The Indian Movie "Mohabbatein" inspired the chapter title. I was taken aback to learn that the original English title is "Some love stories live forever," which doesn't get my point across. Therefore I stick to the German title, which translated means: "Because my love is deathless/forever".

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by Sansi
Chapter 12: Mohabbatein PART II

Aghast, Yugi sat on all fours next to where his beloved darker half had collapsed. He leaned over the other's body, despairingly praying that this was all a terrible nightmare from which he would wake up soon. Inwardly, his heart shattered piece by piece every time Yami's face contracted in pain while he struggled to whisper his last goodbye. Only when the pharaoh's last breath fanned over his tear-strained cheeks and the spirit's head fell to the side, his eyes slowly closing, did the former hikari awaken from his rigidity. As if in a trance, Yugi lifted a trembling hand to lovingly push back the strands of blonde hair that stuck to his lover's sweat-stained forehead.

Yugi didn't bother to stop or wipe away the tears that were streaming down his cheeks in rivers, and suddenly he noticed through his blurred vision how awfully pale the pharaoh's body was already turning. Desperately, he put both hands on the spirit's shoulders and shook him lightly as if to wake him. With a strangled remorse, he recalled the many mornings when his protector used to do that when he overslept, and how he gently woke him only to greet him with that wonderful smile of his.

Again he pulled on the ancient pharaoh's body, this time with more force and more intense anxiety. "Yami...please wake have to get up." Despite his best, however pitiful, efforts, he couldn't keep the tremor from his voice, and bit his lip hard enough to draw blood.

The body didn't stir, lying as motionless as ever.

For a nanosecond, Yugi believed that his yami was poking fun at him and would jump up and scream, "Gotcha!" Then the hikari would go along with it, and pretend he was mad...

However, the wishful thought floated from his mind as fast as it arrived when his gaze wandered downwards where the knife still stuck in his stomach. Immediately, his eyes sought out his darkness' closed ones – he couldn't bear the sight or thought of what had occurred. Thinking of what had been taken from him the final time, and all that could have been...

Another despairing and futile attempt. "Yami...please...I'm begging you...this isn't funny anymore."

As if to emphasize his point, he laid one of his pale hands on the pharaoh's chest where his heart far away as possible from all the blood further below. Yugi closed the distance between them, and with infinite care he leaned his forehead against the other's. It was a gesture that, in the past, always brought comfort to both of them and reassured the other of their support and love.

"You have to live Yami...please...I love you...I can't lose you again. Doesn't that mean anything to you? Yami...even if you told me time over time that I'm strong without you...I don't want to face this life without you...and I won't."

Out of nowhere, a heavenly calmness filled him. "I swear that we'll see each other soon, Yami...I promise."

With those words, he kissed his yami's forehead lovingly, sealing his promise. "You only have to wait a little longer..."

The moment was brutally interrupted as he was forcefully yanked backwards. Arms were holding him in a crushing grip, keeping him from moving as he was pulled farther away from his yami. In his horror, he perceived Joey dropping in front of Yami to check him over.

"Joey!" he screamed in relief. He had been afraid that the other was death too. His friend either didn't hear, or didn't acknowledge him as he commanded: "Be careful Tristan, he might try to attack us again so don't let him go!"

"Don't worry I have him," the brunette replied, and Yugi could feel the grip on him tighten painfully. Yugi screamed in agony.


Yugi's cheek burned and his face had turned to the side from the impact where he had a full view of Tea still laying motionlessly on the ground. The whole brutality of his journey through rage hit him like a truck.

But that wasn't him, right?! Joey, Tristan, Tea and...he gulped...Yami. That wasn't really him...that was the shadows doing.

He hang his head in shame refusing to meet anyone's eyes...he knew better than that...everyone else might think he had been controlled by the shadows. But he knew, deep in his heart, that it had been the other way around. Yugi had been the shadows' master...he gave them orders...he had enjoyed expressing his feelings this kind of way. It had brought him relief to let his anger and sadness out, but now, afterward...he felt awful. It all came back in a rush, like the disillusionment that came after a high. But the worst thing of all was that the lashing out of his dark emotions had hurt his friends...and Yami had suffered a painful death.

