Chapter Seven

Later that night Keiko woke up to find Jasmine on the floor hurt bad. So Keiko goes to Jasmine and shakes her, Jasmine did not wake up. Keiko runs to get Nyobie, who was just about to walk into her house. "Nyobie I need your help Jasmine is on the floor hurt bad and she will not wake up." Nyobie followed Keiko to were Jasmine was and Nyobie kneeled down by her and tried to heal her. Jasmine woke up and Nyobie stopped to ask, "what happened Jas?" "I'm not sure one minute I'm awake, then next thing I know I wake up to see you about to heal me." Nyobie was about to finish healing her until Jasmine said, "don't worry I can take care of this, but would you be kind and take Keiko to your house to say the night." Nyobie shook her head yes then left with Keiko and headed to her house. Nyobie stopped in the doorway, "if you need anything just call alright, cause I worry about you sometimes." Jasmine shook her head ok. The next day Nyobie came over to see if Jasmine was ok but nobody answered the door. "Hey sis what's wrong?" said Kurama. "Oh bro were did you come from?" "I was headed to the house and I saw you standing here so I figure I ask." "Oh well I was just seeing if Jasmine was home but I guess no..." just then Nyobie and Kurama heard singing and playing coming from inside. They both looked at each other then to the door. Nyobie knocked on Jasmine's door harder then heard footsteps after the music and singing stopped. "Hello, oh hey guys what are u doing here, sorry if I didn't hear you I was listening to some music." "I was just coming to see if everything is fine," said Nyobie. "Oh yea just listening and doing some work that's all," said Jasmine. Nyobie was not believing a word so she walked up to Jasmine and gave her a light punch in the stomach. Jasmine winced in pain, "what you do that for Nyo?" "Just as I thought your still injured from yesterday are you not?" Kurama was just standing listening to the two and wondering what the hell happened and what was going on. "No I just got hit in the stomach today hard by a soccer ball, that's all." "Ok then you don't mind showing me the bruise." Jasmine hesitated for a minute, then lifted the shirt up some to show that instead she had a cut on her stomach. "Just as I thought you didn't heal the wound like you said." "I got to go so bye" Jasmine walked out beside Nyobie, then locked her door and left. "What happened last night sis?" "Just that a certain dog demon wouldn't let me heal her." "Oh ok well I'm going to meet the guys to talk about our next mission, be back later bye." Kurama said then left.

"You all are probably wondering why you are here on such short notice," said Koenma. "Well why else would we be here toddler," said Yusuke. "I called you here because a princess and a prince of the makia dog tribe are endanger and I want you all to find them and protect them." Koenma went on about the rest of the mission, and gave Kurama and Hiei the part on protecting the princess. Both Yusuke and Kuwabara had to protect the prince. On their way back Kuwabara was complaining cause he didn't get to protect the princess. "Just shut up block head, you got your orders." said Hiei. Everyone went their separate ways home. Meanwhile Jasmine was practicing again but this time being watched by something in the trees. "I believe in you, I believe in me..." she sang. Kagome came over along with Keiko. "Hey guys come on lets practice.. Where is Rose-Mary at?" Just then there was a knock on the door was a girl standing there. "Come on, your late." said Jasmine. "Ok the talent contest is 3 weeks away and we need 1 more guitar player, any ideas?" said Rose-Mary. There was somebody knocking on the front door. "I'll be right back," said Jasmine. "Everyone I like you to meet our guitarist Akai." The girls practiced for 2 hours, "ok we meet on wednesday the same time k?" The rest nodded ok and left except for Akai she stayed. So the two talked for a while and went shopping too. On their way back they saw Kurama walking home. "Hey lets go another way k," said Jasmine. "Why Jas this is the quickest way to your house so lets go," Akai said dragging Jasmine by the arm. They walked past Kurama, "hey Jasmine who's your friend?" Akai stopped. "Hi my name is Akai and you are," "Kurama, so you headed home I can walk with you guys." Akai said "yeah that sounds great, what's wrong Jas?" Jasmine fell to the ground saying her head was hurting her. "Oh just a major headache," Jasmine said. They walk Jasmine home and Akai takes her to her room to rest and thanks Kurama for the help. Jasmine wakes up the next day and gets up to thank Akai. "Hey thanks Akai for the help, I'm going to call Kurama and Yoko." She goes to call them. "Hello this is Nyobie," "hey Nyobie can I speak to your brothers Kurama and Yoko please?"

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