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The No Life Queen


Written by Chaos Lord

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Chapter 1 - In the brightest light there is always darkness


As she walked down the dark streets of Juban ward Usagi Tsukino was in a state of bliss. She had just come from her beloved Mamoru's apartment where they had just engaged in some loving cuddling. Though the couple had been together for four years Usagi had remained resolute in her decision to wait until they were married to engage in any bedroom acrobatics. Looking down at the ring that now adorned her finger she realized that day was sooner rather than later. Her eyes jumped from the diamond ring to her chest, which had increased greatly since she had first met her fiancé those four years ago. All those years, despite the trials and battles, had been good to her. The clumsiness that had plagued her in the early days was gone and was replaced with a subtle grace that drew the eye of many a man. In that time her control over the power that was her birthright was increasing by leaps and bounds. Things that would have nearly killed her four years ago she can now do with the greatest of ease. Such was her preoccupation with other things that she never noticed the man running towards her.


In a place beyond places, beyond time, there stood an ever-vigilant protector. A guardian of time who watched as her people rose to unimaginable heights only to be crushed down. Though she wanted to go back and prevent that horrible event from happening she could not. She had to uphold the vow she made to both her queen and to the universe itself. Her vow was a simple one, ensure that the future is left in the hands of the people so they may shape it themselves. Had she known the terrible burden that such a vow would place upon her she would never had excepted the position.

Today was one of those days. The kind that made her want to throw it all away. The reason for her despair, human free will. Usagi, her future queen's destiny would split in twain. In one future Usagi Tsukino allowed her new fiancé to drive her home. While there would be some adversity and strife this future would lead to the grand future of Crystal Tokyo. The other future, the one she was witnessing at this moment, Usagi decided to walk home. This future was not known to her, her future self was actively working to prevent her from seeing any distance down the path they were all now on. All her future self would say was that Usagi would be undergoing an immense change and if Setsuna wanted a bright tomorrow she would have to support her queen 100.

Setsuna had no idea what she was talking about and she didn't like it. But there was one thing she did know for sure, no matter what happens she will stand with Usagi. The young queen's path had never faltered Setsuna doubted it would now.


As some man held her firmly by the neck Usagi could not help but feel a measure of fear. She had a good idea to what was going to happen, she was about to be raped. With the man's hold on her neck as a constant reminder of the situation she was in, Usagi tried to think of a way out. Unfortunately her transformation broach and communicator were in her purse, which the man had ripped off when he grabbed her. As she tried desperately to find a way out of this she saw, to her shock, a man walk out of a shadow on the wall. She had seen others do things similar in the past and wasn't too horribly surprised. What did get her though was her captor yelling at this giant of a man. The man did not utter a single comment to either refute or agree with what her captor was saying instead Usagi heard a voice in her mind.


It was simple strong and Usagi knew that it came from the man in the red coat. Even though she had witnessed instances of telepathy having it actually happen to her was a little shocking. "Yes," she questioningly sent back.

"You realize that you will not leave this encounter alive."

At hearing that her worst fear was going to come to pass the slight trickling of fear-induced tears increased to a steady flow. Thoughts passed through her mind of all the things that she will miss out because of this encounter. But she need not answer as she heard the man's voice once more.

"When I shoot the vampire the bullet will go through your chest before striking his heart. You have a choice; either you die of blood loss or you can come with me. The choice is yours, but make it now."

There was only one thing that the man could mean was that she would leave as one of them, a member of the undead. She would have to become a vampire. Of course even the idea that she might become something like that sent chills down Usagi's spine. There was one thing that she knew though, if the future of Crystal Tokyo shall come to pass then she had to be there, no matter her form, to be its queen. If she had to become that which she battled against then so be it. She stood up to her full height and sent. "Do it."

As the bullet passed through her chest Usagi felt a pain unimaginable to most. She had been killed in a myriad of ways over the years, but by far this was the worst. Some say that having your love leave you is like being shot in the chest, and in fact she had said that on several of the occasions that Mamoru had dumped her. Now that that she was actually experiencing the true sensation she realized that the two pains were nothing alike.

The pain that Usagi felt was so intense that she never noticed the death screams of the man that held her hostage. But as her savior/murderer stood over her bleeding body Usagi pushed away the pain to look at the man. As he stood over her she saw him lick his lips, an action that caused her shudder. Usagi realized that the blood loss must be worst than she had originally thought, as in one instant he was standing above her and in the next he was cradling her in his arms, all this could mean was that she was slipping in and out of consciousness. With the man's face next to her's Usagi heard the man say, "Remember, this was your choice," and then all went dark as she felt his teeth sink into her neck.


Naru Osaka had never felt such bliss in her entire life. Tonight was the most magical night ever and it was all thanks to her wonderful fiancé that was working with some extra, "Oh yes," gusto to give her the ultimate pleasure.

Let's backtrack a few hours.

The night started in Naru's bedroom. As the young woman scurried around her room she entertained thoughts of the night that her beloved Umino Gurio might have in store for her. Tonight was their four year anniversary and Umino had promised that he would make their date spectacular. He had never not come through when he made a promise so Naru knew that whatever her beau had in mind it would knock her socks off. So, the problem she was having was one known to females all over the world, what was she going to wear. On this front Umino was not very helpful, he said that she should dress formally but comfortably. This led her to believe that they might go somewhere nice but then somewhere that an overly formal dress might not be good. Now Naru couldn't be seen as she was in her closet while different articles of apparel flew out accompanied by various grunts of disgust

Watching this with a rather large smile was Naru's mother, Hoseki Osaka. For years she had watched her little grow into the beautiful young woman that she was now and she could not be prouder. Naru had, at a relatively young age, a relationship with a boy for what was now four years. Something that she seemed incapable of doing herself. So happy was she with Naru and Umino's relationship that she chipped in when she was able. Tonight she had an idea what Umino had in mind for her daughter and she couldn't be happier. Several weeks ago the young man had come to her shop and bought an engagement ring. Knowing that the ring was meant for her daughter's finger, Hoseki gave it to Umino at cost. At first he had declined saying that he had the necessary funds to pay the full price, but she would not budge and the ring was sold.

As if he was summoned by her thoughts the front bell rang, which earned a squeak from Naru. Hoseki held her hand out, "Don't worry, you get ready and I'll stall Umino." With that she headed downstairs, all the while she could hear even louder rustling originating from Naru's bedroom. Upon reaching the front door she smiled at seeing the young man in question look as nervous, if not more so, than his date. Hoping to ease the young man's obvious distress she asked, "So, do you have everything for tonight?"

Umino jumped at the question and then weakly laughed. "Yes ma'am," he said as he patted his pocket. "I just hope that it won't be in my pocket by the time I get Naru back."

Hoseki stood to her full height and crossed her arms under her breasts, "And what time will that be young man," she asked in an accusing tone. Inside though she was smiling widely, if there was one thing that she really loved, it was the occasional mind-screw.

Umino was terrified, "Um ten o'clock?" He hoped beyond hope that this was this answer was one that would be satisfactory. Though he really liked Naru's mom he was somewhat intimidated by her. After all she could forbid Naru form seeing him. Luckily his stress was lessened a little when Miss Osaka began to laugh, though his confusion did skyrocket.