"Can you forgive me?" he asked silently, not entirely sure if he was asking the question of himself or someone else. Contrary to his belief, he had spoken aloud and been heard.

"Forgive you?!" Joey accused, narrowing his eyes. "Forgive and forget isn't going to work here, Yugi! Yami is DEAD!"

Joey hiccupped, and a sob could be heard from Tristan behind him. "You killed someone and think everything IS OK?! ...the shadows told me that you are controlling them...and I..." he paused for a moment as his voice cracked, but he continued momentarily, "And I don't know what to believe anymore...I don't think I know you. But what is worse, I believe I have never really known who you are..."

A painful silence followed, stretching through the long minutes and making them seem like an eternity.

"...I..." Yugi stumbled over his words. What could really be left to say after what he had done? It was inexcusable. No words could justify his actions and no matter how sorry he was, he couldn't take back what he had done. "You are right, Joey.'s my fault...and please believe me...I would give anything, even my get Yami back. It's not like life is worth living without him..."

"You really would give your life for that of the pharaoh's?" a deep and commanding voice rang in his ear, drawing their attention to another being in the room.

A tall man had appeared next to them, his whole posture screaming authority, and thus demanding respect. To Yugi, it was irrelevant who the other was. Yugi's answer was still the same. "Yes," he answered without hesitation or doubt. "I have to face the consequences for what I've done."

The stranger eyed Yugi for a very long moment, his piercing gaze judging the young character in front of him.

"Hey," Tristan interrupted the silence. "Who are you?"

"You don't recognize me?" The referred one retorted dryly, seemingly dumbfounded by the question. However, he didn't wait for an answer and continued, "Of course you don't. Your kind has forgotten about me a long time ago..." he mused with slight bitterness. "I am Anubis, god of the underworld, here to judge the ancient pharaoh Atemu...again, I might add."

Yugi kept that thought in his mind for a moment, trying to ignore the pain in his heart at the mention of his Yami, and concentrating only on the last part of the man's introduction. "So it was you that brought him back." He couldn't help but growl. He was undecided if he should be angry or thankful. This god took his yami away, but also brought him back in his life, and most probably he was the one who saved him back in ancient Egypt when Yami's spirit was sealed into the puzzle. So either way you put it, Anubis allowed Yami and Yugi to meet, and that was enough for Yugi to cling to his last spark of hope.

"You can bring him back, right...sir?" Yugi stuttered, trying to calm his racing heart and keep his breathing under control.

"Of course I can," Anubis replied indignantly, seeming affronted. "But the question you want to have answered is if I will bring him back."

Yugi's eyes were tearing up again. After all the tears he had shed, he was surprised that there were any left. Would he get the spirit back and they would be together like it should have been? There had never before been a time in his life when hope and despair were so closely intertwined in his heart.

"You two," Anubis finally acknowledged Joey's and Tristan's presence, "This is a private conversation. Go and look after your friend." With a wave of his hand he pointed to Tea. "Don't fret, she is only unconscious. I didn't come to claim her life, her time hasn't come."

Exchanging a quick glance, and a nod in agreement, they headed off to make sure Tea would wake up.

"There is a condition..." Anubis trailed off, and looked so intensely at Yugi it was as if he could transfer his thoughts to the small mortal.

Yugi swallowed heavily. " have to take my life instead."

When the god didn't negate his words, the teenager knew he'd answered the million dollar question. All his dreams of him and Yami shattered in that instant. No hugs, no kisses, no waking up to see the other's face first thing in the morning, no happy moments to life together.

'But that is ok,' Yugi convinced himself. Life wasn't worth it without Yami, and he would rather die if Yami could live, and Yugi could watch over his other like his darkness always did. The ancient king was the light to Yugi's life, keeping him going, and from which he drew his strength. He would do the same thing for him, and no god could keep him from guarding the spirit through life.

"I'm going to do anything you ask me to. If it takes my life to bring that of my lover back, then so be it. I'd rather have him live and watch over him before I continue living like empty shell waiting for its death."

"It isn't your life I'm asking of you. Call it a...valve for the balance to be kept," Anubis explained thoughtfully.

