Final Chapter: The Battle of the Belles

Faye (1st Person POV)

Edward was furiously typing away in the living room, propped upside down against the old yellow couch when I finally got out of my bedroom. Spike was busy taking a shower and I had decided to grab something to eat before doing the same. Jet sat at the other end of the couch, leafing through several print outs that Ed had made earlier. Curious, I stop to read a few lines over his shoulder.

"What's all this?"

"New bounty head," he answered in his normal gruff tone. "Thought we needed a bit more of a challenge as of late. Haven't really gotten a good one since…" he gave me an apologetic shrug, not meaning to have brought up the incident. But I didn't mind. My night terrors were only a memory now. They had gone, disappeared just as my broken heart had. Now I was filled with something more important: hope.

I would be a fool to assume that suddenly my relationship with Spike was going to be all daisies and cherished kisses, vacations to exotic places, and a happily-ever-after lifestyle. I knew what the raw facts were. We were both bounty hunters and no matter how careful we were or how many times we covered for each other, there was always a chance that one or both of us wouldn't come back from the next mission. I had always known that, but until now, I had never cared, because I hadn't had anything worth living for. Now that I did, it threw things into a whole new perspective.

"You okay?" Jet asked, quickly, obviously regretting what he had said seconds before. He thought that I was still confined by the ghosts of my recent past. I smiled, laying my hand on his shoulder.

"Don't worry about me, old man." And with that I turned for the kitchen, to find some grub.

"Old man!"

I grinned to myself as I walked past the stove and towards the fridge. Sometimes, Jet was too predictable. No wonder woman didn't like him. Girls liked excitement, surprises, not boring guys who always had to have a plan. Then again, when I needed someone to take care of me, Jet was the one who did it, without hesitation. I shrugged. Maybe it was time to change my mind on that opinion. It seemed a lot was already changing; why not just update my entire personality?

The contents of the refrigerator were few and far between. There was a moldy hunk of sharp cheddar in the right corner of the top shelf and a small bowel of badly bruised grapes. Under them lied a slab of chicken, which had a huge bite taken out of it. I guessed someone had held the door open long enough for Ein to get at it. Three guesses who had done that number. Finally, there was a box of baking soda to keep the items fresh and the large ice box smelling good. Stomach growling, I shut the door, hoping the cabinets held better luck.

As I did, a high pitched yell came bursting forth from Ed's lungs. I swear, that girl could be an opera singer if she toned her talent. "EDWARD'S FOUND HIM!" she screeched, and from the sound of things, she was literally jumping off the walls. I left my scavenger hunt to see what the fuss was about. Returning to the living room, I noticed Spike was done with his shower, now standing over Jet with a towel around his neck and his tooth brush sticking halfway out of his mouth. He always was a slob.

"His name is Izzie Franscesco. Age fourty-two. His past crimes were attempted rape, sabatoge, with holding information from the government, assault of an officer, manslaughter," Jet shook his head, "transporting weapons without a permit, theft of a big-time commercial ship, and hacking into the space gate mainframes. This guy's done just about everything in the book."

"And?" Spike asked. Everyone knew what he wanted to hear.

Jet sighed, "And he's worth 105,000,000 woolongs."

"Then let's go."

Five Hours Later...

I walked out of the morgue, shivering under the fabric of Spike's jacket. Jet's body had been so cold. There was no color in his pale skin as he lay, stretched out on that metal table. The doctor who had done the autopsy had taken one good look at him before shaking his head. We all knew what he had died of, but a formal report was required by law. The clicking sound of my boots on the linoleum floor was the only sound that reached my ears as I passed through the empty hospital corridor.

My phobia of hospitals had decreased greatly over the prior days, but I still despised being in there. The smell was nauseating. I was used to the steaming scent of grease as bell peppers were fried in the kitchen, meatless in the old, golden days. The unhealthy state of cleanliness was also a bother. Normally, I saw pile of clothes, crumbled cigarette boxes lying everywhere, a turned on computer left sitting on the table, and empty plates with soy sauce stains. This was a complete reverse of my life and it frightened me.

Spike had gone before me to say his final farewell. Now, he was sitting by the nurse's station, holding Jet's suit in an old, tattered sack. I knew he was blaming himself, hell, I was too, but there was nothing either of us could have done to prevent this. We were bounty hunters. We knew the risks we were taking when we signed on. There couldn't have been any other outcome.