"Oh Umino, don't worry about that." She then pulled Umino close to her, "Listen, you and Naru love each other very deeply. I trust you both, but I also know my daughter. In many ways she is like I am, you should know that when you give that to her she will be VERY appreciative. So when she drags you off try steering her here." Before Umino could issue a protest Hoseki continued, "Don't worry about me, I'll be visiting my mother and I might just miss the train back," she said with a conspiratory grin.

To say that Umino was floored would be an understatement. Here was the mother of the girl he was dating and she was giving him the o.k. to have sex with her daughter. "But, why?"

Hoseki pulled away and laughed at the look on the young man's face. "Oh Umino, you make my daughter happy. For that I am eternally grateful, and anyway it's like you are part of the family. What with you spending so much time over here."

Naru was coming down the stairs when she heard that, "Mother! Don't pick on him."

Hoseki turned to her daughter and pouted, "But Naru dear, it is oh so much fun. You wouldn't want to ruin your poor mother's fun would you?"

Naru placed her hands on her hips, "I do when you're picking on my Umino."

During the entire exchange Umino stood in awe at Naru's beauty. Normally Naru liked to dress rather plainly, as she did not want to flaunt the prosperity a jewelry store offered. Today she looked like every bit the lady he knew she was. Her outfit showed little skin, her blouse was long-sleeved and she had all but he top button fastened. It was what she was wearing over the blouse that really caught Umino's eye, a vest that was rather low and with all the buttons done it greatly emphasized her already impressive bust line. Instead of a skirt, which was something that she wore often, Naru had on a pair of dress pants that showed off her well toned legs yet at the same time they were loose enough to conceal a great deal. All in all Naru was drop-dead gorgeous.

Naru was much the same state as her date. Though Umino was, what many considered, a geek he was also blessed with some very good genes. His face, which had been covered by his thick glasses, was clean-shaven and very handsome. A fact that seems rather odd when you look at pictures of him younger. His clothes were rather sophisticated, he wore a blue button-up shirt. Over which he had a black vest that was left open. As she looked at the vest Naru could see a hint of silver, probably coming off the pocket watch that she had given him. Umino had his shirt tucked into a pair of black dress pants. The whole outfit was completed by the gray-blue trench coat that he wore. She knew that the coat had two purposes; one was to hide his lean muscular physic, the other was because Umino liked it when the wind caught the coat, it made him feel like he had a cape. With her inspection of his attire completed, Naru looked to Umino's eyes. As she stared into those deep brown orbs Naru felt he love he had for her, she also mentally thanked her mother for forking over the money so he could have laser surgery.

Though the sight of the two love birds staring at each other was very romantic Hoseki felt that they had been like that long enough. So she held her hand up to her mouth and coughed. That was more than enough to break the spell and the two teenagers looked away with blushes adorning their cheeks.

Umino was the fist to speak, "Um, you look really nice Naru."

Having a harder time saying anything Naru walked foreword and kissed Umino on the cheek. She then held his arm and, finding strength in the embrace, whispered, "You don't look so bad yourself."

With his date by his side Umino waved to Miss Osaka, "Well we're off."

Hoseki smiled wide, "You two have fun." She then walked up to hug her little girl, because the next time she saw Naru the young woman will have taken a big step away from her.


After saying goodbye to her mother Naru and Umino left for the first destination on tonight's agenda. As they walked the couple spoke little, instead the opted for quiet thought. Naru was using the time to marvel at the feel of Umino's arm. To those who knew him only at school Umino was a first class geek. He would talk about the latest science fiction movie he saw or go on about how cool the latest anime convention he attended was. But that was at school, there was a side of Umino that few saw, he was a protector. It was buried deep under all the superhero worship, and in fact it was Juban's local heroes, the Sailor Senshi, that brought that side of him to light. After all the youma attacks that he had been either witness to, or worse a part of, Umino decided that he needed some sort of training. It was his hope that if he was more fit and maybe knew a martial art or two he might be able to get innocents to safety. The Sailor Senshi might beat the monster but they sure due take their time. Using the same drive that he used to ferret out information, Umino worked on his goal and in the process got himself the kind of body that women want. Since she started dating him before he became all buff Umino's appearance mattered little to Naru, but she did like the fact that she had a wolf in geeks clothing.

Naru was so caught up in he thoughts that it took her several seconds to realize that they had stopped walking. As she took in her surroundings Naru was quite shocked, she was standing in front of the place she had wanted to visit for months, Caritas. According to her friends at school Caritas was both a great place to eat and get some culture. Naru turned her head to look at Umino and saw that he was smiling at her. "Why?"

"I knew that you've been wanting to go here for a while. So, here we are."

Naru squeezed Umino's arm all that tighter, "Thank you." Then with a big grin on her face Naru dragged Umino inside.

For the next one and a half-hours the young couple ate, talked, and listened to the creativity of those who performed. The whole time Umino had a smile on his face at the happiness Naru was showing. It was almost a shame that they had to go but they did and as such he gently took hold of her hand. She turned her head from watching the most recent performance and looked to her boyfriend. "Sorry honey, but we've got to leave." Seeing that she was going to issue a protest he raised a finger to her lips, "There are other things that I have planed for tonight. Believe me, you are not going to want to miss them." Naru acquiesced and the couple left Caritas arm-in-arm.

From Caritas Umino led his date to the next place on his itinerary, the fair. Even though fairs were a haven for monster attacks there hadn't been any in several months and Umino felt it was safe to go. He also knew that despite the dangers, Naru loved to go to fairs. After paying for the tickets Naru pulled Umino along towards the various booths and rides. Though he let himself be pulled along Umino also guided where Naru was going to a certain degree. About thirty minutes after arriving the couple was near the lake and Umino knew that this was his opportunity. Squeezing Naru's hand he asked, "Hey, let's rent a boat."

Naru was happy that Umino had suggested this, her feet had been getting tired from all the walking and she wanted to sit down. "Sure! That sounds great." They walked over to the pier and Umino rented a boat. Several minutes later Umino had finished rowing their small boat to the middle of the lake. Within a minute of Umino stopping rowing the night sky lit up in a display of multicolored light.

As the fireworks burst in the sky Umino looked, not at the light but at Naru's face. It was filled with wonder and her eyes shown with happiness. He knew that this was the moment that he was waiting for and pulled out the box he had in his pocket. His movement caught Naru's attention and she pulled her gaze from the fireworks to the small black box he held. Instantly Umino saw that Naru's eyes lit up in pure unwavering joy.

There had been times in her life where Naru thought that she had experienced joy, but now she knew that those times were just poor copies of the real thing. As she looked down at the simple black box that her love held all she wanted to do was scream out, "YES!" But when Umino opened the box her voice left her and all she was able to do was utter a small gasp. The ring was one that had been in her mother's store for the last several years, this in itself was a little odd seeing as most of her stock was quickly purchased. When she had first seen it she had imagined what it would be like to have on her finger but she knew that someone would buy it. But no-one did, sometimes people would come in and try to buy it and something would happen to make sure that they could not. She had began to hope that the ring might be meant for her but then, several weeks ago the ring was purchased and her hopes died. Only to be rekindled as it now sat in the box before her. The ring itself was a band of Gold and Silver woven around dark blue Sapphires, at its center was a blood-red Ruby that was in the shape of a heart. The stone were rather small but Naru knew well how much the ring before her cost. Before she could utter any type of protest at the ring's value Umino took the ring and placed it on her finger.

