Dimensional Travels

by jammin-2099

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Chapter 7:

A Mystical Alliance: Swords and Cards

Part 2: A Lesson in Demons

Zero ran up to the square, stopping just behind a smashed car that had landed upside down from being blasted by the demon. "Ai, can you get me a scan of that thing?"

-I'm trying, Zero. It's like it's some sort of sensor ghost, it shows up as being there, but the scanners can't lock down what it is. At this point I can't even tell whether it's alive or not.-

"Well, we can't just let it rampage," Zero said as he winced from another heavy blast that seared it's way past where he was hiding. "We've got to stop it, or it might hurt the civilians!"

-Well, I would suggest ducking into that alley, before you change back to your armor, and be careful, we don't need to make ourselves known until you're ready to attack.-

"Right, I'll keep that in mind..." Zero dead-panned, before checking around the car to watch for an opening. Seeing the monstrosity turn it's back to him, he dodged across the street towards the buildings, accessing his armor exchange system as he did so. He landed in a roll into the alley, popping up to his feet as he entered, and beginning to glow as he landed heavily on the concrete. After a moment, the light flashed and he was adorned in his armor again, the stylized "Z" symbol on his shoulder armor flashing slightly as the conversion finished.

"Ok, let's go" He said to himself as he leapt up onto the wall, and began kicking his way up to the top, his boosters keeping him up against the wall each time he kicked away.

Sakura was talking to her friends at a small cafe, just after school had let out.

"So? Did any of you guys see Him again?" Chiharu asked the rest of the girls sitting at the table. Given the amount of significance put on the word "Him" it was rather easy to tell who she meant.

"No..." Naoko groaned. "It's like he vanished off the face of the planet or something, or maybe...Hey, wait a minute, isn't that him?" She said with a start, pointing to a nearby sports shop.

"Hey you're right Naoko I wonder what he's looking for." Tomoyo said as they watched his graceful movements as he seemed to slide down the sidewalk. "Hey maybe he...Ahh!" Tomoyo shouted, shielding her eyes from the sudden flash as she was cut off by a loud explosion that sounded from down the street.

"Monster! Demons! Run for your lives!" People screamed as they ran away from where the explosion had sounded. Suddenly a loud, bestial roar sounded from where the explosion had gone off, and Sakura began to get the chilling feeling she had learned meant there was Dark magic nearby.

It only confirmed the problem when Sakura saw Syaoran land on a nearby rooftop, in his battle garb, and his sword already out. As her friends began to leave with the running crowd, Sakura quickly ducked away and brought out her wand.

With a cry of -JUMP!- Wings appeared on her shoes, and she leapt to the top of the building Syaoran was on, where he joined her as they started moving towards the disturbance.

"I thought you said we had taken care of the major problems Kero!" She said as she hauled the diminuitive guardian out of her purse. "I...Kero?" She said a bit worriedly as she noticed the shocked expression on his face.

"This is serious Sakura..." Kero said, his voice shaky. "This isn't like the Clow cards. The danger is very real. This is an actual demon we're facing." He continued, his face whitened from the shock. "It's not like capturing Cards, you can't seal demons with the wand, you have to destroy them or send them away with a banishing spell, and he could very easily kill you, if you're not careful."

"Well?!" Sakura said in a slightly scared voice, although she hid it rather well. "We can't just sit here and do nothing! Come on, Syaoran!" She said as she leapt forward, heading for where the monster was rampaging. Syaoran was right behind her, his own leaps not quite as long as Sakura's but greater than any normal human could accomplish.

They landed in the square, across from the demon that was destroying the shops. It was a hideous creature, a hulking beast, with jagged, bloody teeth, and long sharp claws. It was covered in a sort of fine black fur that was raised into a sharp mohawk like ridge on it's back, and it wreaked of death and chaos. Sensing the new magical presences that had just landed nearby, It whirled towards Syaoran and Sakura, and roared a beastly, unsettling howl at them.

