Takes place after Yami left Yugi and went to the afterlife. Now that the balance between light and dark was disrupted by Yami's departure, the pharaoh has to come back and cure the balance to save not only the world, but his hikari as well. (YamixYugi)

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by Sansi

Chapter 1: Aftershock

Our loved ones take a special part in our hearts. When they die, it is as if a part of us dies with them. Somehow we are able to continue with our life, because we have to accept death. Accept, not understand. Opposites can't exist without each other, because were life is, we must face death someday. The same thing can be said about light and darkness or piece and war or happiness and sadness. One thing necessitates the other. They balance each other. The brighter the light is, the darker the darkness has to be. Equal.

But is it true that we can live, even if literally the other half of your soul dies? It can't succeed in neither theory nor praxis. Once the balance is destroyed, the spirit of the other one is damned by psychical damage. But will it only concern this two, or will it interrupt the balance altogether? What will the result be?

Anubis, the god of embalming, stood in front of Yami, the former pharaoh of Upper and Lower Egypt. Yami was ready to face the test and see if his heart was lighter than the feather. This will decide where he will spent his afterlife. The pharaoh knew that he did some bad things in the past, but he was certain, that he decided to the best of his knowledge and belief to protect his land and people. Not to mention how he saved the world two times and protected his hikari.

Anubis stared into Yami's eyes and the ancient pharaoh was ready to accept his decision. "Pharaoh Yami, ruler over Ancient Egypt, you were always tainted with darkness, but still you have a honest and brave heart. The things you did in the past and the present will be rewarded generously, but you have to fulfil a last task before you are allowed to go to the afterlife."

"What is that supposed to mean! I saved the world not once, but twice and I am STILL not allowed to find my eternal rest!" Yami shouted at the god, not at all bothered that he was speaking to a god!

"It wasn't planned that you choose the afterlife before life. You weren't supposed to come here in the next decades. Didn't you know what you caused as you left the world of the living?" the god replied calmly, but firmly.

"What?" the spirit shot back, sounding really pissed. The spirit wasn't known for his patience.

"You have to understand that the balance is very sensible and with your departure you destroyed it beyond repair." Anubis explained.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Yami asked confused, but somehow interested.

"Your hikari ..." god Anubis began, but when he reached the word hikari he was interrupted.

"Yugi ... my hikari ... what is with him?" His aibou was always the spirit's weak spot. He was his light, his partner, his friend, his soul mate and so much more. If something happens to him ...

"You were not only his protector, you were his balance. The light to his darkness. Without you he will ..."

"What will happen to him?" the ancient pharaoh was impatient when it concerns his aibou.

"He'll fall into darkness,"the god announced.

Yami's mouth hung open in shock. He wasn't aware that something like this could happen. The ancient king made sure that his aibou was save before he left and now this ... "What can I do?" he asked. The spirit would never find rest when he knew that something bad would happen to his hikari. Yugi meant too much for him. Probably they had a closer contact to each other than it was supposed to be between protector and task.

"You have to fill the place in his heart, that belonged to you." Anubis explained.

"What? How I am going to do that?" the darkness asked, getting nervous. How was he going to that? The pharaoh wasn't even sure if he understood the task. It didn't sound easy, that much he was sure of.

"That's for me to know and for you to find out" the god replied. Yami could have sworn Anubis just grinned, but that was impossible as far as he knew. Since when were gods sadistic? Oh well, how about forever? They always played with mortals to entertain themselves ...

"Very helpful. What will happen, if I fail?" Yami responded sarcastically. Anubis was skating on thin ice.

"Yugi will be consumed by darkness and die and for the world ... when the balance is once destroyed it is damned also"

Yami felt very guilty, but at the same time determined, determined to save his little Yugi. The spirit smiled at the thought. He barely noted how attached he become to the little bundle of innocence and energy. The pharaoh missed his aibou and he didn't really want to left, but ... he had/has nothing left in that time.

"Then sent me back. How long time do I have?" Yami asked further.

"As long as Yugi is able to withstand the shadows" Anubis said, before he snapped his fingers and sent Yami back to the living world.

"Nobody will see you, if you don't want him or her to. I wish you luck pharaoh, once again the existence of the world depends on you" with this the god Anubis bid Yami farewell.

"Probably you will be given another chance" were the god's last words. Yami never had the chance to find out, what Anubis meant by that ...

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