As to cool metal came to rest on its new home, Naru's eyes met those of Umino and, after staring for a good minute, he said, "Naru. We have been together through ordeals that would try most people's sanity and yet we had stayed together through it all. You been my rock when times where tough my light when all looked black. I can't imagine what my life would be like without you in it. So, Naru Osaka, will you marry me?" The answer to his question was Naru hurling herself at him while covering his face with kisses as she pressed herself close. When he felt her begin to unbutton his shirt he reluctantly pushed her away.

As she sat back on her side of the boat Naru wondered what had come over her. Normally she was not so aggressive, especially on a small boat in the middle of the lake, today though she felt different. As Umino rowed to shore Naru tried to hold herself back, after all it would not be a good idea to tip the boat. Once they were back on shore she wrapped her arm around his waist and made sure that a good deal of her body was touching his. Standing on her toes, Naru huskily whispered into Umino's ear, "Why don't we got somewhere a little more private."

The combination of the tone Naru was using and her breath on his ear left Umino rather hot under the collar. "Gulp, um ok." With that he began walking back to Naru's place. As they walked Umino thought in shock that Hoseki was right. Though he had a hard time believing it, Naru usually didn't act like this. A part of him was jumping for joy that he was finally going to get some. Another part, the one that loved Naru, was disturbed by her actions. While he did want to make love to her he id not want to be with some over-sexed pod person version of her.

While Umino was wondering what the right thing to do was Naru was trying to keep herself under control. This was complicated by the fact that she never felt urges this strong. Sure, after most of their recent dates she had to relive some pressure afterwards but that was to be expected. Now though, her body was suffused with heat, her skin craved his touch, and her soul yearned to become one with his. Occasionally her control slipped and this led to her hands into some of Umino's rather personal spaces. Finally they came to a halt and Naru saw where Umino had been leading them, her home. She gave a little whimper of disappointment. As she gripped his arm like a vice Naru looked up at him, "Please . Don't leave me here alone."

Umino brought his hand up to Naru's face and cupped her cheek, an action that sent a shudder through her body. "I wouldn't dream of that."

"But my mother."

"Isn't here." Seeing her look of confusion Umino explained, "She knew that you would want to do this and went to her mother's house. Think of it as an engagement gift." He then looked at her with a grin, "Are you going to release your grip on me and open the door."

At that she jumped in shock, "Oh!" Immediately Naru had released Umino and was digging through her purse with shaking hands. Shy quickly found her keys but her hands where shaking so bad that she couldn't get them in the lock. Luckily Umino's hand reached out and steadied her own. With the door opened Naru made a mad dash towards her room, and in the process left Umino behind.

Umino chuckled at his fiancé's antics as he closed and locked the door. Though his exterior was Mr. Cool inside he was sweating bullets. The one thing that had held him back, Naru's possible possession, was now gone. After all, a sex crazed pod person wouldn't be so nervous opening a door. With that impediment gone Umino's worry turned to the same place that so many men's minds had gone, when the time came would he be able to deliver. When he got to Naru's room he saw that she had already removed her vest but was now struggling with the buttons on her blouse. Umino knew this was not what she wanted, she had said once that she wanted their first time to be a magical experience. He doubted that mad, fast paced rutting would constitute magical in her book. So he walked forward and preceded to make this night everything that Naru dreamt.


Now on with the story

If Umino had been able to read Naru's mind he would have found that he had succeeded. She was so glad that he had come in and taken charge like he had. When she had thought about the kind of experience she would have when she first made love she pictured magic and happiness. Unfortunately several of her friends had already experienced the wonders of sex and told her that their first times had been anything but magical, instead they were brief and painful. Luckily for her Umino some how knew what he was doing and had pleasured her for almost an hour before indulging in his own desires. Now, as Umino filled her body and soul, she reflected that there was little pain at their joining and that quickly went away under the intense waves of pleasure she was experiencing. When he entered they quickly fell into a pattern. Since he had worked her over so well up to that point she was quickly heading for the highest peak so far. From the way Umino was moving she guessed that he was as close as she was. It didn't take long and when it came so did she. As she experience the ultimate in pleasure she felt herself becoming one with her love, it was a truly transcendent experience. In fact it was so wonderful that all she could see was bright white light.


Usagi was roused from her slumber in the only way that made her want to kill someone, people talking. As far as she was concerned the people who did that should be turned into the same dust as all those youma she has killed. The only thing that kept her from moving around and groaning was that she did not recognize the voices. So, in order to find out what was going on she kept her eyes closed and pretended to be asleep.

"Alucard, must you keep on doing this? First it was Seras Victoria now this young woman, why is it every woman you save ends up as an undead?" The voice had a strong British accident and belonged to a woman.

The next voice that Usagi heard was the man from the alley, she now realized that the man's name was Alucard. "I don't know if she is an undead. She lacks the taint."

Usagi heard a gasp then the sound on hands slamming down on a desk. That was so loud and unexpected that Usagi jumped. She hoped that no-one noticed, unfortunately that hope was not answered. She heard Alucard's voice and it was clearly addressed at her.

"Perhaps the girl would like to hear this as well." Alucard's voice had a definite undercurrent of mirth in it.

Knowing that the jig was up Usagi opened her eyes and saw that she was in a large office. It was very modern but at the same time spartan. The only decoration was a large painting on one wall. The painting was of an older gentleman with blonde hair. Across the room from where she lay was Alucard and a blonde woman who was standing behind an antique desk. Though the woman looked both shocked and disgusted, Alucard's expression was unreadable. Yet, for some reason that was unexplainable to her, Usagi felt that she was being judged and her actions over the next few minutes would determine how this man viewed her. She vowed to make sure that his judgment was a good one.

Though in her early days she had spurned the advice of her guardians, in the years after Galaxia Usagi learned a great many things. One of these things was how to maintain her cool, something that took Setsuna a long time to ingrain in her. So, hiding her worry and unease as best she could Usagi stood and greeted her hosts. "I believe that introductions are in order. My name is Usagi Tsukino."

Immediately the blonde woman stood straight and schooled her features, obviously showing that she too had been trained in etiquette. "My name is Integra Wingates Hellsing." She then gestured to the tall man across the desk from her, "This is my . . . associate, Alucard." In response to Integra's introduction Alucard gave a curt bow of his head. "I suppose you are wondering why you are here?"

Usagi shrugged her shoulders, "Well since Alucard is here I guess what happened in the alley was not some bad dream." She then ran her tongue across her teeth and she found what she had expected, fangs. "As it seems that I now possess fangs it seems like I am a vampire."

