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Chapter One: Edward's Gift

Faye sat in her room on the Bebop, trying to figure out what to do. Jet was out on a bounty and ever since Ed had left with Ein, things just weren't the same.

Damn you, Lunkhead, she thought to herself, as she stared up at the ceiling. Why'd you have to go and die on me?

Ever since Spike had left, off to find Julia, or fight Vicious, or whatever the hell he had gone away for, she hadn't been the same. The ship was lonely without another person she could at least argue with. She debated whether to go off to another bar, but after last night's episode, she doubted Jet would keep her on board anymore.

He had had to drag her out of the bar at two in the morning, nearly dead drunk. Piling her into the ship, he had taken her back to the Bebop, before throwing her into the shower and turning on the water. When she had woken up, hours later, he was gone, and she was soaked.

She had made herself a large pot of coffee, taking her time to drink it as she dried off. Once or twice, she had had to make a quick dash to the bathroom. Hangovers were a bitch. Most of the day she had spent on the couch, thinking. It had hardly gotten her anywhere, but then again, there wasn't much else to do.

Her thoughts had been mostly centered on a certain puffy haired man, of slim build and, fluid motions. He was a man normally seen in a blue suit, with yellow undershirt, and matching tie. His fighting technique was the same way he looked at life. He was impulsive by nature, but what he fought, he was liquid, water that fell just past your fingertips before pounding you with the force of a waterfall.

A tear escaped her eye, but Faye lazily brushed it aside. She couldn't continue doing this. This being the way she lied around in a deep state of depression every day for the last two years. Jet had told her numerous times that it wasn't healthy. He had even bought her meat one night, just so she didn't have to eat another cup of noodles. But the sight had only made her cry, as she thought of all the times Spike had asked for meat instead of carbs. After that, Jet had kept his worries to words.

Faye could understand why Jet was so upset and, in a way, protective of her. Right after Spike had been confirmed dead, she had gone after a bounty. While on the search, she had followed the guy into a bar. She had taken a seat to the back, watching him with a lusty gaze so he wouldn't catch on to her real purpose.

A waiter had walked by sometime during the night and spilled ice on her by accident. When Faye went to clean it off of herself in the bathroom, someone had slipped something in her drink. She came back, completely forgetting the first rule about drinking on the job, and finished her glass in one gulp.

Only ten minutes later, her vision was blurry, and she was beginning to lose feeling in her limbs. Realizing what had happened, she had called Jet. He had sped down to get her, fearing he'd lose the last of his company.

When he got there, she was sprawled out on the floor, but she wasn't the only one. Nearly the entire bar was out cold. Jet stepped over them all, expecting the worse for Faye, but when he checked her pulse, he knew the drug was only intended to put her to sleep for a few hours. She'd be fine. He asked the bartender about the others while paying off Faye's tab.

The man said a stranger had come into the bar, noticing Faye's condition and beat the shit out of all who had tried to get a hold of her. After that, he had checked on her, then left. Jet found this to be a bit unusual, but he hadn't pondered over it long. He took Faye home, and waited by the couch until she woke up. That's when things had gotten weird.

"Spike," she whispered.

No, Faye," he had shook his head slowly. "Spike's dead, I'm Jet."

"No," she smiled, "Spike saved me." Then she had fallen back asleep, leaving Jet to wonder about that stranger the bar owner had been talking about. Finally, they had both decided it had been the drug. Whoever had come to save her, had looked like Spike, and the drugs had made her think, it was him, but it wasn't really Spike, because he was dead.

Faye sighed, another tear running down her cheek, before hitting the covers of her bed. Was this how she was going to live the rest of her life? She had always believed at some point or another, she'd meet a really great guy, retire from bounty hunting, get a real job, and have a nice family. You couldn't be a mother and a bounty hunter. It was too dangerous and if she ever did have kids, which was looking pretty bad now, she wanted them to be safe.

Briefly she wondered about Julia and Spike. If they had stayed together and he had never been picked up by Jet, would he have been a father? He had loved that woman so much, that Faye doubted he would have been anything else. She tried to picture what his children would have looked like, when she heard the hanger close. Jet was back.

Forcing herself up, she rose from her bed, leaving the security of her room to see what he had brought back.

"FAYE-FAYE!" No sooner had she taken one out of the hall, something had latched onto her waist, crushing the air out of her lungs, and nearly breaking her ribs.

"Hey Edward," she smiled, patting the redhead.

"Ed so happy to see Faye-Faye," the younger girl announced in her ever-playful voice. A short, stubby dog barked by Faye's feet. "And Ein is happy to see Faye-Faye too!"

"That's great Edward," Faye said, clenching her jaw, "but how about you let go of me!"

"Okie dokie!" Just as easily as she had spoken, the limber girl unleashed Faye from the death trap of her arms. She looked around the ship, poking about like normal, as if she hadn't been gone for so long.

Faye looked at Jet for an explanation. "I caught the bounty, but I also picked up some other things," he told her, indicating Ed and Ein. Faye merely shrugged, not wanting to show how glad she was to have something back to normal. She took a seat on the couch, lying down, with her arms folded behind her head. Jet left to work on his bonsai plants, so she decided to take a snooze.