He glanced up at me the moment my shadow fell across his body. "He's cold," I said, feeling as if my body was on ice, instead of my guardian's. Spike nodded, solemn as usual. This change, our new loss, had thrown him back on previous habits. Few words and deep stares were emitted from his face, much like the night he had returned from his fight with the Syndicate, the night Julia had died. I knew this version of him, but it had been so long since I had seen him in this way. Now he was foreign.

I ran my fingers over the collar of the blue coat, uncomfortable in my new situation. I had no where to go, I suddenly realized. The Bebop was Jet's craft and had been my home for the past years. Without him, how would I have shelter? The Redtail could be comfortable, but to live there…it wasn't the most appetizing place to occupy. I sighed, rubbing my temples as I tried to figure out what would become of the Bebop and of us, the crew.

"He left a will," Spike startled me, standing up. That was the last thing I had expected to hear come across his lips. "Let's go back to the ship. We'll have to open it sooner or later." Agreeing with his philosophy, I followed him out to the Swordfish and together, we piled in, me sitting on his lap, rather an awkward position now.

As we flew through space, heading for the hanger, I came to another realization: What would happen to Ed? She had come back to us because her father didn't need a child lagging around, but Jet had taken responsibility for her. Who would look after her now? Part of me wanted to step up, but I was the worst role model. Besides, kids and I don't get along. Period. Still, I couldn't think of life without her or her amazing hacking skills that had proved so useful. Yet, what could be done, I found myself asking again.

"What will we tell the kid," I asked, nonchalantly.

He shrugged. "I don't even know how old she is." I stared out the front windshield, pondering how to break the news to the spunky red-head. "How did she deal with my death?" he smirked, causing me to become more uneasy. This was polite conversation, something to be shared between two strangers, not us. I shifted my weight, my stomach flipping in wild loops.

"She was in denial about you, Spike," I admitted. "She was positive you were still out there."

He must have heard the unsteady quiver in my voice, because he grinned. "She was right."

The rest of our ride was completed in silence. The hum of the old race ship was the only music I could hear as we swam through the air. When we docked, the rustling of the ship caused me to slip off Spike's knees and in my attempt to catch myself I wound up inches from his lips. He stilled and I remained frozen. My hands were gripping his kneecaps as I bent forward towards him. He was sitting in the pilot seat, staring at me intently.


Spike silenced me, leaning back in the chair and pulling me down on top of him. He kept his arms wrapped around my torso, holding me in place. I lost all use of my senses. Nothing seemed wrong anymore. Time vanished. My breathing slowed and my eyes closed as if I was in a trance. His lips touched mine, at first only slightly brushing over them, then fully pressing against them. I was grateful for the sudden compassion in his movements and parted my lips, opening up for the attack of his tongue. Minutes later, we got out of the Swordfish, still breathless from our escapade.

Together, we entered the living room, finding Ed and Ein sprawled out on the couch, the doy lying stretched over the kid's bare belly. I couldn't help but smile at that. Despite it all, Ed was still making me happy. In her sleep, she mumbled something incoherent before scratching her belly and nearly suffocating Ein in a tight squeeze of a hug.

"We should put her to bed," Spike commented.

I nodded in agreement, moving Ein aside so he could pick up Edward. Carefully, he carried her into her room and paced her down on her bed, making sure to cover her up with one of the sheets. I watched him, perplexed by the movements he made. It was as if he thought of Ed as an actual child instead of the insane rampaging lunatic she really was. It was another change in him. He pulled away, glancing over at me in the doorframe. Ein padded in, looking in between the two of us curiously, then nestled up on the bed with his good friend. Spike rubbed the mutt's ears and walked out. I moved so he could close the door and simultaneously, we sighed.

"Are we going to look at it now?" I asked, breaking the silence that had come between us.

"We'd better, before they reposses the ship." Once again, we returned to the living room. I lounged across one of the bright yellow chairs, while Spike settled down on the end of the couch. For a moment, we paused in the noiseless void, still trying to come to terms with what had happened and what was to come. "This is it," Spike said, dropping a small oval shaped mechanism on the table. "Why don't you open it?"

My fingers found the latch and I popped open the compartment. Immediately, the tiny object illuminated my face as a hallographic image of Jet appeared. Slowly, I set down the device so that Spike and I could both see it. Jet's figure sat in the compact staring ahead, then he spoke.