Integra was impressed that the girl seemed unfazed by the realization that she was now a member of the undead. She hoped that Miss Tsukino would be less of a hassle that Seras Victoria was when she was turned. "Yes, it would seem so. Though it appears Alucard has something different to say on this subject," she said as she arched an eyebrow at her vampiric servant.

Usagi looked at Alucard expectantly, "You said that I didn't have the taint. What is that?"

Though he did not normally aqueous to such questions Alucard felt that Usagi had handled herself and her situation quite well up to this point. Releasing a little information to the girl would do no harm, besides he felt he owed her. Because she had gotten captured he was able to partake of her blood, an experience that was most unique. "Long ago there was a cult who drank people's blood. Eventually their leader made a deal with the devil and he along with his followers became the first vampires. Though the leader sold his soul his followers were also effected negatively. They gained what became known as the taint, they lost their connection to God and thus became vulnerable to many things. Silver, holy water, anything blessed by a holy man, all of these became items that could injure them. In some extreme cases even the light of the Sun became deadly instead of the irritant it is to most vampires." He then pointed at Usagi, "You lack the taint and as such everything that harms normal vampires you are immune to. Though why it is I do not know."

Immediately an explanation popped into Usagi's mind but she did not know whether or not to tell them. She then realized that they had placed all their cards on the table and it was only right for her to do so as well. "I might know why I am different."

Integra, who had sat in her chair while Alucard talked, leaned forward and placed her elbows on the desk. "Enlighten us."

"I'm Sailor Moon."

Integra raised an eyebrow at that. As part of the information the Japanese government gave to her there were several folders with information concerning Tokyo's resident demon hunters, the Sailor Senshi. Apparently they have been in many battles against the forces of darkness and in doing so have saved a great many lives. And if the files were correct the Hellsing Organization has had a number of prior encounters with one of the Senshi, Sailor Venus or as she appeared in England Sailor V. If this young woman was to believed then she was the leader of this band of heroes. The file also dictated some of the powers that the Senshi had exhibited over the years but she did not think that they would be able to not be adversely affected by the vampire's curse. "I fail to see how you being Sailor Moon would matter. That is if you are who you say you are."

Another thing that changed after Galaxia was that Usagi took a more active interest in being a Senshi. As such she made sure that that both her and her Senshi were as well trained as possible. One of the things that benefited from this training was that they no longer needed to call out her transformation phrase. With a little bit of mental focus Usagi made her broach appear chest and triggered her transformation. In an instant she was surrounded by a flash of multicolored light that left as soon as it appeared. When the light faded Usagi was once more Sailor Moon. She only stayed that way long enough to make sure that everyone in the room had gotten a good look at her and then she returned to her normal form. "I do hope that is enough proof for you. As for why I think it has to do with why I'm Sailor Moon." She then sighed, though she knew that she had to tell this she really hated to. The first time was not so bad but after a while it gets old. "Long ago there was a kingdom that was made up of every planet in the solar system. The kingdom was in a period of peace and prosperity called the Silver Millennium. The queen, Serenity, had a daughter also named the same. The kingdom was guarded the princesses of eight of the planets, only Earth did not have one of these guardians. Eventually the younger Serenity fell in love with a prince from Earth. Unfortunately a member of the Earth royal family was so jealous of their love that she sided with a dark god and raised an army to crush those who she felt wronged her. She attacked the Moon and in the process managed to kill the prince, the princess, and the guardians. Queen Serenity used a powerful weapon to banish the evil woman and her army. With the last of her strength she used what was left of her powerful to send those who had died to the future so that they could live again. I am the reincarnation of that princess and the rest of the Sailor Senshi are the guardians reborn."

Alucard was not sure what to think. On one hand his newest convert was a superhero in a ridiculous outfit who was the reincarnation of a princess of some lovey dovey peace kingdom. On the other hand she was a strong willed individual who had seen her share of pain and death yet come through with her purity intact. He had seen that much in her mind as she talked. What he did not understand was what that had to do with the tale, her surface thought did not give him any hints.

For her part Integra was not impressed. From what she had read about the Sailor Senshi they had little concept of the gray area that the world lived in. They seemed to be factionalized and there were those among the Senshi's rank that were rather reckless with their actions, caring little for civilians. That they were from some magical kingdom where everything was happy and good did little to ease her mind. It was her opinion that people who fought for good with the methodology that the Senshi had were never a good thing and had the tendency to become fanatics. What really irritated her was that in telling her story Usagi did not answer the question at hand. "That is very interesting but how does that have any bearing on why you do not poses the taint Alucard was speaking of?"

Usagi took Integra's icy voice in stride, "My reincarnation is not just a spiritual one. When Queen Serenity sent us forward she reincarnated both our bodies and to a limited extent our minds. Though we are not effected by our old personalities we do occasionally get memories of events and other things from that other life. One of the things that I've remember is something my instructors told me about the Serenity line. Apparently the Serenitys are descended from either God or a God. It's probably that that kept me the way I was."

Wanting to change the subject looked Integra in the eyes, "Well, what do I do now?" It seemed as if they were not going to kill her but she wanted to know if her hosts had any plans for her.

Integra sat back, at last a subject that she had control of, "Currently we are in Japan hunting the manufacturing of artificial vampires, dubbed Freaks. These Freaks lack the social rules of traditional vampires and are plagues upon mankind. Originally these Freaks were in England but after certain events two years ago they moved their operations here. Japan is a country with no major religious backing and the Freak manufactures came here to exploit that. As such we followed them here and at the behest of the Japanese government we will finally stop these blasphemous heathens. As for you, Usagi Tsukino, you have two choices. The first option is that we leave you alone. One of my subordinates will show you all you need to live as a vampire. Option two is that you can work in tandem with the Hellsing organization in order to see these monsters destroyed."

Usagi knew what she had to do. These Freaks were a threat to everyone in Japan. There was no way that she or her Senshi could let such a threat remain. "I'll help you fight these people."

Integra smiled internally, "Good, I thought you might." She then pressed a button on her intercom. Several seconds later the door to the office opened and an older gentleman walked in.

The man, in his dark vest button up shirt and dark pants, placed a white-gloved hand over heart and bowed, "Yes Sir Integra?"

"Walter. Please escort Miss Tsukino to Seras Victoria. Have Seras explain to Miss Tsukino how to be a vampire in these times." She then turned to Usagi, "If you will follow Walter he will show you the way."

Walter once more bowed, "Of course Sir Integra." He then turned sideways and held his arm out. "Shall we be on our way?"

Usagi looked to Integra, "Thank you for your generosity." She then turned and followed Walter out of the office.

Alucard stood and watched the door close. Once it was, he addressed Integra though he did not turn away. "You did not threaten her." Though it was a statement it was also a question.

"To the people of Japan Sailor Moon is an icon. You know as well as I that the Japanese government have cameras all over, if they saw that we had even suggested that we kill her then our search for the Freaks would be canceled. Therefore it is in our best interest that we have both her and the government on our side."


