Ginny was worried, not like that was anything knew, she was always worried about her family. But this time she was worried about someone else. Harry Potter had disapeared a week in the the summer and no one had seen him since. When the Dursleys were questioned all the said was that he had disapeared from his room. Ever since his disapearance the Order f the phoenix has been trying to find him. Locating charms don't work, tracking charms lead them to the ocean before turning around and leading to the other side of the country.

The reason Ginny was so worried was that she was head over heels in love with the emerald eyed boy-who-lived. She had a crush on him since before she could even remember and after he had saved her from the Chamber of Secrets she had fallen in love with him. Her only hope that he was alright and the only thing stopping her from a full fledged panic attack was that Snape had reported that The Dark Lord Voldemort was also seraching him out. So that meant the the Dark Lord didn't have him either.

During that week that Harry wasn't missing, they had been writing back and forth and it seemed that he had been opening up to her and welcoming her into his fold of close friends. She didnt want to lose him just after he had accepted her. Ginny siged before slowly rolling off her bed where she had been laying thinking about harry to her feet. She slowly trudged downstairs for dinner. When she entered the kitchen she noticed that the other four occupants of the Burrow were already there. Her Father, Arthur Weasley, was sitting at the head of the table like always, reading the Evening Prophet. She could tell his eyes were barely moving and was putting up a front to make it seem like he was strong for the family.

Molly Weasley was puttering away at the stove putting together enough food to feed every witch and wizard in England. Ginny knew that this was her mothers way of coping with her worry over the one she had dubbed her "seventh son". Ginny then turned towards the last to occupants sitting at the table as she took her seat.

Ron weasley and Hermione Granger were both picking at the food that was on there plates listlessly. They were also worried over what happened to there best friend, there honorary brother. They hadn't even fought since Hermione had arrived at the burrow in the middle of june two in a half months ago. It was a miracle in Ginny's opinion.

Ginny piled food on her plate and slowly began to eat not daring to break the almost non stop silence that seemed to surround the burrow this summer. As she slowly ate the frustration of the past few weeks came back to her and she found herself getting angry at her family. Finny she couldnt take it anymore. "What is wrong with you people? Why are you acting as someone just died? Harry is alright, You-Know-who doesnt have him and you know that Harry won't let himself die unless he takes him out with him!"

Silence once again descended on the burrow this time in shock of the outburst the diminuitive redhead just had. Ginny stood there breathing heavily from her outburst and looking over at her shocked family. After awhile when no one said anything Ginny turned and ran up to her room and flung herself down on to the bed crying. Ten minutes later there was a sft knock on the door, "Ginny can I come in?"

Without waitring for an answer Hermione slowly walked in to the room. Seing Ginny crying on her bed, Hermione softly closed the door and crossed the room to give Ginny a hug to comfort her. "Why, why did he leave us Hermione, why would he leave without so much as a note!" Ginny cried in to Hermiones shirt where she now clung to.

"I don't know Ginny. But whatever his reason, and wherever he is you know that it is a good reason and that he probably had no choice but to do it. it probably will help him live longer in the fight with You-Know-Who also." Hermione answered in a soft voice while rubbing small circles on Ginny's back.

Ginny could only nod as she sat up and dried her eyes. She gave a little smile to hermione to show her thatnks for the talk and helping to calm her. When they were about to head back downstairs for Ginny to apologize to the rest of her family, a brown horned owl flew through the window. Ginny, not recognizing the hand writing, caustiously removed the letter attached to its leg. The owl once its burden was lifted flew out the window, not waiting for a reply.

Ginny carefully opened the letter and looked at the contents before all the blood drained from her face. "Ginny, whats wrong? Who's it from?" Hermione asked.

Ginny looked up in a daze and whispered "It's from Harry."