Warnings: Slash and violence, and language

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'Blah' - thought

"Yammer" - talking

Chatter- telepathy

symbolsymbolsymbolsymbolsymbol - switch of POV or scene


Naruto lay on his back in a field, his hands folded under his head as he stared into the sky and grumbled about how boring it all was. Class had been canceled today because Kakashi-sensei had some sort of mysterious guest visiting for some really important reason. Naruto's grumbling grew steadily louder until he was practically yelling about how bored he was.
"Then find something to do baka. No one really cares how bored you are, and saying it louder just pisses them off and makes you inattentive to your surroundings." Naruto jumped to his feet and spun to glare at the new arrival. Sasuke stood there with his arms crossed and one fine eyebrow arched in silent challenge. Thoroughly pissed and at the same time totally ecstatic, Naruto racked his brain for a quick reply. Usually he had a snappy retort already ready, but he had gotten so lost in ranting, and had not expected Sasuke to show up that he had totally lost track of things.

You know you're ecstatic to see him. You thought it yourself. You want him, face it

Naruto froze, his insult forgotten at the sudden mental intrusion. It was definitely not his thought...


Sasuke arched an eyebrow when Naruto's eyes suddenly widened and a stunned look covered the smaller boy's face.
"What's wrong with you?" Sasuke asked, fighting to keep the concern out of his face and voice. He would never admit it, even to himself...

Oh come -on-, obviously you have something going on for the guy. You have obviously already admitted it to yourself; after all, you know what happens to you whenever you see him. Do the terms 'butterflies in the stomach' and 'heart-pounding' mean anything to you?

'What in the hell...?!' Sasuke snarled to himself. His face creased in fury spontaneously. He looked up at Naruto, who was now blushing slightly and appeared to be fighting down the embarrassment while arguing with himself.
"Ahem. You wouldn't have happened to hear anything... strange in your head just then, would you?" Naruto asked him, looking up at him and remaining a faint pink color.

Naruto fretted nervously as he watched Sasuke study him. Under that intense gaze, with a thought like that running through his head was making him very nervous.
"As a matter of fact, I did. You did as well I take it?" Sasuke said finally. Naruto let out the breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding and nodded.
"What did it say to you?" asked Sasuke, looking around the clearing to ascertain it was just them and no one was playing some bizarre joke on them. Naruto turned bright pink and immediately went on the defensive.
"You first," he snapped. Sasuke sighed and rested his head on his palm.
"Never mind then. What do you think it is?"


Obviously the voice had pointed out something embarrassing to Naruto, judging by the way he had reacted. What was more important to Sasuke at the moment was figuring out who had said it though. A person who could talk into another person's head was definitely a strong opponent and an automatic threat. Naruto was silent as his brain went to work.
"Oh darn it, I was hoping I would get to sit and admire you longer before you figured out it wasn't your own thoughts, that's why I used thoughts that were already floating around in your head," a soft voice said suddenly. Sasuke whipped around and came face to face with a young boy with a mischievous smile and a very long pole arm weapon. A low growl form behind him told him that Naruto was ready and willing to rip the boy's throat out at first chance. Holding an arm out to keep his companion at bay he narrowed his eyes at the boy.
"Who are you and what do you want?" he snapped coldly, gripping Naruto's sleeve to make sure he stayed put. To his mild surprise, Naruto didn't fight him.


Naruto stared at the small boy and wondered why in the hell he looked so familiar and why alarms were going off in his head. The boy was dressed in head to toe in black and silver, even his weapon was black and silver for crying out loud!
'Get out of there! Now!' a gruff animalistic voice snapped in his head. This time there was no mystery though. Naruto could recognize the voice of the kitsune that was sealed in him now; it was his equivalent of a conscience.
'Why?' he asked. The fox was silent though. Naruto studied the boy again and more insistent alarms went off. Naruto gave in and stepped towards Sasuke so he could whisper in the other boy's ear, reluctantly forcing Sasuke's grip off of him.


"We need to get out of here." Naruto whispered suddenly in Sasuke's ear. An involuntary shiver ran up Sasuke's spine when he felt Naruto's warm breath on his ear and neck.
"Why?" he asked, twisting slightly to face Naruto without taking his eyes off the strange boy.
"I'll explain it later. I'm telling you right now, we have got to get out of here."
"Oh, that won't be necessary. I'm afraid neither of you will be leaving alive though. Sorry!" the little boy said cheerily. And he lunged.


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