It only took Naru a moment to realize that the light she was seeing was not that of orgasmic transcendence but actual light. When the light vanished she found herself in a great hall of stone. Though the entire place felt as if it were deep beneath some mountain, Naru could see grass and trees off in side chambers. She then looked down at herself, fearing that she was naked and sweaty. Luckily she was neither, instead she seemed to be fully cleaned and in the outfit she wore on her date. It was then that she noticed that Umino was next to her, checking himself and his surroundings as well. "Where are we?" It was a simple question, bereft of the fear she knew she should be feeling.

Umino looked over at who spoke and saw that it was Naru. This brought him up short because he hadn't noticed her before. Realizing that she had asked a question he replied, "I have no idea."

Then, a voice that Umino and Naru knew well spoke to them. "You are in my home." From out of one of the forested side areas stepped Hoseki Osaka. She was wearing a rather odd, for her, outfit. Hoseki wore a plaid shirt under a pair of overalls while a straw hat adorned her head. In one hand she was carrying a simple watering can. "Well technically, this place really doesn't exist. But for our purposes let's say that it does," she said with a smile.

Naru was in shock, her mother had never wore anything like that before. Sure, when she worked around the house Hoseki would wear jeans. But the farmer Fran outfit? Never. "Mom, what are you doing here? And why are you dressed like that?"

As she neared the couple Hoseki pulled off her hat then dropped both it and the watering can. The instant they left her grasp the two items disappeared. "First of all my child, I am not your mother. I possess this form because your mind supplied it in response to the word, mother." She then looked at Umino, "As for why I appear to be dressed as I am, well you have your other to thank for that. This is what his mind supplied in response to the phrase, keeper of the earth."

"If you aren't my mother then who are you."

"Ask your other, he knows," the woman replied as she stared into Umino's eyes.

"You're nature," Umino said confidently.

The woman gave a light laugh at that, "Close, and yet so far off." She then gestured and from the ground grew vines. They twisted a pulled together as they grew until they had formed three green chairs. As she sat down, the woman gestured to the newly grown furniture. "Please, have a seat."

Umino wearily sat in the chair, he had seen too many evil people wield power like that to be instantly trusting. To his shock the chair was quite soft and it molded itself to him.

As if she were sensing his unease the woman addressed him, "You have nothing to fear from me my child. No harm shall befall you here." That said the woman addressed both Naru and Umino, "My name is Terra. I am the soul of the planet you are on."

"You're Earth," the couple asked.

Terra nodded her head, "That is correct. Everything you see around you is an astral projection, that is why appear as I do. Had you worshipped me as a goddess I would have appeared to you in that likeness." Leaning back in her chair she waved her hand and from the stone floor grew a table with cups and a crystal water pitcher. Taking hold of the pitcher, Terra poured water into the three stone cups. She then preceded to hand a cup to both Naru and Umino.

Cup in hand Terra began talking, "You must be wondering why you are here. Well, I have a proposition for you. Mind you, you always have the option of saying no. But should one or their other do such, they are in effect saying no for both. So think carefully before making you decision. Before I make my offer there is information you should know.

Long ago man began to take its first faltering steps into the unknown. As they visited the various planets of the Solar System they found them to be barren, lifeless. So humanity tried to make these other worlds in my image and for the most part they succeeded. Wanting to rule over all, the "nobles" used their powers to bind the planet's spirits so only those who they desired could use its magic. You see when all were here I never denied any of my children the use of my power. As such the playing field was much more level, so to speak. But the spirits of the other planets were dormant and as such, easily controlled.

Later a woman of great power and peace was born. She was able to make all the planets but Earth come together and form the Moon Kingdom. Believing that their power was absolute the Moon Kingdom created the worst mistake ever, they created the Guardians. You know them as the Senshi."

At hearing that Naru had to protest. In her opinion the Senshi were saviors, heroic knights of good. As far as she was concerned there was no way they could be a mistake. "But," before Naru could continue Terra silenced her with a shake of her hand.

"Let me clarify. Are the Senshi a powerful force for good? Yes. The reason they were and still are a mistake is that they were created at the exclusion of all others. Over the time that humanity has lived on Earth there have been many tactical geniuses. Since they are of Earth I am with them, as such I too have such knowledge. When the Senshi were created those eight young women were intended to protect the entire solar system. No other method of protecting themselves was employed and this led to their downfall.

One day a member of the Earth's nobility fell in love with the princess of the Moon Kingdom. This love garnered the jealousy of another. She ended up summoning a dark God so she could wage war on the Moon Kingdom. At the time all the Senshi were on the Moon and when the attack came they fell to overwhelming numbers. In her final act the Queen of the Moon Kingdom used all her power to send those who died to the future and sealed the darkness. This act drained her talisman of all its power. With her talisman powerless something terrible happened. As each world joined the Moon Kingdom the rulers, in their infinite foolishness, tied the spells making their worlds habitable into the Queen's talisman. When it lost its power so did the spells and billions died a horrible death.

Much later the Princess and her Senshi were reborn and then began to fight their battle against evil. Though they won each battle their victories nearly destroyed me. Now, an evil that the Senshi thought was vanquished is returning. This time they care little for subjugating humanity and will think little of destroying the planet to get their revenge. The Senshi also seem to care little for the damage they cause to me.

Now for my proposal. For the first time in my existence I need a protector. Someone who can battle against those who would do me harm. They would also have to work on helping me repair myself. Humanity has done much damage to me and now a human must work to fix that damage."

Umino leaned forward, "Do you want to make us Senshi?"

Terra laughed, "Heavens no. I wish to make you into my avatar, my protector, my voice. You will not fight against evil just because it is. What you will fight against are all those that would do me, or my children, harm. This would mean that you may be forced to fight the Senshi if their goals and those of Earth and her people do not run parallel.

It was Naru's turn to ask a question, "Why us? We're not heroes. Hell, we've been attacked by youma more times than I can count. So I ask you, why us?"

The woman who was the physical embodiment of the planet Earth smiled and patted Umino and Naru on the knees. "You're absolutely perfect for the job." She then stood and directed the couple to follow her as she headed towards one of the forested areas. "Almost anyone can become a Senshi, all they have to do is meet with the approval of the Serenitys. The only real requirement, and this is an arbitrary one, is that the Senshi candidate must be female. By doing that they limited themselves, both to females and the occasional unsuitable candidate."

"Is there something wrong with picking women to be heroes," Naru asked with a twinge of anger in her voice.

Terra looked Naru in the eye, "Of course not. Women are just as capable as men. But I ask you this, if there were two candidates for a position, one male the other female, would you choose the female just because she is or the male who has the better qualifications?" Seeing that Naru understood Terra continued, "Since I am under no-one's heel I can set qualifications that are necessary for the choosing of the right Avatar."

Umino raised his hand, "Sorry to interrupt but you been saying you need AN avatar. Why did you take both of us?"

"Look around you," Terra said as waved her arm to indicate the forest around them. "The glory of nature is all around you. See that squirrel, it is completely content as it sits there eating its acorn. It doesn't realize that by gaining life from its consumption it is taking life from the tree that could have been. All around us nature is in balance, and if there is one thing I like having the most it is balance. That is why I picked you two. As individuals you were slightly out of balance, less so than I have seen in many a year. When you two came together in that ultimate act you found your balance in the other. That is why you are here Umino Gurio, you and Naru have reached a point that few before you have attained. Though I had been watching you there was always a chance that you two would separate. I had to wait until you realized what your hearts have known for so long, you've found your soul mate."

