"I'm sorry all right? I couldn't tell if you were a person or a monster! I saw something move so I shot!"

"And here is your knight in shinning armor to your rescue!"

"Thanks...I'm sorry..."

"What happened back there?"

"She said, she was going to do to me what she did to her father..."

"Well you know what they say, an eye for an eye, NOW YOU DIE!"

"Steve...I'm sorry..."

"And he won't remember anything?" A voice said "Not at all, if he happens to survive, whatever we tell him will be what he'll believe. So basically, we have a secret weapon on our hands sir." "Good good." Everything was blurry; he could make out a strange white room. Filled with men and women dressed in white. He was floating, and it seemed he was in some kind of tube filled with green water. The strange people were examining him and writing things down on clipboards. "What is the chance of him surviving the experiment?" "Over 95% sir" "Good work, I'll report your progress immediately. General Ashford shall be very happy with this..." He twitched a little, that name seemed to sound familiar...Ashford... "Look sir, he is awake." Said the man with the clipboard. Another man dressed in green with many badges on his shirt, and a gun on his belt turned back and again walked back to the tank. "Is it safe to have him awake on such short notice?" "Point taken sir. Injecting the serum now." The man in white pressed a button on the near wall. The water turned a different color for a moment, and then he blinked with exhaustion. Then slowly fell into a deep dreamless sleep. - - For a moment he just lay still, and then after a few minutes opened his eyes. At first all he could see was a blurry white light, "ah your awake." Said a man's voice. His voice echoed in his mind, and it took him a few moments to realize someone was even talking to him, "How do you feel?" He didn't know what to do really, so at first he just laid there on a cold metal table, until he said, "tired" after just remembering how to talk at all. "That's normal, and do you remember anything? About yourself or anyone else?" After a minute he said, "no" still staring straight up at the light unmoving. "Does the name, Clair Redfield...mean anything to you?" He felt some strange feeling of recognition, Clair, "I'm not sure..." he said "What about Chris Redfield?" He shook his head, "no" The man started to write on a clipboard, and after about 3 minutes said, " what about the name...Steve? Steve Burnside?" "...Yes...that is... me?" "Right. Is that all you remember?" "y-yes..." the man beside him started to write again, and then after about ten minutes that felt like years on the icy-cold silver table, then man put down his clip board and stood up. He got a real look at him for the first time. The man had brown hair, and a clean shaved chin with light blue eyes. He was wearing long white clothes and a white doctor's face mask on a strap around his neck. He leaned over Steve and said "Do you think you can walk?" He said, "I want to show you were you will be staying, and get you into some proper clothes. Meanwhile, I will try to help you remember, but first my name is Dr. Allen Michael Smith. Just call me Dr. Smith. Come with me." Smith helped him off the table and helped him walk. As he walked he saw different rooms, with different people floating in the same strange tube-like structure he was in. In rooms similar to the one he was in. Scientists examining them and writing things down on clipboards, some on computers, and a few rooms that had shades down. After walking down the long hallways for what seemed like an hour they came to a stop in front of a silver door. Smith pressed a few buttons on a keypad and the door slid open, revealing a small room with red carpet, and two stares in the middle, not far from the stairs was a double bed, at the far side in front of him was a large window, revealing the outside witch was snowing heavily onto vast white lands. To the left was a door that lead to a bathroom, and to the right was a closet. Also on his right was a large glass case with a keypad. Inside the case was a set of guns. 2 handguns, a spas shotgun, an assault rifle, and a machine-gun. Also in the case there was sets of ammo for each weapon. The walls were decorated with pictures, and different variety's of plants, "Right, now there are clothes in the closet, and if anything... bad should happen the keypad numbers for the gun case is '273363'. If you leave, and I would like you not to, but if you must the keypad answer to get in your room is 7475, and your quarters are 6987, in case you get lost and confused witch one is yours." Steve Blinked, "something bad? Like what?" Smith seemed to think about that for a second, "well, in case one of the prisoner's escape..." he said hastily "Prisoners?" Steve said looking curiously at him, "Why do you have prisoners?" "Some of the workers here kind of... lose it. Most of them are apparently terrorists to our organization called umbrella." Said Smith Steve again felt the feeling that he had heard that before...and for some reason it filled him with fear, "What do you do?" He said "Huh? Oh I'm afraid that is classified. Now, I want to tell you a few things about...yourself. You see, You were attacked by...criminals, Clair, and Chris Redfield. They killed your parents along with many of our soldiers, and attempted to kill you." He lied, hoping Steve would take it, because if he believed him, then the plan could finally start to go together, "But we found you, shot, and extremely injured, we got you here and got you medical attention as fast as we could, I guess you can say...you are a miracle...a genuine miracle..." So he sat twisting the truth from Him, and Steve took it all in, not knowing what was coming next...as umbrella's plan would take hold. Kill S.T.A.R.S. and of course Clair Redfield...