Understand And Accept

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. If I did Ron would be the main star and changes will occur. I know people don't like gay men but come on! Give them a chance and don't be mean. Gay people rock and I would love to have a chat with one. Though I will never make Ron's character gay cause ya know, he's my favorite and Hermione goes with him... -Amanda

Chapter One:

Draco held Harry's hand tightly. "Please, just listen to me."
Hear my voice echo. Listen and don't turn around.

Harry stared straight into Draco's eyes. Ever since that night things will never be the same.
Look me straight in the eyes. Memories of that lonely night.

"Things have to change. No more enemy business." Draco's voice shook with worry. Harry nodded knowing now that reality was never going to take back that night.
Accept our destiny. Never turn away.

"How will we make the others change?" Harry asked with sadness in his eyes. "They are not our concern." Draco stated and wrapped an arm around Harry's waist.
Worry for only me. We have each other and that's all I need.

Harry placed his head on Draco's shoulder. "Maybe in time they'll learn to accept." Harry said quietly trying to comfort himself. "If they are your true friends they will." Draco kissed him on the forehead.
You're all I need to get by. Close your eyes and let me hold you.

Harry mumbled an agreement and found himself drifting off to sleep. Once Draco heard Harry's soft breathing then did he get up. Carrying Harry with the most care he placed him down in a hallway. "Soon Hermione and Ron will come to look for you." Draco whispered and cupped Harry's chin. "Tell me Harry, why can I never be a part of your dream team?" He left and went to the Slytherin's common room. Tomorrow will be an interesting day.
Sleep my love, be at peace. I will forever be one with you.