"If you two are watching this, then I'm gone. Don't worry about what will happen. I've already secured a deal for the title of the ship and custody over Edward." I blinked slowly. Jet always had a plan. He was always prepared. Why had I had my doubts? "To gain them both, you'll have to follow my instructions." He closed his eys adn sighed. Spike and I subconciously leaned closer to the hallogram. "You two have to get married."


"I've already contacted Ed's father in reguards to her safe keeping," Jet's voice continued after a momentary pause. "He was glad to know his daugther was safe, but he'd rather she have surrogate parents in the absence of me. As for the ship, the title will be handed over to Spike for the Bebop and Faye, you can have the Hammerhead, to sell or whatever. The rest of my belongings, including the bonsais you all hate so much, you can sell themand use the money towards food. Maybe without another mouth to fed, you'll actually get some beef, Spike," he chuckled.

"Jet," I whispered, at a loss.

Spike smiled sadly and shut the transmitter. "He's gone."

"I know."

"Get some sleep, Faye."

Jet's famous cooking skills were at work again. I could smell the delicious scent of eggs lingering above my nostrils. I rolled onto my side, coming into contact with a warm body. Opening my eyes, I saw the body was Spike and he was eating a plate of bell peppers and beef...with actual beef. I smiled at him and went back to sleep.
Waking up, I rolled toward the smell of Jet's eggs. I opened my eyes to find myself on the freezing cold floor of the living room. Reality set in. Jet wasn't relly in the kitchen cooking. He was dead. My nose was only remembering the dream I had had. Yet, lying there on my belly, the chilly metal made me realize that scent was real too. Curious, I got to my feet and hurried in to find Spike standing over a sizziling frying pan.

"Morning," he greeted me, dumping the eggs onto an awaiting plate. Out of nowhere, Ed came running, stealing the plate out from under him, eggs and all. "Hey! That's my breakfast!" he yelled after her. The slamming sound of her door was the only reply he recieved. I laughed. "Ever think the reason we have to get married to claim the ship and have Ed is a punishment?" he asked, forgetting about the food.

"I didn't know you felt that way about me, Spike," I teased. He wasn't amused. "Ed can't go anywhere else. Besides, we're going to need her skills," I reminded him.

"Yeah," he agreed. He lit a cigarette, offering me a light, but I shook my head. "You want to take care of her, don't you?"

"I don't want her to leave," I admitted, not really sure what my feelings toward Ed were. I knew logically, I should only want her to tag along due to the nature of her impressive hacking skills. However, she had given me a "tomato" and had been the closest thing to a friend I had had since Linda, who was still doing time, after I had locked her away. In my opinion, I had excelled in the people I chose to have relationships with. "But if marriage isn't an option with you..." I stated, reminded of how I was required to gain custody of Ed.

"I already booked an opening at a casino church on Mars," he interrupted, quick to cut me off. He stomped out his cigarette. "Unless you don't want to go through with it."

"No," I said too quickly,"that's fine."

"Okay, then."He once again offered me a smoke. This time, I accepted. "You're going to need a dress," he remaked, leaning against the stove. "Do you have money?"


"Good." He took a long drag, flicking the butt onto the ground to snuff it out. "I'll get a new suit."

I didn't know what to say to that. This relationship had come upon us so fast. Fate was pushing us and this hurried tornado was making my head spin. "You don't have to do that, or any of this," I said. "This isn't something either of us expected. Don't feel obligated. Don't spend your moeny on something you don't actually want or need." He yanked the cigarette out of my lips.

"What are you saying, Faye?"

"I just don't want to tie you down. I know I'm not exactly "Julia" material!" I couldn't hlep but shout that last part. I was getting emotional again.

"She wasn't ever like you. That's a good thin in some ways."


"Why do you always want a fight?"

"I didn't start this!" I shouted, angrily.

"Oh yeah?" he snapped.

I opened my mouth to retort when Spike's sleeve caught on fire. The lunkhead had been leaning on the burner switch. I kicked it off and patted out the flames with a hot pad. "Yeah," I hissed, stalking out to my room.

I changed out of my yellow outfit and into a business suitI had worn on many undercover jobs. It was professional looking with a slight seductive appeal. I put it on, since it was the classiest thing I owned. If I was going to go shopping for a wedding dress, I was going to do it right. I had pictured marrying Spike Speigel many times, but the conditions behind the sudden turn of events made me want to object. Love was alien to me, but I had always believed, in secret of course, that marriage was meant for love. That was why I had never been married or planned on it.

Ed came bouncing in, a piece of egg stuck on her cheek. "What's the Faye-Faye doing?" she asked, lifting one of my heels above her head as I tried to put it on my foot.

