I wrote this a long time ago. Like 2 years ago. So if you think it sucks, you're most likely right. So I don't care if you flame. Disclaimer: Roses are red, Violates are blue. I don't own Inuyasha, and Neither do you. - - Mirithin Heras sat on the edge of a lake, he sword on his lap, his eyes closed. It was near midnight, and the rest of the group was asleep. Mirithin didn't sleep much, his dreams where filled with torment and blood. Which constantly reminds him of the evil he committed once. Over and over again he saw the fire, the blood, the blank expression of death on the faces of the victims. He felt like crying, but would not let the tears come, he was to strong for that, he would think. Besides, he didn't want anyone (particularly Inuyasha) walking in on him while he was crying. Behind the good and the bad, behind the spirit of his father, was the shadow and darkness he could not get rid of. He sighed as he began once again to remember

-memory- -

Mirithin lay on a hill, the grass blowing gently in the wind, he heard the villagers going on with their daily chores and such, and enjoying the warm spring day. Even though he was only 8 at the time, he was unusually strong, even for a hanyou. He looked over where he saw the monk called Miroku, walking towards the village once again with items' to sell. Mirithin always wondered why there where prayer beads on his hand. Every time he asked Miroku changed the subject.

"Ohayo Miroku!" Mirithin yelled out to the monk.

"Hey Mirithin." Miroku came over to him," and how are you doing?"

"Fine" Mirithin replied happily.

"Good, hey, I have to head into the village market a while, talk to you later?" Miroku said.

"Ok." The young Mirithin watched the monk go out of site, then he heard His mother calling for lunch.

That afternoon he decided to walk through the forest, where he ran into some other kids," Hey! It's Sayna's bastard hanyou kid!" One of the kids said aloud, and the other kids noticed him, Mirithin kept quiet, he learned to ignore the comments, he's heard them enough before. He continued to walk his eyes closed past them, until one of the kids with brown shaggy hair, and a large nose grabbed him.

"Hey! Who said you could pass? Only normal people can pass through here!"

Mirithin continued walking, then another boy stepped in front of him.

" DON'T YOU DARE IGNORE US YOU SON OF A BITCH!" He yelled," WE SAID! ONLY NORMAL PEOPLE CAN PASS! NOT SOME THROUGH AWAY HANYOU! GEES! HASN'T YOUR WORTHLESS MOTHER TAUGHT YOU ANYTHING?!" Now that, made Mirithin mad, he hit the kid, a little harder than intended to, and sent him flying back knocking him out. All the others surrounded the knocked out one.

" HE KNOCKED OUT SAUL! YOU'VE DONE IT NOW! GET HIM!" They all started to come after Mirithin slowly; he backed away, one step at a time.

"Guys, I'm sorry!"

"Too late for that you prick!" A girl in a red kimono yelled.


" LETS RIP HIM TO SHREDS!" One of the other's said, and they chased him, Mirithin, not usually the fighting type ran as fast as he could, easily getting away from them, but not for long, while he was resting in a tree they came after him again, and later that week, and again the next. Getting frustrated he drew his sword, at first the opposing kids hesitated, then Mirithin chased them, after a while he let them get away.

-Next week in memory- -

Mirithin sat in his normal tree, once again watching the villagers on their chores. Accept this time he wasn't happy, he had gotten in trouble when the kids told their parents that he tried to kill them, he was running through the village and accidentally ran into one of the village elders, again, getting him a worse reputation and in more trouble, with rumors he tried to run him over on purpose, and to top it all off, his mother was really sick, and Mirokue hasn't showed up in weeks. He sighed and laid back, eventually falling asleep.

-Real world- -

that's how it started... Mirithin thought to himself but its the next part I cant forget... Mirithin stared off into the lake, as he started to remember, the unforgettable night...