Naru and Umino looked at each other in shock. They were shocked for two reasons; one was that the other was their soul mate, the second was that they realized they felt nothing like that emotion. Luckily they had their second reason answered by Terra before they started to panic.

Said incarnation raised her hands as if she was warding something off. "Have no fear, my children. The absence of love is a temporary condition. I pulled you here the moment your souls touched. Had I not done what I did you would be two engrossed in each other to pay any attention to me."

At that the young couple began to settle down though the realization that that they couldn't feel love for their fiancé did leave them shaken. "So, you wanted soulmates," Umino asked to get the ball rolling.

"Yes," Terra replied as she nodded her head. "You see, to use my power a person must be physically and spiritually balanced. Unfortunately no one person fits that mark. I knew that I could make a person physically balanced but spiritually, I could never tamper with that. Luckily human beings have soul mates, and as such I realized that a male and a female soul could join together in harmony."

Naru was shocked once more, "You mean we are the first ones to have been spiritually balanced."

"No no. There were others, but an avatar was not needed and as such I did not seek one out. I was tempted to create one during the so-called "Cold War" but you managed to get yourselves out of that." She then stopped in the middle of a glade and turned to look at Umino, "To answer your initial question, though you are two separate individuals you are, in essence, a single spiritual being."

She then motioned for Naru and Umino to sit. As she herself took comfort in the soft grass several small and fluffy animals came up to her. After petting and feeding them for several minutes Terra looked up at the waiting couple. "As I feel that you should be made aware of what will happen if you agree to my proposal I tell you what you can expect. I'm sure the thing foremost on your mind is what powers you will posses. In your transformed state you both will have about four programmed attacks. I encourage you to come up with your own though. Your powers will be elemental in nature, much like the Sailor Senshi's, though you will be more powerful as less energy will be spent getting the environment to perform each attack. Remember this, anything that you can imagine can become an attack. Also your emotions play a big part in how the environment responds. The more intense the emotions you are feeling the greater the power with which nature responds.

Now for powers that only you two shall posses. Upon accepting the position you both will choose two of the four prime elements. These will become the elements that you are most in tune with and thus the easiest to manipulate. Along with the elements you will also be able to summon and communicate with all non-sentient life on Earth. Remember what I did with the vines, you will be able to do the same."

Umino raised his hand, "Um, we won't have to wear fuku's, will we?"

Terra shook her head, "No. There is no way an avatar of mine will wear such ridiculous clothing. This is what you will be attired in, should you accept," she said as she waived her hand.

As Terra waived her hand Naru and Umino felt the bodies tingle. Along with the tingle the air before them shimmered and became like a mirror. The tingle progressed and they could feel their bodies getting taller and stronger as their eyes told them what was happening. Several seconds after it started the tingling passed and they were left to admire Terra's handiwork. From Naru's point of view she could tell that she was at least 6'4''. Her once shoulder length red hair was now black and ended at her much more toned butt. Her clothes had changed to a black leather torso piece with an attached skirt that ended mid-thigh. Her much larger breasts were only amplified by the lifting nature of her outfit and the gold accents. On Naru's forearms there were black leather gauntlets with additional gold inlay. The large black boots that went to her knees and the frisbee sized ring on her hip completed the package.

For his part Umino never felt so strong in his entire life. He could tell that he was at least 6'6'' if not taller. His once short and spiky hair was now touching his shoulders. The blue shirt and vest that he had been wearing was replaced by a sleeveless white shirt. The black dress pants were replaced by a pair of black leather pants which tucked into a pair of boots. All over he could see muscles, event though they were not horribly bulked up like some of the American weight lifters he still felt like he could move mountain with the greatest of ease. Though he marveled at his new physic Umino also noticed something else about his new appearance, "I look just like . . ."

It seems as if Naru also made the same conclusion that her significant other did because she was saying the same thing, "Hercules and Xena!" Along with Umino, Naru looked around the edge of the mirror at Terra, "What's the deal?"

Terra shrugged her shoulders, "Those two were powerful heroes from Earth's past. I can see that they are symbols of both power and heroism, something humanity needs in the dark days to come. As for why you look like the actors that played them, well what's to say that wasn't what they looked like before. Besides, I can't think of a better disguise. And you know how pathetically easy it is to see through the Senshi's disguise field. This way, as long as no one see you transform, people won't ever guess who you are." She then began to circle the changed duo as the mirror faded into the either. "You clothes are an armor at least a third stronger and more durable than the Senshi's. As you get more proficient with you powers they shall grow stronger with you."

Stopping in front of Umino, Terra took hold of the bracers and lifted his arms up, "These are the Crust. Like the crust which protects all life on the surface from the fires below these protect you from attack. With them you shall be able to shield yourself and those whom you protect from harm. Be warned, though they may absorb a great deal of abuse, any shield the create WILL break if the force is great enough." With that Terra walked over to Naru and took the ring from her hip. She then held it up, "This is Lightning. Like its namesake it has but one purpose, destruction." With a flick of her wrist the ring transformed into a long European sword, "This can become any weapon that you can imagine." To emphasize her point she made Lightning become various weapons before returning it to its original form. "With this there are few things that you can not cut through. My warning to you, always be ready for the time when this does not hurt something." At that the ring vanished and Naru and Umino returned to their birth forms.

In an instant Terra's levity vanished as the world around them grew darker. "With power such as this there is always tradeoffs. The first is that I own you. I have no desire to find a new voice should I need one, therefore you shall be mine in perpetuity. Until I die you shall be immortal and in my service. Once I am, you shall be free and you will once more be subject to the rigors of time. Now let me assure you that while you are in my service you will have a great deal of freedom. You can have a family, travel, do what you will. The only time that you even hear form me is when the planet and its inhabitants are in danger. Should that happen you will probably have little problem with doing what must be done as it threatens everything on the planet. Finally, something that will effect your relationship. When you accept you both will remain in the state you are in now. Joined spiritually but apart physically. In this way you will be able to fight and live as one. But you will also be forced to share in the others pain.

I caution you, should you accept this there will be no going back. If you refuse I will understand and pay you no harm. All this will be as a dream and you shall go about your lives as you would. But if you agree I assure you, you shall experience wonders unlike any you can possibly imagine." She then returned to her happy appearance, "I'll leave you to think it over. Please, only do this if you are sure that it is what you want."

As Terra walked away Umino and Naru looked each other in the eye. Though their feelings for the other were being dampened their memories were still present. With not a single word spoken they reached out and took the other's hand in their own. Their course clear, the couple turned to look at the retreating form of Terra, "Wait."

Terra turned and looked at them with a smile, "I knew I was right about you two."


As she walked through the halls of Hellsing's Japan headquarters Usagi kept her mind off what her fellow Senshi would do to her now by taking in her surroundings. Though the building obviously had a Japanese architect there were touches everywhere that heralded European residents. As Usagi walked further away from Integra's office she noticed that the bright lights from the outside were gone. She could tell that the windows had been blacked out. Luckily she realized why they were before she asked. There was no way she wanted to look like a fool in front of these people. Her train of thought was derailed when Walter, her guide, stopped at a door.