"I need to go find a new dress to wear," I informed her, checking my wallet to make sure I had enough woolongs.

"What for?" the ever curious child wondered.

"Spike and I are getting married," I sighed, my throat tightening. Ed, whistled, unaware of the trouble I was having with admitting it. So of course, her next move was to ask, "Why?", to which I had to respond with, "Because Jet won't be coming back." Tears threatened to fall, but I held myself together and finished putting my shoes on.

"Can Edward come with?" she pleaded, as I worked my unruly mess of hair into a sophisticated bun, complete with loose strands that normally made up my bangs. "Ed promises to be good."

"Okay," I relented.

"Can Ein come too?"

"No. A dog can't be in a dress shop, Edward."

"Oh," she pouted, but then, quickly lit back up. "Then will Spike-person take care of Ein-doggy?"

She still hadn't spoken of Jet, for which I was grateful. I patted her head, strolling out of my chamber to the hanger. Just as I predicted, she followed close behind. I passed Spike, who appeared to have come out of the shower. He was toweling down his face, probably pleased to have not been burned by the flames I had had put out previously. He stared me up and down, but didn't say anything about my choice of attire. Instead, he went back into his room. So Ed and I left. The two of us loaded into the Redtail and we took off to find a cheap dres with a non-cheap appeal.

After a couple hours(...more like three) of intense searching, I finally returned to the Bebop with a dress that seemed perfect. It was black, my signature color. Ed ahd actually been the one to find it, hidden on a rack in the back of one of the countless boutiques we had ventured to. It had straps the width of a ramen noodel that were criss-crossed across my back in an elaborate pattern. The front was low cut and the entire garmet reached down past my ankles. I knew most wedding dresses were completely opposite of this one, but this wasn't relly a wedding. It was just another bounty hunter play.

"What took so long?" Spike asked as Ed raced by him to hug Ein. "I thought you only wanted a dress?"

"I got one," I informed him, without a hint of enthusiasm.


"It was about a thousand," I shrugged, handing him the receipt as I moved by him to get to my room.

"A thousand fifty!" he shouted. "I didn't even pay half that on the suit I bought and I was back in half an hour!"

"Sorry! In case you haven't noticed, Spike, I'm a woman with a desire to spend, not a slobbish man! Besides, it was out of my own pocket!" And with that, I slammed my door in his face, promptly locking it afterwards.

I didn't speak to Spike the rest of the day. When my stomach started grumbling, I pulled myself off my bed and went to the kitchen. It wasn't until then that I realized I hadn't eaten anything since the night Jet was shot, right before we had gone out. If I had known then what I knew now, about what would have happened, I wouldn't have allowed him to go alone. But it was all in the past now. It was all gone, just like Jet.

Grabbing a bag of chips, I began to munch while searching for something of a higher nutritional value. There was, in fact, some meat products in the fridge. I guessed that Spike had gone grocery shopping while out to get a new suit. Using some vegetables and a couple chopped up pieces of beef, I made a slow simmering stew. I had seen Jet prepared this same dish with only vegetables before. Adding beef would only increase the delicious flavor.

"What are you doing in the dark?" a familiar voice asked, switching on the kitchen light. He stepped over, sniffing the rising air. "Yum. What is it?"

"Soup," came my one word answer, sharper than I intended it to be.

"Can I have some?"

"Show me your suit and I'll consider it," I told him. He left and then came back, not looking one detail different. "Where is it?" I asked.

"I'm wearing it!" he snapped, impatiently.

"You bought a replica suit!" I yelled.

"I needed a new one anyway," he retorted.

"But the same goddamn one!"

"Show me your dress," he demanded.



"It's bad luck," I hissed, feeling pathetic for honoring the old tradition, but at this point, I didn't really care anymore. "You'll see it that day. Which is when, might I inquire?"

"A month from yesterday," he said in a silent manner. I understood the meaning. Jet would be dead for a month when they became legally bound. It was Spike's way of remembering him. I could see the reasoning in the actions and feel the honor he was giving Jet. "Is that alright with you?"

"Yeah," I smiled, and ladled him a cup of soup.


"No problem," I replied, getting some for myself. He grabbed a couple of beers and we settled down in the living room in front of the television. Spike kicked the machine on and soon we were watching Big Shot just like any other day.

Yep, no problem.

