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Part Four-Remember When it Rained

:Julia's P.O.V.:

I'm driving down the road in my red convertible. I recall a moment with Spike, when I used to love him, when he decided to leave. Three years ago when he faked his death.

Spike stands in the door way. "When this is over, I'm leaving the syndicate."

I look back at him. "You'll be killed."

Spike still stands there. "I'll let them say I'm dead. I'll be waiting at the graveyard. Of course, I will be alive. Come with me. We'll leave here... We'll escape from this world. We'll just live a life of freedom somewhere. Just like watching a dream."

I turn on the radio and an old Josh Groban tune is playing.

Wash away the thoughts inside
That keep my mind away from you
No more love and no more pride.
The thoughts are all I have to do.

You were a dreamer, weren't you Spike? I met your friend today, what was her name? Oh yeah, Faye. She's very pretty and good with a gun too. She'd be perfect for you, but who knows, you may fall for some other girl. Maybe a redhead.

Oooo..remember when it rained
Felt the ground and looked up high and called your name
Oooo...remember when it rained
In the darkness I remain

My cell phone rings, I pull to the side of the road. "What happened?"

Vicious sobbed on the other line. "Julia, I did it. I did it Julia. They're dead, all of them."

Tears of hope run down my skin

"Good, very good. I'll be seeing you very soon. I'm off to see Spike." I turn off the phone and head to the cemetery.

Tears for you that will not dry

I get to the cemetery and I wait patiently. I have my gun loaded, but I know I won't shoot him. I'll let Vicious take care of it. Spike arrives and I see him for the first time. I point my gun at him. "It was raining that day as well. He just stands there. "You didn't come just for the rain." I walk up to him, the gun still in my hand. "I was supposed to kill you. That day if I had killed you I would have been free." Yes, it's true.

"So why didn't you? Why did you choose to be pursued?" He said.

Here comes the biggest lie of all. "Why did you love me?"

I put the gun down and I hold him. "Let's just run away somewhere. Truly escape from this world and go where no one else is... Just the two of us..." Actually I'm running off with Vicious. I'm sorry that I'm going to betray you Spike, but it's time to face reality. I don't love you.

We hop into my car and head towards Annie's store. Annie is dying, killed by Vicious' thugs. Sorry Annie, I cover her with my coat.

Spike grabs some artillery. "Do we need all that to run away?" Spike is very quiet. "I'm going with you, I'll be with you until the end." This will be perfect.

Spike tells me. "I'm sorry. I'm gonna make a bit of a scene." Go ahead, knock yourself out.

We go out and my convertible explodes. My car, my beautiful red Fairlaine! I'm seeing red right now, until Spike shouts to me. "This way!"

They magnify the one within

This is for my car! I shoot the thug who blew up my car and follow Spike up to the roof. Spike tells me to get down, as he shoots another thug. I get up and go over to where Spike is, a thug fires and I am shot. I go down and Spike calls out my name, he shoots the thug. He rushes over and holds me in his arms. I say a few words and everything goes black.

Let the outside slowly die...

:Spike's P.O.V.:

I hold Julia in my arms and I look up into the rainy sky.

She's dead, my dream is over, and the woman I love is gone.

Oooo..remember when it rained
Felt the ground and looked up high and called your name
Oooo..remember when it rained
In the water I remain...running down.

And dread the day, when dreaming ends. It's over, it's all over.

Running down, running down
running down, running down,

Damn you Vicious, I will kill you!

:That was short. Julia's not perfect like I said. Part 5-Freedom by Stevie Nicks-Faye and Spike have one last talk, Spike and Vicious fight for the final time, Julia gets a new car, and this is the end of the prequels.