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When I Need You: Chapter 1

"Mr. Himura, I'm really sorry, but you missed rent again. You know what we have to do."

"Wait, Joe I have it now! I just got paid today. Please Joe I have no where to go," the man pleaded.

"Kenshin, you've had your chances," he scratched his head and mumbled, "5 to be exact. If you miss your payment we miss ours."


"No, you need to be out of here in two weeks. Good day." Joe turned on his heel and walked away.

Kenshin closed the door and leaned against it. 'Great two weeks… where am I going to find a place in two weeks? I'll call Sanosuke, he can hook me up.' He went to his room and pulled boxes out of his closet.


A young woman, who looks to be in her early twenties, is putting clothes in a washing machine. A voice is heard from her living room.

"Hey, sweetheart! I'm back from Florida!" came the man's voice.

"Enishi!" She ran out to the living room and hugged him.

"Hey Kaoru, you missed me that much?" Enishi asked hugging back.

"Of course!" She kissed him. "Do you want some coffee? I just made it."

"Sure, that sounds good." He set his things down.

Enishi sat at the table while Kaoru served him tea.

He stared into it, not looking up. Kaoru noticed this and began to wonder why he looked troubled. "Enishi," she said, "Is there something wrong? You look upset."

He looked at her. Worry was written all over her face. "No, no..." he paused, "Well, yeah, kind of..."


"Well my boss... you see...he promoted me..."

"Enishi that's wonderful… but, why are you upset?"

"It will require me to move to London."


"Yes, well, I- I want you to come with me…"

"Enishi! I can't, all of my friends are here… You can't expect me to drop everything and go with you… anyways I don't want to leave New York… I- I can't leave New York."

"Why not? Don't you love me, Kaoru?" He asked a little forceful. He jumped up.

"Of course I do, Enishi! But I can't just drop my life!"

"I love you, Kaoru… Isn't that enough for you?"

"Enishi! We're not even married… I won't drop my life for a boyfriend… even if I do love you!"

Enishi shook his head angrily. "You're coming Kaoru!"

"NO, I'M NOT!"



Enishi grabbed her arm forcefully and she winced. "Kaoru-"

Kaoru's apartment door flew open.

"Let her go Enishi… Now!" Came a quite familiar voice.

"Stay out of this, Sanosuke," Enishi raged. He took a threatening step towards the young man, Kaoru still in his hold.

"I said let her go!" Sano put his head down.

"No! She is coming with me!"

"I say LET HER GO!"

"You've got nothing to do with this Sano! STAY OUT!"

"If you don't let her go, Enishi, I swear to god, I'll kill you!" Sanosuke looked at Enishi with fire reflecting in his eyes.

Enishi pushed Kaoru to Sanosuke and he caught her. He put his arm around her. "Are you okay?" he asked sweetly.

"I'm fine," Kaoru whimpered.

Sano turned to Enishi. "Get out now!"

"I will be back, Kaoru!" He stormed out the door.

"Kaoru, are you okay?" Worry was fixed in his face.

"Really I'm fine." She began to tear.

"What's wrong?"

"Enishi… Sano! He- he just left me… he is going to London," she cried, leaning into him.

"K-Kaoru, come on don't cry- h-he wasn't good for you, anyway… aww come on Kaoru… I hate it when you cry…" he rubbed her back, but it didn't help. "Enishi will regret leaving… he wasn't good for you anyways… He was too controlling, Kaoru."

"N-no he wasn't.

"Don't cry anymore!"

"I-I need to be alone Sanosuke, just for a little while… please."


"Two years! I can't believe him," now she was crying to herself.

"KAORU! Get a hold of yourself! You're like a sister to me Kaoru; I don't want to see you crying!"

"I'm sorry Sano… but please go back to your apartment." She stepped out of his arms and turned away from him.

He walked to the door and looked at her. She gave him a forced smile from over her shoulder. "I'll be fine," she said in almost a whisper.

He walked out and shut the door behind him.

Kaoru sulked to her bedroom and flopped on her bed… she was heart broken… Enishi had told her he loved her but always dropped the subject of marriage when it came up. Then he would get controlling and violent when things didn't go his way. That wasn't the first time she had been rescued by Sano. He was like her big brother, always looking out for her. She sighed sadly. 'I'll never find the right guy…' she said to herself, a tear streaming down her face.

Sano opened his apartment door cursing Enishi. Kaoru had been living next door for 3 years now. He remembered when Enishi came into her life. He never liked the guy. Enishi was always overpowering Kaoru. A few times he had to kick Enishi out for getting too violent with her. Sano was glad Enishi was gone but he knew Kaoru would be heartbroken for a while. The phone rang and he picked it up. "Hello?"