The month passed rather uneventfully. We received our reward for handing in the bounty. It was a nice sum, though it hardly felt worth it. We used about an eighth of it to fix up the Bebop and fill it with proper fuel. Spike and I cleared out Jet's room and his bonsai sanctuary. We turned it into one big research station for Ed, so she didn't have to use all her stuff out in the living room. We made sure the station was loaded with some of the newest and best additions for her "tomato" as well. The changes were good and our bank account was stable for once. But even as the day came upon us, we were all still mourning.

I took a long bath that day. The hot water relaxed my muscles, but nothing could relax my mind. I was far too nervous. I had never wanted a huge, glorious wedding, but to be marrying the man I loved without knowing his true feelings for me, it was eating away at me, literally. After an hour or so, my body was warmer than the water which surrounded me. I carefully got out and dried off. Making sure the hall was clear, I walked to my room in my toga-styled towel. For some reason, I was feeling very modest.

I styled my hair, adding to the bun design I had worn when shopping for my gown, by accenting it with flower buds. Then I put on hints of makeup, just to lighten certain features of my face. Finally, I pulled my dress out from its hiding place under my bed. Slipping inot it, I closed my eyes, relishing the smooth feel of the fabric as it caressed my skin. Deeming myself ready to go out, I grabbed my shoes and headed toward the hanger, where I knew Spike would be waiting for me.

When I entered the cold room, my eyes centered on him, dressed in seemingly the same attire I had met him in, smirking that age-old Speigel grin, and causing my heart to fly out of my throat. I didn't knwo what to say, so I just stood there watching him watch me. The sounds around us made the silence between us more prominent, so evetunally, he opened his mouth.

"We should be going."

The two of us piled inot the Hammerhead, which we were going to sell on the way back. It would be the last of Jet's possesions to go. Hooked up to the back was the Swordfish, so we'd have transportation. Ed was already waiting when I took a seat behind Spike. She was dolled up in a pink sundress and bonnet while Ein was wearing a lace collar. Unlike Ed, he did not seem pleased with his choice of clothing. Spike started the ship and the three of us departed from the Bebop, never to return the same again.

The casino was called Cuesta meaning "Pay Up" or "Costs." It was an old Spanish mission that had been renovated into a house of sin, most extrodinary. Drugs, sex, and money hung in the air, thick with cigarette smoke. Ed was looking around in amazement, Ein mimicking her as he tried to blend in with the crimson carpet and the rainbow array of shoes. Spike was holding my hand, guiding me through the sea of people. Unlike the many times we had pretended to be lovers for thte sake of our job, now we did this of our own free will. It was reassuring to feel his hand over mine. It made me think a part of him wanted this as much as I did.

Poker tables lined in green material and slot machines drew crowds of people who were eagerly awaiting a turn of luck. While passing one player, I couldn't fight the temptation to tell him to fold. He won. Spike saw this move on my part and chuckled. "Lady Luck is still with us, eh?" he commented in his normal tone. I grinned back, ever so thankful that he was in a good mood. We reached the back of the casino and came upon the chapel doors.

Spike held the door open for Ed, Ein, and I. We all walked inside in that exact order. There was a ceremony going on, so I let Ed take Ein for a walk around the room, making her promise not to bug the priest or the other couple. She disappeared from my sight in moments. Spike didn't appear at all worried, but I wanted to keep her safe so instead of lighting up, I kept my eyes peeled for any strange movement.

"Calm down, will ya?" he finally said, nudging me as he watched the other couple say their vowels. "Here," he held out a smoke. I shook my head, pushing his offering away. "You don't want it?"

"I've decided to quit," I lied. In truth, I had been considering it, but I didn't think I'd be able to resist the call of the drug with him lingering around me for the remainder of my life. My eyes were still moving about, trying to locate Edward.

"Ready?" he questioned, taking my hand once again. I noticed the other couple had departed and now the priest was motioning to us to come over. I don't remember what happened. I can't recall walking to the altar or how everything got started. I was in the far corners of my mind, just like my dress had been in the store. I was thinking of everything but getting married to Spike Speigel.

I thought of a night a month ago. I could remember the way Spike made me promise to stick close and watch my back. I recalled how Ed had been hidden in my RedTail in case something went wrong. She was only a little girl, afterall. I could picture the way Jet had slunk around to the back door, while we broke in through the front. That's where we had gone wrong. Spike and I should had taken the back. Two on one would have been better odds than one on one.

