.

Take, for example, the bandit weapon; a basic short sword. While simple in design, this bandit gang can be seen as moderately well off, due to the fact that this sword is of amazing quality and durability. and it's sharp edge and thin point make it an excellent weapon for piercing. Of course the limit here is that while of fine quality, the sword is made of forged steel.

Of course on the other side, Zeros trademark crimson armor is made from considerably tougher materials, namely Titanium X, that being the strongest metal alloy at the time Wily created Zero. Which is quite a while after using forged steel had become obsolete.

Consider then, my friends, a brick wall, and the enemy as someone who is hitting said wall with a rather light stick.


The bandit came down assured of his victory, when the sword hit Zero's armor plating, and then snapped in half a moment later. Dumbly, the stunned man stared at the broken remains of his sword. "M-Meshala!"(Translation: Son of a -censored-!) He turned to flee, only to run right into Zero's boot as it came around swiftly into his face with a resounding -Thwack!- of metal hitting flesh.

Zero stood there a moment as the last of the criminals stopped in his charge into the fray. He turned to face the bandit, seemingly towering up over the him. Then, with an unnecessary Evil Laugh(tm) Zero got right in his face, and quieted down suddenly, letting the menace grow larger, before whispering...

"Boo!" The bandit promptly wet himself after this. After disgracing himself, he followed his earlier comrades in the act of fleeing in terror into the undergrowth.

Zero sat down against a tree and started laughing. Every few laughs were seperated by a moment to gasp in air, and then his mirth would continue. "Man...That has to be the f-f-HAAAHAHAHAHA-f-funniest thing I've ever seen..." He was so busy laughing that he barely noticed Murra sneaking up behind him. He raised his left arm as she approached, and then she leapt, pinning him to the tree he was against, her lightsabre against his throat.

"Stay still you monster. Now I want some answers!" She said, her weapon poised to decapitate him.

"I'd suggest you shut that thing off, lady." Zero said prodding her in the stomach with his left arm. "Someone could get hurt..." Murra looked down at what was prodding her to see what looked like a cannon of some sort pointed at her stomach. "Oh, ya noticed it huh? This is the 'Cain Labs J97 Plasma Arm Cannon Mk2' or as I like to call mine, the Z-Buster. One shot from this range would vaporize you instantly. Now, if you'd turn that sabre off, please?"

Staring at the cannon with wide eyes, Murra did as she was told and shut it off while backing away from him. "Just who are you anyway? Nevermind that, WHAT are you? That sword snapped like a twig."

Zero stood up, then dismissed his Buster, opting to unsheathe his sabre again as his left gauntlet flipped back out and refused into a hand. "I could ask you the same thing, following me all the way out here. Who are you, lady? And why are ya followin me?!"

"I thought you were with the Sith!" Murra shouted, incensed at his rudeness. "Your armor practically screams it, and you're carrying a lightsabre! Not many people carry lightsabres, just about none do out this way of the galaxy, and the Jedi Order doesn't have any jedi out here!"

"Who the hell are these Sith people you keep talking about?!" Zero yelled himself, "I'm Zero, a reploid, leader of Maverick Hunter Special Unit #0, and I don't get along real well with people who try to kill me!"

"You, You don't even know who the Sith are?!" Murra asked astounded, she had thought him to be at least trained slightly in the Force with the skillful way he used his sabre, and if he had been trained he had to know what the Sith were. "Haven't you ever heard of the Republic?"

"Republic of what? I know of several republics in Asia, Europe, and South America."

"No, Not a republic of something, THE Republic." Murra said trying to make him understand, she was relaxing a bit now that she was starting to piece it together. "Haven't you heard of the Republic Capital on Coruscant? The Jedi Academy on Yavin 4?"

"No, I..." Zero began, "Wait a minute...On Coruscant? You mean you're from one of those space colonies we sent out?"

"No, Coruscant has been there for millenia. It's a giant city that covers the enitre planet."

"Oh so if we're on this Coruscant, Where's this so called giant city huh?"

"That's just it, we're not on Coruscant. This is a planet on the Outer Rim the natives call Faerun." Murra was beginning to figure out Zero wasn't from this planet at all. Probably had amnesia from what had brought him here. "Take a look at that monster of a bandit leader over there, you got anything on your world that looks like that, that you can remember?"

Zero took a good look at the first attacker, his face twisting in disgust as he looked at the monstrosity that looked like a twisted version of a man. "Ugh, no, nothing like that on Earth."

"Earth? Do you know where in the galaxy that is?"