"Faye-Faye!" Something launched itself onto her stomach. Faye sat up with the impact. "Where's Spike-person?" Ed asked, innocently. Biting her lip, Faye demanded herself not to cry, even if it was only in front of a young girl and her dog. "What wrong? Did Spike-person and Faye-Faye have a spat-spat?" Faye only wished it were that simple. Not completely understanding Ed, she didn't know how much about death the girl actually understood.

"Ed," she began hoarsely, "Spike is dead."

"Oooooh," Ed nodded, acting like she understood what Faye had just said. "Okie dokie," she grinned, before doing a series of cartwheels over to where she had normally had her hacking equipment. She pulled a huge suitcase over from out of nowhere, and opened it. There was all new equipment and something else. "Here Faye-Faye," she said, pushing the box over to her. "Edward bought Faye-Faye a present while Ed was gone."

"Thanks kid," she smiled sadly. Inside, she was deeply touched that Ed would even consider spending money on her to buy her something.

"Well open! Open!" Ed cried, delighted. As if in on the secret, Ein got up from where he had been sleeping and came over, wagging his little tail at her.

"Alright, alright," Faye waved at them, slowly opening the box to reveal, well she wasn't really sure what it was. "What is it?"

"Computer!" Edward cried. She picked it up and carried it back to Faye's room, running the entire way, with Ed following her, and then Faye, slower, at a walking pace. "Here we goes," Ed said, sitting on Faye's bed, with the thing already set up. "Now Faye-Faye can be like Radical Edward!" she did a leap off the bed.

"Um," Faye scratched her neck, "thanks Ed." She knew nothing about computers, a little bit about how to find a bounty, but that was about it.

"No problem, Faye-Faye," Ed saluted her, then ran off, Ein following her, yelping from hunger.

Faye sighed, slinking down onto her bed, with the machine. What now? She decided that she might as well try it out, so she did. In five minutes, she had logged onto something called a chat room.

The internet was weird. There were so many places to go that Faye found it impossible to believe that such a young girl like Ed could navigate through it all. This thing called a chat room was weird too. All these sentences kept popping up on her screen, after odd names like ShimmeyKinks69 and SaucerPlate778. Suddenly, a small box appeared in the middle of her screen.

"The Faye-Faye!" Ed pressed her face up against the screen of her computer, which gave Faye a rather interesting view from her own computer.

"Ed, what are you doing?"

"Talking to the Faye-Faye from my computer-puter!" she announced happily, licking the screen.

As long as she was here, Faye decided to make her useful. "Hey Ed, what is a chat room?" she asked.

Ed typed a bunch of things on her end, then grinned. "Ah-ha! Faye-Faye is in an adult-adulty place. The Faye-Faye is talking to other people without talking to them like the Faye-Faye is talking to Edward right now." The younger girl hummed to herself and began typing again. "Faye-Faye should have a name-name."

Right before her eyes, Faye noticed that on the screen, right by the typing box, letters and numbers started to appear. She realized that with Ed's hacking capabilities, she could manipulate the present she had just bestowed upon her, but since she had no intention of using it for anything serious, Faye didn't really mind. When the numbers and letters stopped moving around, they had formed the code name: HoTyElLoWsHoRtS28. Faye rolled her eyes.

"Edward has gracefully given the Faye-Faye a name," Ed put her palms together in front of her face, as if she were about to pray, then she solemnly bowed, and the little box that had displayed her face, blinked off of Faye's screen.

Now all she had to do was start typing. That was how to communicate with the other people, but did she really want to? Some of the conversations seemed more fit for another form of work a female who wore hot yellow shorts would be in, not the bounty hunting business, so before she typed anything, she entered a different room, labeled Dangerous Occupations.

Upon entering, the screen posted a little banner to let everyone else know that someone knew had entered the room, then Faye swallowed, and began typing.

HoTyElLoWsHoRtS28: Hello?

MeMoRyPhAsEd29: Hey there.

HoTyElLoWsHoRtS28: First time in a chat room. My roommate just gave me a computer.

MeMoRyPhAsEd29: Really? Not much for technology?

HoTyElLoWsHoRtS28: No, I prefer the real deal, not some cyber bullshit.

SpAnKyRuBaRB87: Hey HoTyElLoWsHoRtS28, you're not into technology crap, but how about cyber sex?

FreakyDarling69: HoTyElLoWsHoRtS28, how about going out on the town with a real man? Won't charge you the first time. Promise.

HoTyElLoWsHoRtS28: Buzz off, you horny nitwits.

NiGhTtImEcOpAnIoN32: You sound kinda aggressive. I like that in my women.

SpAnKyRuBaRB87: Me too!

MeMoRyPhAsEd29: Wanna talk somewhere else?

HoTyElLoWsHoRtS28: Any place is better than this.

Faye couldn't believe their assumptions, just because of the name Ed had given her. She knew the girl was far too young and innocent to understand anything about the sexual connotations that came with a name like HoTyElLoWsHoRtS28, so she couldn't yell at her. She gasped, as something in bright red appeared across her screen.

