conversation of General Ashford, and Dr. Allen Michael Smith lead coordinator of experimental industries:

Ashford: Is he stable?

Smith: Yes General, up and walking, and doesn't remember a thing. everything is perfect.

Ashford: How is his battle technique?

Smith: not sure, but I will get on that tomorrow. I've told him of Redfield, and he took it in like a bullet. He was ready to believe anything.

Ashford: Don't get attached. Remember, his personality will change, and soon He will be lost to our might.

Smith: Yes general.

Ashford: this is great. Soon he will be ours. Project Black Redemption as a success...hahahahaha-

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhsssssssssshhhhhh- transmission ended.

That night, Steve's dreams were filled with horrors. Monstrous creatures, moans, and screams. Figures moving out of nowhere, and gigantic...things. He awoke, and looked out his window. There was nothing but an icy wasteland for what seemed like eternity. This place was strange. He wanted more answers. why was he attacked? Why is he haunted by these nightmares? Why is he alive, and why is he here? Suddenly there was a ringing noise. Steve turned abruptly to see a small speaker with a blinking red light on the wall near his door. He pressed the talk button, and heard the only familiar voice he knew, Dr. Smith.

"Steve," he said seriously, " Get dressed, and come outside. It's time to see how much you remember of battle." Steve wanted to ask what he meant, but Smith had hung up before he could say anything. As he exited his quarters he found smith, in between two heavily armed body guards, standing in front of his door. Steve had found his outfit for this particular occasion, and opened up his gun case before he came out. Smith nodded, and motioned for him to follow.

"What do you mean battle?" Steve asked Smith," Do you mind filling me in?"

Smith didn't look at him, but continued down the halls. Everything was metal, and glass. However as they walked down the corridors if they did pass a window they were covered so no one could see inside. "While you where unconscious we have helped...improve your strength. You could probably even punch through steel if you summoned up enough strength, and here is where you can prove it. Also keep yourself in shape, possibly even get stronger." Smith said through a microphone. He was standing in a room with a large glass window above him on the wall. Steve nodded and stretched, his muscles were extremely tight. As if he'd been out for years. After a while he stood in the dark room and nodded to Smith, signaling him to start the simulation. Smith pressed a button on the control panel and about 10 seconds later there was a low humming that kept getting higher in pitch. Steve brushed his dark red hair over to the side and out of his eyes. He had pistols on each side on his belt, but decided he wanted to test out his strength first. The humming suddenly changed, and when he looked around he found himself on an elevator. Numerous wires and cables on the wall as he slowly went down. There where bars on the side protecting the chance of slipping and falling straight out into the cables, bars and if you fell straight down your head could get caught and...Steve shuddered at this thought and decided not to think about it. After what seemed like an hour Steve grew impatient, he was about to turn and tell Smith to hurry it up when the elevator came to a halt. Huge rusty dark doors stood ahead. Then slowly the doors made a sound of a loud and annoying screech before slowly moving open. Behind the doors there was a small room, that seemed to be it, nothing but a small dark room, but Steve pulled out a pistol and clenched his fist just in case, as he slowly walked into the room a short groan could be heard from his side. When Steve turned his jaw dropped and he released a short scream. A bloody figure was crawling to him, eyes rolled back and skin torn. Steve jumped back and screamed again, he loaded his pistol and shot several times, even after the figure went limp to make sure it was dead. He panted as his gun barrel smoked, " what….the HELL….was THAT!?" another groan was heard behind him, to arms clutched tightly around his neck, he elbowed the monster and it was instantly killed. More and more groans could be heard as more of the monsters filled the room, Steve shot, punched, kicked, elbowed and pistol whipped his way through the crowds of monsters desperately. Until on of the monsters mindlessly shot at him, piercing him in the arm, anger raged through him more than ever, " THAT'S IT, NOW YOU DIE! ALL OF YOU!" he ran like a madman using unimaginable strength and anger, not a bullet was fired, but sure enough, the crowd of monsters fell to the hands of the raging human. He was again shot in the back, but this time it was a man dressed in an Police outfit, and several more attempted to shoot him, he rolled back behind a wall and fired. He watched joyfully as one by one the men fell off the balcony and straight to the ground. After a short…very short moment the only one or thing alive…or partially alive( counting the monsters) was Steve, only him…

The room went dark again, seconds later the room lit up revealing a plain white tile room. Dr. Smith came in and put a hand on Steve's shoulder, "WELL DONE! That was amaze-" Smith was cut off, Steve had grabbed his neck and slammed him against the wall. Smith gasped in pain as his neck cracked. Steve starred angrily at him, then dropped him. He just now realized what he had done, "I'm sorry…are you ok?" he said helping the injured Dr. up. Smith nodded holding his neck, " its fine…no problem." he lied.

"what the hell was the thing with the monsters for?" Steve asked. Dr. Smith rubbed his neck again and said

" That is what the S.T.A.R.S. did to the humans, some type of virus, Clair Redfield at the head." Smith lied, " family after family destroyed at their hands. Ruthless, a city even fell to their hands at the virus." he lied again, knowing Steve's weakness. Steve's anger rose, hatred filled his mind. "Surely now he will do it," thought Smith to himself, " maybe now we can start our mission, the girl and the rest of them can now finally die. Now we have two, the main, and the backup…." Smith again sat telling lies to Steve, twisting the truth and darkening his soul with thoughts of evil and hatred as Umbrella's plan, starts to unfold….