Yusuka sent Sirius's fox kit with a message saying that they need her to come within five days, before the finial match is to begin. Jasmine started to the tournament after sending a letter saying she would be there before the fifth day. On the way there she came across a wolf demon that was following her now for two days straight. Jasmine just ignored him and continued to the tournament. She was there on the third day in the afternoon. When she arrived she meet up with the team to go over their plan, on who they should fight on the other team. After the meetting was over they went to meet with the rest of the group outside the hotel. Everyone was there except Jasmine who did not like to be with so many people, and Kurama who just felt like staying at the hotel. Later on Kurama was in his hotel room thinking of the Dark Angel (A.K.A. Jasmine) and what she was doing at that very moment. Then Yoko Kurama jumped in his head saying 'just tell her you like her to be our mate for life, already' Kurama said 'I do not like her like that, she is a friend remember' Yoko said 'yeah, you want her to be your girl who is your friend, which would make her your girlfriend, silly.' (so you know this ' mean that they are talking to their selfs or other halfs.) Kurama just ignored the that last coment made by Yoko about the friend thing. Meanwhile Jasmine is walking in the woods thinking about the fight that was coming in about two days. This whole time every move she makes is being watched by, the wolf demon she saw before now her way to the tournament. Jasmine smelt that somebody was following her, so she started to run to the hotel. When she was running Kurama was walking outside for some fresh air, when all of a sudden he was hit and fell on his back. Kurama went to get up, untill he felt that something was on him, when he look up he saw Jasmine, who looked like she saw a ghost on him panting. She looked to see what she was on and saw it was Kurama, the one she hated but she said "sorry for running into you Kurama, I was running back to the hotel to get dinner and did not see you standing there." He said "it is ok, it was my falt for standing in the way, so please forgive me" she looked at him shocked at what he just said to her. She got up and started for the room and she smelt the person again that was following her earlier. When Kurama saw the look on her face, he knew something was wrong if she had the look of fear on her face. So he followed her to her room to make sure she would be safe from any kind of harm. She turned to see Kurama and said "what are you doing following me to my room" Kurama looked at her than said "my room is down the hall from yours remember, so I am not really following you now am I" she shook her head and walked in her room. That night when the girls got back, she told them what happened to her and what she smelled. They were thinking it maybe that demon she saw the other day and he was following her. The next day went just like the day before. Finially the time came for the finial round of the dark tournament, which was today. When they arrived at the arena the annocier said "let the finial round of the dark tournament begin." Yusuka's team won all the fights but one which was Kuwabra's fight.

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