"What would that be?! I thought it was a-life-for-a-life kind of deal," Yugi replied, irritated.

"As tempting as your idea sounds, I know that it wouldn't work for you and the pharaoh. How to put it? ...You both don't take it very well when you are separated. I'm afraid that either you or Atemu would turn much too dark for this world to be in balance if I left you without your significant other. Yami would go into desperation, out of guilt, if I took your life for his. And we already saw what happens when you are going to be left without him. In case you haven't noticed, you were desperate enough to hold Yami's shadows back from going with him to the afterlife. You knew you couldn't keep him from leaving this world, so you held something very close to him to your heart, and unintentionally bound the shadows to you. That's also the reason he desperately tried to release you from their influence, but you had such a strong grip on them that he bound them back to his soul by something his blood."

"...I'm the reason he killed himself?" Yugi murmured. He had turned whiter than a ghost as he slowly worked out what his yami had done for him. Now that Anubis mentioned it, he couldn't feel the shadows anymore.

The god caught on to his thoughts. "You can't kill someone who has been dead for millennia. All that he did was return his soul to the afterlife...or more to a world in between...a 'waiting place,' you could call it. He is waiting to be judged."

"What are you asking of me then? What can I do?"

"You are his other half and thus should be the darkness' opposite. You must return to be the light, full of innocence, compassion, and hope, to balance the pharaoh who possesses a lot of dark magic since he is the shadows' master. In former times, your souls were in perfect harmony, always supporting, protecting, and caring for one another. However, that's not all I'm demanding of you. You not only need to be the pharaoh's lighter half. The world has turned to darker ways of living. It's full of hate, anger, avarice, and selfishness. You have a strong soul with a lot of light within yourself, and thus I charge you to return the light to the world, to keep the balance between light and dark, good and evil. As long as you can live up to that, I will allow your yami to return to your side to assist you in your task, to keep the light in your soul and carry it out into the world. Do you agree to my terms?"

"Of course." He choked on the words, disbelieving that after what he had done, he was being given a second chance.

"I'm only warning you once. This isn't an easy job I've given you. Your failure will cost your darker half's soul, your life, and the downfall of the world as you know it," Anubis explained the consequences if he dared to fail.

The hikari nodded eagerly. His heart was pounding hard in hope and excitement.

"Then I take my farewell. May you return to your other now. I hope I won't see either of you anytime soon. You humans tend to cause trouble..."

Anubis vanished into the air as noiselessly as he had arrived.


Tea woke up only moments ago to hear the last part of a conversation between Yugi and a stranger. Utterly confused, she was interrupted in demanding an explanation from her friends when all heads turned to hear a painful groan. Joey and Tristan watched in awe as the one they'd thought dead sat up as if he had never been hurt. The male seemed to be disoriented, before a smaller body flung itself on him, knocking them both over. The smaller form's pale hands were clutching desperately around the pharaoh's neck as he rained kisses over his face. Deep laughter filled the air as the older embraced his hikari tightly, before he gave up in favour of returning the other's passionate kisses.


A tired sigh escaped him as he returned to the place where it was his fate to either send the souls to the afterlife or Taut.

"That was quite the show you put up, Anubis," someone retorted dryly.

He didn't need to turn to know who was talking. "I don't know what you're talking about, Ra."

"Always playing the clueless one, but I have to admit that they didn't leave you a choice in this matter," The sun god Ra taunted.

Anubis laughed mockingly, with which he only tried to cover his embarrassment. "They are only mortals. We make the rules, not them."

"Au contraire. You know, as do I that they have far more power over us that we let them know. With the annihilation of the world, they would have doomed the afterlife and thus us gods too. Give them more credit."

Another sigh, this time in annoyance, left the god's mouth. "Whatever. Look, it has been a long day and I'd like to be left alone if you don't mind."

Silence greeted Anubis and he knew that Ra had respected his wish and left.

...At least he hadn't had to admit that the sun god had been right. What would become of them if two mortals could overpower the gods without even knowing? They were better off not knowing that their reunion was never out of the question. No doubt they would have found a way to cross the boundaries of life and death to be together, as it is bound to happen if two souls are bound together by love and light and darkness.



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