Syaoran had wasted no time as he focused on his energies, his sword flashing in the complicated movements of an Element spell. Tossing the mystical ofuda out in front of him, he braced his hand along the flat of his blade and channeled his energy through the slip of parchment.

"Element: Fire!" He yelled as a burst of flame erupted from the ofuda and lashed out towards the demon. The flame smashed into the creature, knocking it off balance, and staggering it for a moment. By this time, Sakura had recovered from her own shock and brought her wand around. She held up a card as she began to chant, "Sear the enemy with powerful flames! Firey!" As she finished the chant she pointed her wand at the floating card, which burst into flames and quickly formed into a firey man, who quickly rushed forward and engulfed the demon. The creature roared that sickening howl again as it fell to the ground covered in the raging flames. Syaoran and Sakura watched, their weapons ready as the creature continued to burn.

Suddenly the demon began to stand up again, and it became apparent the Firey was straining to keep him pinned down. Soon after the flames burst apart completely, reforming in Sakura's hand as the Firey card. In an instant, the demon had leapt towards them and it swung a fist around as it reached them, smashing the clenched claw into a hasty block brought up by Syaoran. Syaoran went flying as his defense crumbled under the massive strength, and landed not too far away from where he had been hit. The creature growled at Sakura for a moment, but then turned and stalked towards Syaoran.

"Youuu..." the creature ground out, it's voice gravelly sounding, as if it had gone through a rock crusher. "Youuu are the one the masster ssent uss after. First we shall deal with you, and then we will deal with your friend." the demon said as it stalked closer to Syaoran who had pulled himself up by his sword, and had just recovered from the last hit.

"I don't think so..." came a grim voice from no where, and suddenly a bolt of some kind of energy shot down from a rooftop and smashed into the creatures side, sending it flying back into a tree across from Syaoran. "I'm having a really bad day, and you're just the outlet I'm looking for." the voice continued, as a figure in crimson armor leapt down from the roof the shot had come from. His armor was all sharp corners except for his large rounded boots, and his helmet was a mass of spikes, with a golden mane of hair descending from a tie-off in the back. His face was covered by a visor and facemask concealing his features as he said, "So come on, sunshine. Let's see what you can do."

'So Ai? Any new information?' Zero asked mentally as he leapt from the roof of the building.

-Sorry Zero, I can't get any reading from it. Whatever it is, I can't scan it.- Ai responded, but Zero had already landed and had dashed forwards, towards the monster.

"Here, how 'bout we play with some fire?" Zero shouted as his sabre began to turn a firey red colour, and he suddenly dropped into a lower run at the creature.

The monster roared again as it brought it's fist above it's head, and smashed it to the ground hoping to crush this insect that had dared to attack it. It's eyes widened slightly as it saw Zero suddenly blur to the side of where the fist landed and scream "Ryu-

En-ZAN!", before suddenly leaping upwards, his sword slashing a blazing slice upwards across the demon's chest that lifted the monster off of its feet while lighting it aflame, and sent it smashing into the ground a few feet away.

The creature howled as it's flesh burned from the flames of Zero's attack, lying in the crater it had created. Slowly the flames lowered and finally burnt out, the howls of pain subsiding with the fire.

Sakura watched as the Armored man leapt forward into battle with the creature, before remembering Syaoran leaning on his sword. "Syaoran-kun! Hold on!" She shouted to him as she noticed him falter a little from his braced stance. She edged around the battle, running to Syaoran's side, who practically collapsed into her arms as she arrived. "Hold on, I'll use the Healing card." She said as she pulled it out, readying her wand.

"N...No, Sakura...Save yo...your strength..." He strained out, stopping her from using it, "you need to... tell that...that guy f...fighting the demon...that Fire Ele...elementals won't work...on it."

"But Syaoran you're..." she began, shifting him to better consider his wounds.

"I'll be...fine, Sakura...go help him...with the monster." Syaoran said, lowering himself to the ground and pushing Sakura towards the battle. "Go!" he urged, as Sakura hesitantly turned and ran towards the man in red armor.