Walter knocked but once and several seconds later the door opened to reveal a young woman with short orange hair and remarkable red eyes. "Ms. Victoria, may I introduce Ms. Usagi Tsukino. Sir Integra has requested that you instruct Ms. Tsukino in the ways of being a vampire in our modern age."

The young woman's eyes widened at that news. "Of course. " She then backed up and opened the door wide. "Please come in."

Usagi looked to Walter and gave him a slight bow, "Thank you Walter." Walter gave a curt bow then turned and walked back the way they came. Usagi blinked at his shortness but she pondered it for a moment as Seras' voice called her attention.

"Don't worry about him. They're all like that to us," the young vampire stated flippantly.

Usagi looked to her questioningly, "What do mean, us?"

"Vampires," Seras replied as Usagi walked into her room. As she closed the door she continued, "But don't worry about it." She then did a circle around Usagi and took a good look. "Hmm, you seem to be taking this better than I did."

Usagi just shrugged her shoulders, "I've had my share of weirdness. I just wonder what my friends are going to think. They're really, religious."

Seras waived her concerns off, "Don't worry about them. I've found that those types are split down the middle. If you act like you always do and they are good friends then they'll stick with you. If they don't then those are not the types you want to be around." Changing the subject Seras walked over to one of the corners of the spartanly decorated room and grabbed her gun, the Harkonnen. She acted like her weapon was heavy for her as she walked over to Usagi. "This," she said, indicating the gun, "is the 30mm anti-midian cannon Harkonnen. Here, catch," with one smooth motion she tossed the cannon towards Usagi.

Seeing the obviously heavy weapon coming right for her, Usagi panicked. But she grabbed the gun, thinking that she was going to be pulled to the ground by its weight. When it laded in her hands she was shocked that it was as light as a feather. "This, this. How much does this weigh?"

Seras barked a laugh, "Exactly as much as you think. It's one of the perks of being a vampire. We're easily three times stronger than the average human. Our senses are also boosted dramatically. This can be a problem."

Usagi quirked an eyebrow, "Why?" Her mind was filled with childhood visions of superpowers. Now it appears that she has them. Other than the Senshi thing that is.

"Oh I know what you're thinking about but having better senses can be more trouble than its worth. I was lucky, in that they made me stay at the head quarters as much as possible. But even then it takes some getting used to. The city can be harsh on the senses with all the pollution and noise. Luckily they keep this place well insulated. As for you it's just something that you are going to have to get used to." She then gestured for Usagi to sit down at the table in her room. With the young woman sitting, Seras walked over to the personal refrigerator she kept. Upon opening it a good deal of blood packs. She grabbed on of the packs and walked over to the table. Once she got there she tossed it over to where Usagi was sitting. "This is what is going to take the longest to get used to."

"Drinking blood?" Up till now she had never thought about that one particular piece vampire lore. Of all the things that a vampire does that was the one thing that ranked very high on her ick meter. Now though, with a pack of human blood sitting right before her she realized that, that particular side effect would be with her for the rest of her long life.

"Yes. When I first turned it was the hardest thing for me to do. Every time I worked up the nerve to drink I would think that doing so would loose what humanity I had left. Finally though, I was forced to drink to regain my strength. When I did I found that I was no different. I wasn't any less human than before and I felt much stronger."

"Where do you get it?" Usagi figured that Hellsing didn't just drain innocent humans and knowing where one could procure blood is a good thing when you're a vampire. As Seras talked Usagi also noticed something, while a part of her yearned to tear open the blood pack before her and partake of its contents an other part would kill for a triple scoop ice cream cone. This brought her a measure of comfort.

"The Japanese government has set up a blood bank for us. Whenever we need some more we go to them. If they ever run low then all they do is get some members of the JSDF to donate some. Luckily are needs are small so we don't have to go to them much." Getting up from the table Seras walked over to the desk and pulled out a small PDA. After searching through it for several minutes she found what she was searching for and wrote down some information. Walking back to the table she handed the sheet of paper to Usagi. "Here. This is the address and phone number to our source. There are some really nice guys down there, if you're looking that is."

At that Usagi's heart grew a little heavier. Though the ring on her finger signified Mamoru's love for her she also knew how flighty he could be. If he found out about the recent changes to her he might leave once more.

Seras noticed Usagi's funk. "What's wrong," she asked as she took hold of Usagi's hand.

"My fianc' is one of those religious types I mentioned."

Seras' eyes widened in shock only to close in sadness. In a way she was lucky. When she was first turned her unit had been turned to ghouls and her family was dead. As all the people she cared for were dead she did not have to tell them. Usagi though faces the very real possibility that all of those she loved would reject her. In a way she almost wished that Usagi had bee killed rather than turned. Had it been such she would not have to experience that pain. "Nothing I can say to you that will ease the pain should your fears prove true. All I can say is remember how you felt for him before all this happened. If you can still keep that with you then that is how you know you are still human."

Usagi looked at Seras with eyes filled with unshed tears. "Thank you. At least I have one friend."

"Of course you do," Seras said with a smile. "Us vampires have to stick together." She then shook her head and tried to change the subject, "So did anyone tell you what you've go to avoid?"

As she wiped the moisture away Usagi answered, "Apparently I don't have to worry about all the things that normal vampires have to. Alucard told me that I'm still human in that way." She smiled at the shocked look on Seras's face at that little bit of information.


They continued on for a good while longer but in the end Usagi left the Hellsing compound. As she stepped into the first rays of the morning light she flinched at its brightness and marveled that she was feeling no adverse effects. Re-positioning her purse, Usagi set off for home. All the while she tried to keep her thoughts off the handgun loaded with silver bullets that was currently in there. Walter had handed it to her along with a permit as she left the compound. Instead she tried to think about what terrible things her parents might do to her as a result of her being awake and away from home all night. Though they knew about her nightly activities the general consensus that she had to let them know if she was going to come in late. Hopefully they would understand that what had happened was unavoidable.

Several years ago they made her spill the beans on her situation. They had seen that she was staying out late and that her grades had been slipping. That along with some unexplainable injuries really made them think that she was up to no good. Luckily they were very understanding people and when she showed them who she was they accepted her. In the years that followed they did everything that they could to support her. They even helped her with her schoolwork, something that was rather amusing to her given the fact that, on several occasions, they had to call Ami so that they could understand the material that they were trying to help her with. But it was because of them that she had passed with good grades from Juban High. There would never be enough words to say her thanks for them that is why she, while they were asleep one night, gave them a present that would never go bad. Though they might not realize what she had done for many more years to come.

It's funny how ones perception of the world around them changes as they think. For while she thought of the future and the past her feet guided her to her destination. Before she knew it she was standing before the door to her home. As she reached out to slide her key in the door it slammed open reveling a very irate looking Ikuko Tsukino. "Where. Have. You. Been. YOUNG LADY?!"

Usagi took a step back and gave her mother a weak wave. "Um hi Mom."

