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'Blah' - thought

"Yammer" - talking

Chatter- telepathy

symbolsymbolsymbolsymbolsymbol - switch of POV or scene

Kakashi watched Maoko suddenly storm out of Naruto's room and march right past him into Sasuke's room. Half-a-second later loud cursing and creative descriptions were shared as Maoko stormed out again. She turned to him and gave him a very dark look.
"He bit them goddamn it," she snapped coldly. Kakashi blinked once or twice as what she said sunk in.
"Shit... he didn't?!" Iruka exclaimed, lurching from his chair. Maoko growled low and nodded and walked to the door, muttering under her breath.
"Goddamn little fucker better run fast... Oh, Iruka, go take care of Naruto, he's conscious and had a really bad dream to say the least," she said before opening the door and slamming it shut. A few moments later Sakura came in rubbing her eyes.
"What's going on...?" she murmured, clutching a blanket over her shoulders. Kakashi smiled kindly at his tired student through his mask and rested a hand on her shoulder.
"Go back to bed Sakura, we'll wake you if anything urgent happens," he said quietly, glancing over his shoulder to make sure that Iruka was going to take care of Naruto. He nodded in satisfaction when he saw Iruka disappear into the room. Turning back to Sakura he couldn't help but snicker to see she had fallen asleep on her feet.
'Up all night worrying were you?' he thought, picking her up and carrying her back to her room. Once sure she was settled he poked his head into Naruto's room.
"I'm going to go out for a bit, think you can handle these three all by yourself?" he asked, arching an eyebrow and hiding his concern (pretty easy for a guy who wears a mask don't you think?). Iruka nodded and Kakashi took off, wondering if he could find Maoko before her rage got the better of her and she ripped Yami's head off.


Maoko stormed through the streets, her vision slowly becoming clouded as fury took over.
"That little shit! How dare he do that to those two..." she snarled through gritted teeth, fighting to keep in control as she made her way as fast as she could away from the village and towards Yami's signature. Several yards into the forest an evil giggle interrupted a creative string of swearing.
"I see you discovered what I did," Yami said calmly from his perch. Maoko temporarily fazed out as her rage took control.


"Maoko!" exclaimed a familiar voice, cutting through the crimson fog of rage. Maoko shook her head and looked around. Kakashi blinked at her a few times, bent slightly and panting. She looked up at Yami, who was sporting several shuriken wounds and a handful of nasty bruises. She blinked once or twice and looked back at Kakashi.
"Hello," she said calmly, scrambling around inside her head to recover her pre-rage memories. Finally she remembered and turned back to Yami.
"You are going to come with me," she said darkly, giving him a look that told him there would be no arguing.


Sasuke looked around himself and wondered why Naruto was staring at him like that. It didn't take him long to figure out that it was a dream, even if it had been a long time since he had had a dream with Naruto in it.
"Ah, Sasuke-san..." Naruto purred, reaching out and running his hand along Sasuke's face. Sasuke inhaled slightly and drew back, making the dream Naruto smile. Slowly the orange-clad ninja advanced and rested his hands on Sasuke's hips. Sasuke swallowed nervously and tried to push dream- Naruto's hands off, but the other's grip was firm.
"You know I make your heart pound and give you butterflies," Naruto purred, leaning forward and tracing Sasuke's jaw-line with his tongue. Sasuke swallowed again and squeezed his eyes shut.
"Stop..." he breathed as Naruto's hands traveled up and wrapped around his neck, pushing his face down and catching him in an intently passionate kiss. Naruto refused though, toppling Sasuke over and straddling him. An evil light glinted in the dream character's blue eyes as he eyed Sasuke slowly, taking in every curve and sculpt of his narrow body.
'Wake up...' Sasuke silently willed himself, closing his eyes tightly to shield himself from the sight of Naruto sliding one hand up his shirt...
"Sasuke! Wake up!" a frantic voice said. Sasuke's groggy brain welcomed the intrusion as the dream faded away and a panicked looking Sakura slowly came into focus. She touched his forehead lightly as he closed his eyes and took a deep shuddering breath.
"Are you alright?" Iruka asked, leaning over Sakura's shoulder and studying him. Sasuke nodded and threw an arm over his eyes.
"How's Naruto?" he croaked, his throat dry. There was a moment of silence, during which fear welled-up from deep inside Sasuke and filled his chest.
"Eh, I'm fine... you took the brunt of the attack," Naruto said from somewhere just out of Sasuke's vision, his voice edged with concern and if Sasuke was not mistaken, fear.
"I had the most God-awful nightmare," Sasuke said, feeling Sakura's and Iruka's concerned gazes. "But I'll be alright, just let me sit for a little while, Naruto, can I talk to you alone for a bit?"
"Yeah, sure," Naruto said. Iruka sighed and there was some shuffling.
"Naruto, since you're recovering as well as you are, help Sasuke redo his bandages and clean his wounds," Iruka's order was followed by the soft click of the door shutting.
"Yeah, yeah..." Naruto muttered under his breath.
"Naruto, we need to talk."