"Wait a minute, You're telling me I'm not on Earth anymore? That I'm on some weird planet on the other side of the galaxy?" Zero was obviously confused. "But we haven't even come up with interplanetary transport yet..."

"Right, that's what I thought." Murra said, her manner changing to an apologetic one as she put away her sabre. "Uh...I'm...Um, Sorry for attacking you back there. Come on, we can go back to my ship, and we'll try to find out where this strange planet of yours is..."(Earth? Who names a planet Earth anyway?)

"Uh, Sure..." Zero said, relaxing when her sabre was put away. His manner stayed tense though, ready for a surprise attack. "So, where is this ship of yours?"

"Oh, It should be getting here right about now..." She said as a steady hum picked up and grew louder as something approached, then a wavering shape broke through the treetops and set down before shimmering and becoming a small grey spaceship. "Here we are... Now, how many planets in your system?"

"Nine, I think..."

Murra walked in and sat down at her navigational console, the computer loading up as she sat down. "Type of star?"

"Yellow average type?"

Murra looked at him a bit funny, "OK, Type 3 star." Information began to scroll across the screen, denoting a long list of systems. "Anything else? Are all of your worlds life-sustaining? or do you have colonies? Are a large percentage of the planets in your system water covered?

"Well, our planet is the third closest to the sun, It's mostly covered in water, and well, it's the only planet that is habitable in our system."

Murra put that in, although she was a bit surprised by the fact that only one out of nine planets sustained life."Ok, let's see here. There are...no...Systems..to match...parameters?!" Murra looked at Zero sharply, "You sure you remembered that stuff correctly?"

"Yeah, I did, you sure it says there are none?"

"Ok, ok, ok, That's it. Come on, were going to the medlab." She said as she grabbed his arm and dragged him down to the medical area, then shoved him into the scanner.

-Scanning, Subject is scanned as a battletype droid, no matching Droid type configurations, Droid's systems are highly advanced, neural/mental capacities on par with the human mind, Neural network closely resembles design of human brain. Further analysis is unavailable due to the high level of unknown advanced systems in Droid. Possibly a prototype. Functions cannot be determined.-

Zero stepped out of the scanner, "What the hell was that?" he said, staring at the screen.

Murra looked over the report a moment, "Well, what the hell are you, It says you are a droid even though the scanner doesn't recognize your design. But you look human to me, You apparently bleed like a human," she said, swiping a drop of the reploid "blood" from the side of his face, "So just what are you?"

"Haven't you ever seen a reploid before? We're designed to be as humanlike as possible, and we're programmed differently from normal robots to have free will." Zero said, like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Okay, Okay, let me get this straight, you're a highly advanced robot, called a reploid, that was just dropped out here in the middle of nowhere, and you know nothing about the Republic? Do you have any idea how you got here?"

"No! One minute I'm in this weird place with streamers of energy going everywhere, then I fell into some energy stream and I ended up here!" At this point, Zero's right gauntlet began to glow again as the multi-faceted energy began building up again. "Actually, this is how I got to the weird place in the first place...Hey, I can't shut it off! Dammit not again!" Zero bellowed as the energy engulfed him and then blasted through the top of the ship and into the sky, amazingly not leaving anything but a few scorchmarks where he impacted the ceiling, no damage whatsoever.

"Um, Zero?" Murra said as she looked around for him, "Hello? Was that some kind of teleporter? We don't have teleporter technology yet." She thought on this for a moment. " Ah to Bloody hell with it, I need to report this to the New Senate."


A rather large robot, with a brown set of armor and green plating over his exposed areas of arm and leg, turns from his console to look over at his commander. "Hey Optimus. We got an incoming energy beam, and it matches the frequency that the last two alien constructs were giving off. I think you'll want to take a look at this."

A robot that rather resembles a metallic red and blue rat looks up at the brown figure, "That's it, another alien doomsday device," The rat sighs, "Slag it, We're all gonna die..."

"Shut-up Rattrap." The leader says.

"Oh yes Sir! Do you want me to stay quiet until 'after' we're slag or just before?" The one called "Rattrap" spat out sarcastically.

"We're not dying from this one, not after surviving the last two. It looks like its going to land in the desert area near where we found the standing stones. We need to get to it, what ever it is, before the Predacons do." said the leader who, now that we can see him, looks sort of like a big mechanical gorilla.

"The Predacons are already on their way towards the landing site." said the brown armored one, who had what looked like the mouth of a rhino as a chestplate.

"Well, that's just Prime..." The leader said dryly after sighing. "Well?! You heard me Maximals, move out!"


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