"Well, that was rather anti-climactic." Zero sighed as he turned away from the smoking crater that had been left. "I mean, most Mavericks could withstand at least ONE Ryuenzan."

-Only you would be bored with a victory over an unknown adversary, Zero.- Ai quipped.

"Oh, be quiet you. All that build up, and I took him down in one attack. Sometimes it sucks to be m...What?" He said as he noticed a girl running towards him holding a baton of some sort, and shouting something. It took a minute for his translation to come through, and when it did...

"Hey! Fire doesn't work! He's still alive!" The girl was yelling at him.

"No, no, I smashed him dead-on with that attack, and I saw him burn away," adding quietly to himself "...like I said sometimes it sucks to be me..." And that was the last word he got out before the monster smashed over him like a freight train. It rolled as it grabbed ahold of him, and they wrestled against each other a moment, before landing with Zero under the Demon. "...and sometimes it REALLY sucks to be me!" he said sarcastically as the monster began trying to bite his head off.

With a swift kick from his right leg, and a strong push from his left, Zero flipped the monster off of him, and threw him a few meters away, where it landed gently and began to circle while growling at him. "Youuu, Youuu arrre a nuisance. I'm ssssure the massster will not mind me taking care of a nuisssance firssst.

Zero landed gently himself, in a crouch with his sabre back out in a flash as he steadied himself with his other hand. "Great, He's fire-proof. What now?"

"I've got an idea!" The girl called to him, "If he's resistant to fire, what about the other side of that?"

"Oh, right." Zero said to himself, "I have an ice attack I got from Frost Walrus as well. Guess I've gone to long without them..." Then he called over to the girl, "Right, I've got it! You got anything that could help?"

"I'll take care of it." She said to him simply, a card appearing in her hand and spinning a moment before she grabbed it.

"Good enough for me," Zero said as he charged the monster, who also began to charge at him. As he ran, Zero waved his hand across the length of his sabres blade, causing the blade to convert to a frigid bluish color. As the two combatants came within range of each other, they leapt upwards, meeting in midair. The demons fist pulled back, a triumphant, maniacal smile on it's hideous face. Said smile was quickly removed when Zero planted a foot in his face, and leapt even higher while smashing the monster towards the ground.

Zero reached the apex of his leap just as the monster hit the ground, and his blade grew an even deeper blue, with mist beginning to trail from it. As he began to drop towards the monster, he thrust the blade downwards, just as the blade solidified into a large spike of ice, which trailed mist as he plummeted towards the recovering monster.

Sakura completed her spell just as the ice of Zero's sabre solidified. "Freeze Card! Empower my ally's blade!" She yelled as the streams of energy exploded from the card, and wrapped themselves around the ice.

Zero felt even more power flow into his attack as the magic took effect. Suddenly, as though a door opened in his mind, he felt something else happen within his systems.

-Computer: Ascendant at 120 efficiency. Power overflow from weapon systems, Ability augmentation: Hyouretsuzan: Overload of energy matrix. New ability in use.-

Zero dropped towards the monster like an icy comet, his descent leaving a trail of frozen vapor behind him. All that could be heard as he fell was his voice screaming, "Hyouretsuzan Advanced! Hell Blast Freeze!" as he blasted into the monster on the ground.

A moment later, the crater Zero and the monster had landed in exploded, growing towering pillars of ice out of it, which quickly began to melt under the heat of the sun.

Sakura watched as the crater exploded from the energy of the attack, and the ice began to form growing out of the crater. As the dust of the attack faded, she saw the armored figure standing over the dwindling remains of the creature. After a moment, the figure slowly began to walk away from her, fading into the mist.

"Hey wait!" She called out to him, and he stopped, waiting for something, "Thanks for your help, but who are you anyway?" She asked him, which he responded to by walking into the mist again.

"You can call me Zero, I just help where I can." His voice called through the mist, as his form vanished.

End Chapter 7

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