Yami glared darkly at the back of the lavender-haired ninja in front of him. He wanted nothing more then to call on his powers and screw the guy over so bad mentally it would take Maoko-bitch a whole year to undo it, but he knew that at this point that was not a very good idea, plus, it broke his promise.
"You screwed up big this time Yami. What exactly did you do to them? I know a bite there usually has something to do with mates, but it's been awhile since my last brushing up on demon ways," Maoko said from behind him. Yami sighed and pondered not telling her, knowing that it would probably earn him another beating.
"How about an information exchange?" he said quietly. There was a long moment of silence that made the man in front of him glance back at them.
"Fine," Maoko snapped coldly.


"Talk about what?" Naruto asked curiously, his heart thumping in his chest.
"Even you aren't that stupid dobe, you had the same line of dream I did, and I think it has something to do with Yami biting us." Naruto couldn't fight it.
"No, really?" he exclaimed sarcastically, rolling his eyes. Sasuke sat up and glared at him.
"Yes really. Tell me what happened in your dream. Not in detail, just the basics." Naruto flushed beet red and stared at his feet. Sasuke waited for a long moment in silence then sighed. He reached out a hand and touched Naruto's bare arm lightly.
"Did I attempt to rape you?" he asked softly. Naruto bit his lip and nodded slowly, strange pain welling in his chest.
"Did I..." he began, glancing at Sasuke out of the corner of his eyes as he sat down. Sasuke nodded solemnly, and the hurt in his chest got worse.

"Alright, you start if you wanna exchange," Maoko said coolly, yanking Kakashi out of his stunned state.
"What in the hell are you? Even for a Shinobi you shouldn't be this freaking tough and you sure as hell shouldn't be able to undo 95% of my screw over work," Yami snapped, stopping and sitting on a stump suddenly. Maoko laughed dryly.
"I'm a half-demon baka, couldn't you figure that out on your own?" she asked, arching an eyebrow. Kakashi snickered, earning him a dark look from Yami.
"Alright, my turn. What in the hell did you do to those two? And no smart-assed answers," Maoko asked, sitting down across from him. Kakashi sat behind her on a mossy stump.
"There is a natural poison in my body that gives a person nightmares and weakness until they get together with their destined lover. Quite harmless actually," Yami said casually. Maoko and Kakashi exchanged surprised looks.
"Oh dear..." Maoko said softly.


"Sorry..." Naruto said softly. Sasuke sighed and nudged his teammate lightly.
"It's not your fault," he told him calmly, barely disguising the hurt in his chest. Naruto took a long, shuddering breath and looked Sasuke in the eyes. Sasuke blinked as an overwhelming urge overcame him...

Naruto blinked when Sasuke suddenly leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the lips. It startled him how soft Sasuke's lips were, but even more startling was that when Sasuke's lips touched his, all the pain in his chest went away.


"Well... I suppose it's ok..."
"What do you mean you 'suppose it's ok'?!" Kakashi asked in alarm. Maoko was quiet for a moment as she thought about it.
"Correct me if I'm wrong... but the boys are hopelessly in love, even if they don't know it," Maoko said softly, twisting slightly to look at him. Kakashi blinked at her in stunned silence.
"Well, sure, I guess so..."
"So I suppose it's ok than, right?"


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