MeMoRyPhAsEd29 invites you to a private chat

There were two buttons under the message. One on the right read: Decline. The other, on the left read: Accept. Faye bit her bottom lip, wondering what she should do. She looked over her shoulder, her bedroom door, wide open for the world to look in on her. It wasn't as if she was conversing with an enemy, but still, she had a funny feeling in the pit of her stomach. She got up, crossed the room, and closed the door. Then, feeling better, she went back to her bed, and pressed Accept.

Unlike the chat room, this place was only her and the other person, who had seemed to be interested in just talking with her, something she found appealing, since he hadn't tried to make a pass at her, though physically it was impossible for him anyway. How she knew it was a guy, she wasn't sure, but she was sure he wasn't a girl. Even a lesbian wouldn't bother to talk to her. Faye didn't know what it was about her, but she seemed to draw men to her, not women, and that applied to all forms of each gender.

MeMoRyPhAsEd29: Hey, you there?

HoTyElLoWsHoRtS28: Yeah, where are we?

MeMoRyPhAsEd29: Private chat room, where only you and I can talk, not those other jerks.

HoTyElLoWsHoRtS28: Interesting. Um…what do you wanna talk about?

MeMoRyPhAsEd29: Anything. You pick.

HoTyElLoWsHoRtS28: Ok, what's with the name?

MeMoRyPhAsEd29: I have a bad memory. You?

HoTyElLoWsHoRtS28: Confession…I own the worse looking hot yellow shorts, that could easily be identified as bad forms of underwear. They are so short it's scandalous.

MeMoRyPhAsEd29: Are you a stripper?

Faye glared at the screen. Her Mr. Perfect was turning out to be as bad as the others. She thoughts of signing off, and telling Edward to take this piece of crap back, but then, she decided not to. There was something about this guy. She couldn't put her finger on it, but it was nice to talk to him, to have a normal conversation with someone, someone who didn't need to know her to talk to her. It was almost refreshing, a way to spend her time instead of mourning Spike.

HoTyElLoWsHoRtS28: Are you?

MeMoRyPhAsEd29: Ok, sorry I asked. That's an unfair question.

HoTyElLoWsHoRtS28: Damn straight. In fact, I didn't even pick this name, it kinda came with the computer. My friend, the one who gave it to me, she hooked me up with all this stuff. I don't understand any of it.

MeMoRyPhAsEd29: Do you have an e-mail address?

HoTyElLoWsHoRtS28: Huh?

Faye stared at her screen. What was that? Only one way to find out. "ED!" She called. Within seconds, the door burst open as Ed came somersaulting into the room, Ein ran in, trying to keep up, and Jet yelled about the racket. Faye only rolled her eyes, and pointed at the screen where it said e-mail address. "What's that and how do I get one?"

Ed rolled onto the bed, putting her red haired head in Faye's lap. The older girl gritted her teeth in frustration, but tried to remind herself that this was a child she was dealing with and a very smart child who could save her social life if only dealt with in the correct manner, which meant she'd have to be patient.

Several minutes passed with Ed working backwards on the computer, her head still in Faye's lap. And that's how Jet found them. He leaned on the door, trying to see what they were doing. Faye was desperately trying to keep her cool. She was afraid if she didn't say something soon, her mystery guy would leave. Her suspicions were confirmed when another sign, much like the one she had received earlier, popped up on her screen in bright red.

(MeMoRyPhAsEd29 has signed off )

"Bad luck Faye-Faye," Ed shook her head sadly.

"Why?" Jet asked, interested. "What happened? Did you lose you information on a bounty?" Of course Jet would think she was working on something as boring as research, something Ed had always done prior to her leaving. After the drug incident, he hadn't let her leave Bebop without his company. She felt like an eight-year-old herself.

"No," Faye grumbled, shoving Ed off of her. "Ed just brought me back a present and was trying to salvage somewhat of a social life for me, since I'm the shrew and I have none." She walked out of her room, not wanting the presence of the others at the moment. All she wanted right now was a shower. A long hot one, sounded like the ticket.

She stood under the water, feeling her legs go weak. Slowly, she settled herself down into the tub of hot foamy water. Closing her eyes, she slipped her headband out of her hair, than closed her eyes, leaning back against the wall. The water around her was a like a cocoon, stealing away all the chill in her body. She wished she could feel this sensation all the time, but alas, soon Jet would come pounding on the door to make her get up for something stupid like cleaning.

Like clockwork, a fist started to beat on the door. "Faye! You've been in there ten minutes! You're wasting my water! Get out and do something useful! The hanger looks awful! You could clean that up!"

Dunking herself under the water, she ignored him. All she wanted to do right now was be alone. She needed to think. The unsettling feeling of unhappiness had sprung in her heart when the unknown person she had confided in online had signed off. What did that mean? Had she ever really loved Spike? Or had it just been another fling of lust on her part? Two years was a long time and he was dead, it wasn't as if he was coming back. Maybe she had loved him, but now she was thinking of other options, a way to escape from her depression by turning to another. She surfaced for air, than dunked lower into the water, staring up at the dimly lit world above her, as if she was trapped.

Could she ever completely live without Spike Spiegel?

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