"Hey, Sanosuke, what's up?"

"Nothing, Kenshin, do you need something?"

"Heh, heh, yeah… um, I need you to help me find a place to live," Kenshin said sounding ashamed.

"What? Why?"

"I um… I missed rent again… they're- uh- kicking me out."

"Kenshin, I can't believe you… Again?" Sano laughed.

"Please Sano. I need the place in about a week… I have all my things packed."

"How 'bout you come live here?"

"No Sano, I couldn't."

"It's fine Kenshin, really. You took me in when I needed a place, for free to boot, can't I do the same?"

"But, Sano, I can't just move in… And if I did, how could I pay you? I don't get paid often. My bodyguard jobs pay well, but not as often as I need."

"So you pay me half when you get it, It's no big deal… you're not going to find a better offer, Kenshin."

"Alright, okay… I'll move in," Kenshin sighed.

"Hah! I'll pick you up tomorrow."

"That soon?"

"Yep. My spare room is empty. So you can move in right away. See you tomorrow Kenshin." He hung up.

Kenshin sat on the other line trying to figure out what had just happened. "Oro." It was getting late; he thought he'd better get ready for the morning.

Kaoru woke to two men speaking loudly in the hall outside her apartment. She looked at her watch. 11:00. 'Wow it's getting late.' She heard the men's voices again. 'Who could that be?' She quickly got dressed and went to the hallway of her apartment building. Sanosuke's door was open.

Kaoru walked in looking around. Boxes were lying everywhere. 'Someone is moving in?' She walked down the hallway calling Sano's name. Finally she got an answer.

"Kaoru? Hey, Kaoru, I'm back here!" Sano called from the spare bedroom.

She hurried to the room. "Sano, who's moving in?"

"Oh it's a friend of mine…"

"Not one of your gross dirty friends, is it? Eww-"

"Gross and dirty? Wow I took a shower too, hmmm I think I need new soap," said an amused voice from behind her.

Kaoru spun around to find herself looking into the violet eyes of attractive man. His long red hair glistened in the sunlight coming through the window. He had a rather large cross shaped scar on his left cheek and was slightly taller than she was. His tight black shirt showed his muscles. She stared at him. "S-sorry, I-I didn't mean you…" She stuttered.

He laughed and smiled at her.

"Hello… Miss… Kaoru, isn't it?"

"Um y-yes, but how did you know?"

"Sano told me… next door, correct?" He smiled when Kaoru nodded. "Talks just as though you were his little sister."

"So, what is your name? I'm afraid I haven't heard of you…" she laughed.

"Kenshin, Kenshin Himura." He gave her another charming smile.

"Well it is nice to meet you, Kenshin."

"And you, Miss Kaoru. Now, if you will excuse me I need to take the U-Haul truck back." He turned to Sano. "Sano will you unpack my things?"

"Sure Kenshin."

"I'll be right back."

He smiled at Kaoru and left.

"Do you like him, Kaoru?"

"What do you mean? He is much better than those thugs you bring here. So, yeah, I guess I like him."

"Good. He'll get your mind off of Enishi for a while."

"SANO! I don't want another relationship," she said sadly while hugging her shoulder and turning her head away.

"Just be his friend, Kaoru. You need a good friend right now."

"Yeah, I have you and Misao."

"Get to know Kenshin. He's really caring … Kenshin will not break your heart. His own will be broken before he'll let someone else's even fracture. It makes me sick," he said while rolling s eyes.

"Sano, I hate you."

He smiled. "Yes, I know."

"Why are you trying to hook me up? I don't want to go out with anyone."

"I hate seeing you sulk around. I'm telling you Kaoru, you'll like him… even if he doesn't become a love-interest. He is a good friend to have."

"You brought him here to be my friend?"

"Nah… He needed a place to stay. He's leaving as soon as he finds a good apartment. Says he 'doesn't want to be a burden.'"

"Strange… How old is he?"

"35 I think…"

"35!? "

"Yeah… Don't change the subject…Get to know him, Kaoru, you won't regret it… I promise."

"Fine. I'll be friendly, but nothing more, okay?"

Later, in the late evening, Kaoru is picking at her food. She sits alone in her apartment, only the kitchen light on. She keeps thinking about Enishi. 'Did I really love him? I don't know anymore. What about the new guy, Kenshin? He seems nice. He is cute, but that long hair needs to go. Though it does add to his features. What's with the scar? I made an idiot of myself… calling him gross and dirty. When really he was sweet and clean.' She laughed. 'I'll take him out to lunch tomorrow. I trust Sanosuke. If he thinks I will like Kenshin, I probably will. He was right about me needing to get my mind off of Enishi.' She yawned. "Bed time."

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