Paige lay on Piper's bed just waiting for her food to come up once again. She closed her eyes, and opened them again when Piper entered the room with Phoebe following. "Paige, are you ok?" Phoebe asked. Paige nodded slowly and gave Phoebe a reassuring smile even though inside she was crying out for someone. "Where's Prue?" Paige whispered. "She's on a fieldtrip with Tori," Piper answered sitting on the bed next to Phoebe. Pipers POV
I could see the pain in Paige's eyes, she tried to reassure us that she was ok, but I knew better. She was hurt, and I didn't know how to help her besides comforting her. I looked at Phoebe, I could tell she was holding back the tears, and trying not to burst. Paige slowly closed her eyes, but quickly opened them again trying not to fall asleep. "Ok, well its 12:30 we need to get going, are you ready?" I asked Paige. She nodded slowly getting up. We helped her get her coat and shoes and everything. She went out to the car slowly. "Paige are you ok?" I asked her; "Yea, I'm ok," Paige answered me trying not to make eye contact. (No one's point of view) "Well Miss Matthews, I have some fabulous news, you're pregnant," Dr. Hanson said. "No, no you have got to be kidding me!" Paige said. She put her hand on her stomach and looked around. "You're almost 3 12 months pregnant," the doctor told her. "Oh my god," Paige was shocked. "And from what I see on the alter sound your having twins," the doctor announced. Paige got up and pulled her shirt down, "Thank you doctor," she said shaking his hand and leaving the office. Piper and Phoebe we're waiting in the waiting room waiting for Paige to come out, "What is it?" Phoebe asked as she spotted Paige. "I'm... well I'm pregnant, with twins," Paige answered. She was still shocked with the news herself. "What am I going to do?" She thought.