Late Night Rendezvous

The Moon shone brightly as the heavens darken. A shadow impelled swiftly through the forest, lead by the soothing rays on the moon's light. The silhouette was guided to a tranquil lake, disturbed only by the sound of surging water along side of a giant log bridge. The loud roaring from the falls could be heard all the way down to the village down the ravine under the falls. On the opposite side of the tedious trestle, two figures concealed in the darkness await their visitor patiently. The tallest of the pair stepped out of the shadows revealing a tall, round boy in his mid-Teens with hazel brown eyes and golden brown hair all slicked back. He wore green baggy pants and a white long sleeve shirt. The person behind him then stepped out of the shadows showing a much shorter, slimmer figure, both younger and has emerald green eyes encircled by a saffron ring. He wore yellow-green overalls and a yellow long sleeve shirt with a matching elf' hat caressing his blonde hair.

"You're late, Terran." The first person spoke softly but loud enough to hear through the crashing of the falls. Terran stepped out of the darkness revealing a tall, well built (not too feeble-looking and not too muscle bound) teenager wearing a blue tanktop with a navy-blue baggy jeans. He has jet-black, shoulder-length hair, highlighted with a hint of umber, tied back with a strip of leather. Two loose locks of shorter hair were lingering by his ears and cheeks, while his long bangs shielded his left deep ocean blue eyes.

Terran stepped on the wet, slick surface of the enormous log and took a couple steps closer to his friends. Steadily, yet cautiously, he approached the two boys and takes a glimpse down at the fall's base into the mist. Terran was becoming dizzy at the sight and he quickly snapped his eyes back to the front of him. He took another step and almost slipped on some moss that has grown on the log over the years in the moist environment.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Terran yelled, a bit startled.

"Shh! Did you forget that the Elder could hear us from all the way up here? If he does, he'll get really mad," the first boy said cautiously

"Hey! Why did you have to choose such a high place to meet?!" Terran asked angrily as he tried to keep his balance.


"Xeth, I told you it was a bad idea to invite a klutz like him alone with us, "whispered the second boy. "Plus, he just might blow our cover and the Elder will find out. You know, I once heard someone in the village say that there was a flashing coming from the falls. Maybe there are spirits around here. Let's leave before we meet one" the second boy joined the conversation a bit uneasy.

"Saffron, you actually believe in that nonsense?"Xeth asked rudely. "Only babies are scared of those types of things. I once heard my grandmother say something about seeing flashes around the base of the falls, but I highly doubt that ghost are around here."

"Maybe there is some sort of treasure down there." Saffron outbursts.

"Yeah..! Then, when we find it, we'll become rich!" Xeth shouted with enthusiasm.

"I don't mean to spoil your fun guys, but...don't ya think it's kind of dark for that?" Terran asked sarcastically and cautiously, for he doesn't want to anger his short-tempered friend, Xeth.

"Why? Are you...chicken?"Xeth asked, trying to look for trouble.

"No, not even one bit!" Terran replied, with a hint of anger in his voice. "Besides, if the flashes were at the falls behind us, you'd be able to see the light flickering brightly in the night's sky! Also, it would be much easier to look for this so-called 'treasure' during the daytime when you can actually see out own feet in front of us."

"That's true, Xeth, since this is the night we should see the flashes clearly and brightly." Saffron commented.

"Now that I think of it, it has to be true." Xeth said in agreement. "You know what? You're a lot smarter than you look, Saffron."

"Well, what can I say?" Saffron replied confidently, looking very smug

"AHEM!" Terran interrupted Saffron's in his delusional stage, while looking really pissed off at the two of them. " I just said that exact same line a minute ago, you mimic!"

"Terran! You should be ashamed of yourself trying to take the credit of something Saffron said!" Xeth said, lecturing Terran.

"Maybe, if you actually listened to what I say, you just might of heard me say it in the first place! Oh, and I don't need a lecture from the likes of you. If I wanted one I could have gone to school to get one or just stayed home until the Elder lectured me non-stop. Just for the record, I said that exact same thing for crying out loud!"

"Well, actually what you said was ' Besides, if the flashes were at the falls behind us, you'd be able to see the light flickering brightly in the night's sky!' while I said-"

"I know what you said and I know exactly what I said, but the point is that you got credit for something I said!" Terran interrupted Saffron in an outburst.

"Okay, okay, okay, you don't have to get all upset about this! Jeez! And I thought that Xeth was bad when he gets upset! Saffron thought the last line to himself.

"Hey! What do you mean by that?!"

"Um, what talking about?"

"That comment you just made about me!"

"Heh, heh, heh...which comment?"

"You mean there is more than one?!"


"Argh, Forget about! I'm talking about that comment you made when you said 'I was worse than Xeth'!"

"Heh, heh, that?"

"Of course I did! Loud and CLEAR!" The two teenagers continued to fight and argue while Xeth just stood there and listened to them, wondering why they kept on referring to him.

After an hour of fighting they went their separate ways but they all ended up at Celedon Village. Before each of them made their way to their homes on different sides of the village, they all met at the one corner of the village where it was out of sight and surrounded by trees. There, they discussed meeting each other at the very same spot, right after lunch. Afterwards, they all agreed on the meeting place, they once again went their separate ways as quickly and as quietly as possible.

Terran was the last to leave, as he say his friends go on their different paths, he then yawned and headed for home very weary. He quietly entered the house and tried to close the door as softly as possible, but he soon found that it couldn't be done without a few tiny creeks. Silently, he crept down the stairs and sighed in relief when all of a sudden, the lantern sitting on a stand by this bed flickered on.


" 'Uh-Oh!' is correct my boy" stated an in an angry gruff voice of an older man.