I hadn't seen the fatal shot, but I had heard it. I could see it happening if I closed my eyes. When I closed my eyes I could see Jet opening the door and Izzie stepping out from the shadows with his gun cocked. I could see how Jet's eyes would have whitened and then hear the thundering boom as he took the shot in his chest. I had had to hear it, without actually being a witness to his death. That was, perhaps, the worst part. Spike had sprinted away from me when he heard the sound and I had peered out the second story window to see the bounty escaping.

I'm not really sure what went through my mind at that moment, but before I knew it, I was flying out of the window. I landed on top of Izzie, knocking him out.I made sure to unarm him and lock him up in the Hammerhead, then I went to find the guys. Seeing Jet that way...running off to find them had been a mistake. He was bleeding badly from three bullets, which had all hit him deep in the left cavity of his chest. Staring at him, wordless, at that moment, I knew he wouldn't make it, but I still made Spike get him into the ship. I still forced him to take us to the hospital. And for what?

I had to stop thinking about it. I made myself think of something else. Anything else. I thought of the time the four of us had gone to the beach on Earth. Ed had asked to go. We hadn't had any bounties to catch so Jet decided we'd take a vacation. We had laid out on the beach under the hot sun for hours, talking about stupid things; what shapes the clouds were, what rhythm the ocean was playing, how nice it was not to be shot at, etc. I wondered if anything like that woudl ever happen again.

Spike squeezing my hand, drew me out of my memories. I glanced at him and he smiled. The priest was already done his speech, ending with the one line that made all couples nervous. "If anyone feels taht these two should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace." There was a pause of absolute silence, then he opened his mouth to finish, but what we heard was not his voice. What we heard escape from his lips was a very feminine...


Simultaneously, we pivoted around, in one sharp motion, me reaching for the hilt of my gun, and Spike doing the same. It was out of pure instinct. The scene before my eyes shattered all my hope and all the feelings I had kept locked away. There was one woman standing in the doorway of the chapel. Julia, out of breath, and quite alive, was present. Spike stepped towards her while I shrunk back, shaking my head. "No," I whispered, unable to cry because of the shock pulsating through my body.

"Julia?" Spike whispered.

She didn't respond to him, just stood there, staring. I swallowed the lump in my throat. "Spike?" He turned, his eyes on me, those brown orbs of his, once a shade darker than the other. "I hope you'll be happy," I told him. And I meant it with all my heart, though it was killing me to say so. That's when I realized I truly loved him. I loved him enough to let him go, enough to let him runaway from our wedding to be with the first love of his life. God, did it hurt.

"I will."

I whimpered. It was, perhaps, the cruelest thing he had ever said to me. A tear appeared, falling off my cheek, but then I saw he wasn't moving. He was still by my side. He glanced at Julia, then looked at me. "Goodbye," he said and the tears began to gush freely. He touched me, right on the shoulder, and I yanked away from him.

"Just go!" I snapped, angry that my emotions were showing. "Leave with her!"

He smirked, brushing a lock of purple hair out of my eyes. "I want to stay with you." My eyes widened as he gestured to the priest to continue, but before the figure of authority did, he said, "Bye Julia." Suddenly, as if that was her cue, Ed leaped out of nowhere, smashing through the blonde-haired angel. Through? I blinked, as did Spike. The mysterious ex was nothing more than a hallographic image.

"What the hell?" Spike snapped, as Ed pounced onto him, climbing up onto his shoulders with a round of her normal insane giggles. "Ed! What is going on?"

"The Jet-Captain made Ed promise that should Faye-Faye and the Spike-person ever get married, the Spike-person make sure he love the Faye-Faye with his whole heartsy-heartsy," she said, as if that were explanation enough. "He told Edward to do this and if the Spike-person left the Faye-Faye, then everything became property of the Faye-Faye and the Spike-person got nothing! Kaboom!" She threw herself off of him, doinga line of three flips backwards down the aisle.

"Right," Spike said, scratching his head as he tried to comprehend everything.

"Can we continue now? I do have other appointments," the priest sighed, impatiently.

"Yeah, get to it," Spike ordered, recieving a rather hateful glare in response. He lit a cigarette, which I, in turn, yanked from out of his lips. But instead of yelling at me, he just smirked and took my hand. The speech was done and permission for Spike to kiss me was finally granted. And he did with an amazing push of passion. However, before we could go any further, we were rudely interrupted.

"Yay! Now Ed is official property of the Faye-Faye and the Spike-person! And soon they will have a tomato!"


You've got a family now, Space Cowboy.


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