Before Usagi could say anything further Ikuko growled menacingly as she pulled her daughter in by the ear. With ear firmly in her hand Ikuko walked inside and slammed the door shut. She led Usagi to the living room and sat her down on the couch.

Hearing the commotion in the front of the house Kenji Tsukino walked out of the kitchen with the paper under his arm. Seeing his teenage daughter nursing a bruised ear while his wife glared accusingly at her, he did what any good husband and father would do. He turned around and headed away for the conflict. Unfortunately he was not quick enough and his wife's voice called out to him.

"Your father and I are waiting for an explanation young lady."

Kenji let out a soft sigh and sat down for the long haul. He looked to his daughter and saw something in her eyes that gave him pause. Deciding that his wife's anger, no mater how just, was not the thing that Usagi needed Kenji said, "Ikuko please. How is Usagi supposed to answer you if you're looking at her like that."

Ikuko was about to issue an angry retort when she looked into her daughter's eyes and saw the same thing that her husband did. So with a great sigh she nodded her head and sat down next to her husband. As Kenji put an arm around her shoulders she began to realize that the anger she had been feeling so strongly was really fear. The kind of fear a parent gets when they don't know where their children are. Though her anger was now dampened she still wanted her question answered and she looked at their daughter expectantly.

Usagi looked away from the expectant faces of her parents as the fear she felt within her grew increasingly larger. Though she could live her life without the support of her friends, it would be tough but she could, there would be no way that she would survive the crushing blow of her parents rejecting her. Stealing herself for the worse Usagi pictured the smiling faces of her parents in her mind and hoped that memories would not be the only time she saw them in the future. "As you know I fight evil creatures. While I'm Sailor Moon I've saved the world from the darkness more times than I can count. Last night I was captured by a vampire. At the time I thought that he was a normal person and I was scared that if I transformed he might tell people who Sailor Moon really is. Then a guy walked out of the shadows. It turns out that he too was a vampire, but unlike the one who had captured me he uses his powers to defend humanity against vampires. Though he rescued me from my captor he had to bite me to save my life. So now I'm a vampire too. Though the Crystal protected me from the negative side effects of the bite I still have to drink blood to keep my strength. I don't feel any different but I am, and I'll understand if you don't want me under your roof." She stopped there to regain her composure.

The lack of any response from her parents seemed to make real her worse fears. She had just lost her family. Instantly the small pit of fear became a gaping maw of pure sorrow. But should would not falter, not yet any way. Her frame shuddered for a moment until she got it under control. As she was about to stand she felt someone sit next to her. Though she did not want to she was compelled to look at the person. What she saw was her mother, but instead of he look of disgust of fear that she expected Usagi saw love and tears in her mother's eyes.

As she sat beside her daughter Ikuko marveled at the strength her daughter possessed. Here was a young woman who had taken on beings so horrible that the strongest of men would weep at their image. And now she sat there ready to leave forever if she and Kenji told her that they didn't want her any more. And though Usagi would go on she would be shattered and would probably end up much different than she should. Seeing her daughter in such pain made her heart break. In that instant she tried to place all the love she had for Usagi into her face, hoping Usagi would see it. Apparently she did as Usagi's hard eyes began shedding tears profusely and she slammed herself into Ikuko.

Seeing that his daughter was doing better Kenji focused less on Usagi's behavior and began to take in other things. As his eyes wondered they took in a bright shinny object. His eyes focused on the reflected light and he was shocked to see that it was a golden band. What was even worse was that this ring was on the finger of his teenage daughter. Realizing what it meant Kenji let out a startled gasp. Usagi and Ikuko looked to Kenji in confusion Kenji pointed accusingly at the offending band. "Wha, wha, what is that?!"

Along with her mother, Usagi looked down at where her father was pointing and blushed in embarrassment. In her worry that her parents might not except her Usagi had completely forgot about the pleasantness that had started the night before. Knowing that her parents would want an explanation she said nervously, "I got engaged."


In a plush high-rise apartment Mamoru Chiba slept peacefully. As he slept his dreams were filled with visions of a time to come. The pleasant dreams portrayed his life with Usagi in the world of Crystal Tokyo. Recently his dreams had been much more disturbing as they were warped by the fear that Usagi would leave him like he had done to her so many times. But with her accepting of the engagement ring, and him, Mamoru's dreams were much brighter.

In another room of Mamoru's apartment was a small wooden box. Within this box, on a velvet cushion, lay four differently colored stones. These stones where all that remain of the four generals, Jadeite, Kunzite, Zoeicite, and Malachite. At one time these four men had been guardians of the prince of Earth. Unfortunately they fell prey to the woman known as Beryl. Along with the dark God Mettalia, she turned the men to the darkness and they served her well in the destruction of the paradise known as the Moon Kingdom. Later, when the Sailor Senshi were reborn these generals led an army of evil creatures against the Senshi and the good people of Tokyo's Juban District. One by one the generals inexplicably fell to the Senshi's might, the good men that they once were forever sealed within the stones. In this form the men lived on as ghosts who, on occasion, gave Mamoru advice.

It was this case that was the target of the intruder. The oddly shaped female form snuck into Mamoru's apartment, disturbing nothing. When she found the object of her search she had to stifle a laugh. To think, such a treasure was left out in the open. It was as if the box's owner wanted it to be stolen. Taking a quick look around to make sure that she was still alone, the woman opened the box and slid the stones into the small bag she had on her person. Once the final stone clinked into the bag she placed the box back where she had gotten it from. Her master did not want Mamoru and his friends to know of their actions just yet. With her task complete the woman snuck out of the building the same way she had entered. Sneaking from shadow to shadow the woman made her way to a large warehouse. As she entered she felt the wards that had been placed throughout the structure. These wards had a singular purpose, to keep the Senshi unaware of her master's operation. The woman spoke to none of the people that she passed on her way towards the heart of the structure. The wards in this room were so powerful that only someone actively using the Silver Crystal could detect the goings on here. When a red light turned green she knew that it was safe to do perform her final duty. From her pocket she pulled a small crystal. Pointing the crystal away from her she pressed it and a dark hole in space appeared before her. The portal in place the woman stepped through to conclude her mission.


Author's Notes: Here is chapter one hoped you enjoy it. This one took longer to write but it is finally done. I've set up several things her that will continue throughout the story. I know that the bit with Naru and Umino took a bit but I like them and wanted to make them a larger part of the universe. Their transformations are the way they are to correct a problem I've had with the Senshi, you can tell who they are. Hell, if Beryl hadn't been a bitch and iced Jadeite they would have been able to take the Senshi and the battle would have been one before it really started. I know that there is rampant OOCness but this takes place four years after everything. I'm of the opinion that Usagi was going through a phase otherwise she would have been one of the dumbest queens ever. As for the Earth Senshi thing, well I thought it was odd that there were no male Senshi and that Earth didn't have one. I realize that Naoko Takeuchi proclaimed that there would be no male Senshi but I think that is dumb. And quite frankly Mamoru isn't the greatest fighter ever. Naru and Umino's true strength will be not in their power but in their ability to work together effectively. I will listen to any coments or concerns that you have but please no flames. Those will not be answered.

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