Hey, I've been trying to figure out something to write and I'm having trouble... so if it sux you gotta tell me... k? Every time I put these in my fics to show change of scene... this time it's still change of scene but think of things going black then changing... it gives a different view, I think... See you at the end!

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When I Need You: Chapter 3: Dreams

A boy with red hair sat by both of his parents, sobbing. "Mother, Father... you're going to be alright, aren't you?"

A sickly man touched his son's hand. "Don't worry... It's going to pass soon..."

The boy frowned. "The doctor says it cholera... he says there is nothing else he can to... They all say you'll die..." Tears streamed down they boy's face.

"Shinta," whispered a pale woman, "Shinta...no matter what happens to us... I want you to live happy... don't mourn over our death... remember that we'll go to a better place..." She gave him a weak smile.

Slow, ever so painfully slow, in the next hour did the two died. Shinta sobbed for hours.

Darkness was all around him... that and the red eyes of the most cold blooded gang, he thought, in the world.

"Run, Shinta! Run!"

Shinta cowered in the shadow of the building watching the three he grew attached to be tortured to death.

Shinta scrambled over to their bloody bodies. He looked on them in horror... no one could be so merciless. He stood slowly muttering curses at the cold blooded gang before him. He was splattered in blood of his loved ones. "Why..."

The leader of the gang stepped forward and spat at him. "Why should we explain ourselves to you?"

Tears that ran down Shinta's face washed some of the blood away. "What drove you to do this to us!?" he shouted. "What did we do to you!?"

The big man laughed at the boy. "We wanted to have some fun..." He stepped forward, advancing toward Shinta, weapon raised, ready to kill...

Suddenly the man crumpled to the ground and a figure shadowed by darkness stood before his now lifeless body. The figure spit at the dead body and said, "No one should ever kill for the fun of it."

He turned around and faced the boy. "Get out of here..." he ordered.

Before he could say anything to his rescuer the other members of the gang charged. In five simple strikes the gang was gone. Everyone was slaughtered.

Kenshin looked at the dead that lay around him. It was too much for his stomach to take. He turned and retched against the wall. He faced the man again and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "T-thank you..." he said softly.

His rescuer stepped to him and looked down. "Sorry..." he said simply, "Young eyes should never see such things."

Kenshin stared at the man's weapon. "A sword?"

"A katana..."

"Teach me..."

The man seemed taken aback. "What?"

"Teach me... please..."

"I will not take students..."

"I want to be able to fight for the weak who cannot...I want to make sure these things never happen..."

"I am not a hero... heroes don't kill..."

"Then I won't be a hero. I'll be like you."

"What's your name, boy?"

"Shinta... Shinta Himura."

"Shinta... I don't like that name... It doesn't suit the man you will become."

"The man I-" A small smile appeared on Shinta's face. "Thank you, sir..."

"My name is Hiko, but you will call me Master..." he crouched down to the boy's level, "And your name... your name is Kenshin..."

"Master... Why Kenshin?"

Hiko held up his katana. "Because you will learn everything... including swordsmanship... In Japanese Kenshin means 'Heart of the Sword'."(A/N: Is that right? I think so... but I could be wrong...)

Kenshin smiled. "Thank you, Master... I am grateful..."

Kenshin sat in the room his Master, Hiko, had supplied. It was plain but it was private. He reflected on the death of his loved ones and tears ran down his face.

"You can't tell me, you're not my father!"

"I am your master, I can tell you anything!"

Kenshin clenched his fists. "I'm leaving..." he said quietly.

"No you're not... I will not tell you again..."

"Shut up! I am better than any other agent! I can be the best!"

"That was not your objective! You will not!"

"You know nothing of my objective!"

"I told you not to be a hero! Nothing good comes from being a hero!"

"I want to do what's right! Taking down terrorists is the right thing!"

"But you haven't finished your training!"

"I know enough!"

Hiko spit on the ground. "Damn you, boy."

Quick and clean; that's how every assassination should have been. Only the life assigned was the one to be taken. No bodyguards... no witnesses. If someone should see you, it won't matter due to the fact that you are in black... unrecognizable. One... one...

Kenshin breathed heavily. This was against the rules... he should not be fighting this man. The bodyguard held a knife in his right hand. Kenshin was quick and hit the man in the stomach. The guard spit blood and refused to fall over. He lunged toward Kenshin. He dodged but it wasn't quick enough to avoid being cut on his left cheek. Kenshin's ego screamed and he landed a fateful strike to the man's head. He rolled the man over to get a good look at his face; the one man that was good enough to put a cut on his face... one that would make a scar. The guard opened his eyes and looked directly into Kenshin's.

"Tomoe," he whispered. Then his eyes fell closed and he was gone.

Kenshin frowned. This shouldn't have happened.

Kenshin looked at his opponent. This was it... they would both die... but as long as she was safe... it didn't matter as long as she was safe...

They lunged in unison. Both had a katana, which was odd for this time. Kenshin swung with the rest of his energy, but suddenly someone appeared with their back to him. Arms were stretched wide shielding him from his enemy's sword. He finally realized who it was, but it was to late.

The enemy was off somewhere, dead by Kenshin's blow, but Kenshin held the woman in his arms who was dying... by the same blow. He held her body as she grew colder and colder with each second. Tears streamed down his face as he watched her smile. The first time she ever smiled for him. Slowly, she grasped her dagger and put a vertical cut on his left cheek, crossing the one her fiancé had made. The cut gave him no pain, for the pain he felt for killing his beloved was overpowering.

"Tomoe," he whispered. Ironically just the way Akira had done...

Tomoe's eyes drifted shut and Kenshin held her close. He sobbed to her cold body and slowly lifted her from the ground. He carried her away from the now hallowed soil.

Kenshin looked around him... this place was unfamiliar. It was empty and off-white. (A/N: Not solitary confinement! He's not crazy!) The halls were bare, as were the rooms. The door opened and Kaoru appeared. A smile was on her face and her hand was out to him. He walked forward to her but as he did so everything became black. Slowly her smile faded and she was engulfed in darkness.

Kenshin sat up quickly. His breathing was heavy and sweat dripped off his chin.

"Kenshin are you alright?" asked a sweet voice. "I could hear you from my apartment."

"Hear me?"

Sano stood in the doorway. "Yeah, Kenshin, you've been screaming your head off."

Kenshin frowned. "I'm sorry."

"What were you dreaming about?"

"The past."

Kaoru and Sanosuke both became silent.

"I'm fine now."

"Are you sure?"

Kenshin nodded. Sano left but Kaoru sat next to him on his bed.

"Kenshin... will you tell me?"

"It was an only a nightmare... that's all..."

"Has it been awhile since you last had one?"

Kenshin shook his head. I have them every night... I don't remember not having them..."

Kaoru's eyes softened. "Oh, Kenshin."

"It's fine really..." He peeled back the sheets and set his feet on the carpet.

Kaoru blushed. Kenshin noticed and gave her a questioning look. With a smile she rolled her eyes and looked away, but she pointed to his waist.

Kenshin blinked and looked down. Smiley face boxers... Kenshin turned red and quickly grabbed a pair of jeans. Kaoru turned away and giggled. He scrambled into them and turned around with an, "Oro."

"Are you done?" Kaoru asked, still giggling.

"Uh- y-yeah. I'm done."

"Nice boxers!" Kaoru said as she turned around and winked.

Kenshin smiled. He ran his fingers through his short hair.

It was so depressing to write the dreams I had to add the fun boxer scene.
I know that Hiko wasn't that kind but, hey, I had to make it that way. I think it worked out... Anywayz... I hope you liked it! Now... I must sleep for it is 2 AM.

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