The Secret Behind the Mysterious Flashes

Terran watched in slow motion as the reflective surface came upon him as he smacked through it with a loud SPLASH! He quickly regained his bearings and swam for the surface; gasping for air he didn't know he had time to intake before the big plunge. Lucky for him, the base was deep enough for him not to get any major injuries.

"Oww!" Terran groaned in pain from hitting the water. "Looks like there is no way back up there." He said supporting his neck while looking directly up the falls.

Walking out of the small lagoon, Terran found himself in a very green forest and followed a path from the falls going up towards the valley, leading to the village. While walking the path to Celedon, Terran heard someone call his name.


"Huh? What was that?" he asked in confusion.

He continued to walk the path toward the village, when he heard the very same voice again calling him.


Terran then decided to follow the voice and see why that person was calling him. He heard the voice echoed from behind the falls. Terran followed a stray path leading towards a cave behind the falls where he saw a faint light flickering. As he got closer to the light, it glowed brighter by the moment. The voice started to call him once again and so he followed the voice in to the dark and damp cave. He came closer and closer to the flashes and walked further in where the light radiated from within. Terran was is awe when he entered the cavern besieged with crystals, prisms, and gems of different hues that glinted as light seeped through the summit less cavern. He continued to take it his surroundings and observer the different textures and brilliance of each color.

Terran scanned the cavern to see everything around him when his attention turned to the sunlight penetrating through the roofless cave and a single ray shinned directly on a rock. A mini waterfall trickled from an opening in the back wall not far from the rock where it surrounded it creating like a water barrier. On the rock, Terran noticed that there was an odd shape on top of it. It looked to be a dragon wrapping around figure of an elegant upside down "T" with a phoenix on one side and a tiger on the other. It had a mirror like surface on the bottom and seemed to be attached to the rock. As he got closer to the rock he noticed that a dragon was a part of the hilt of a sword.

Terran stared at it in awe for a few seconds as a stream of light from a small breach in the cave's roof reflected upon the blade's shiny surface and illuminated with a blinding luster within the cave's cavity. He raised his forearm before his eyes to shield it from the brilliance of the shine that engulfed him and escaped through all the openings of the cave.

After a few blinding moments, Terran unshielded his eyes and beheld the sword before him.

"Huh? What is this sword doing here?" Terran asked himself.

"Terran...the sword..." The mysterious voice rang again.

"Huh? W-who's there?"

In answer to Terran's question a transparent figure in armor appeared before him.

"Gyaa! A g-ghost!" He yelled startled at the sight before him.

"Terran...pull out the sword..." It said in a shivery type of a voice.

Terran tentatively reached for the hilt of the sword not wanting to defy a super natural being and started to try and pull it out of the rock.


Terran pulled with all his might to get the sword out of the boulder. He gathered all his strength and pulled at it with everything he had, when it finally came out with a sharp echoing PING!

As Terran tried to catch his breath, he noticed that the sword started to glow and realized that his was the source of all those glints during the day. All of a sudden, there was a bright, blinding flash and Terran had to shield his eyes as the light filled the whole came and out in to the evening sky.

"Jeez! What the hell was that?!" Terran asked not even sure himself what had just happened.

When he took a closer look at the source of all the light, he noticed what was once a "T "shaped hilt turned in to an "l" shaped hilt with a dragon wrapped around it.

"Huh?! W-what just happened to this thing?!" He demanded with his eyes staring wide open examining it.

He found that each side of the sword was missing and now made it look like a dagger that seemed to have been enlarged to the size of a regular sword. Terran also noticed that the Phoenix and the tiger on the missing sides must have shattered with the sides of the sword.

"I can figure out what happened to this sword later. For the moment I have to find a way back to Celedon Village."

Terran exited the cave and tried to find the path that he was on to get there, but somehow it had vanished. All that was left was a rocky ridge at the mouth of the cave and a narrow path leading towards the base of the falls. At one point, Terran thought that the easiest way to get down might be to jump off the ridge he was standing on and back into the little lagoon he had first climbed out of when he fell off the log bridge. Then he considered that if the path toward the mystical cavern had disappeared without a trace, then maybe the depth of the water or all the water for that matter may go just as fast. Terran could just imagine it happening to him:

With one leap he felt as free as a bird and in a position for a perfect dive. He was now ready for the lagoon water to engulf him and so he closed his eyes to set ready for a splash. After waiting a couple of seconds, wondering why he wasn't caressed with the pure waters of the lagoon. Terran opens his eyes to find nothing but a giant ditch with rocks scattered at the bottom.

"What the...?! He exclaimed as he noticed his surrounding. "GYAAAA!"

Trying hard to flap his arms thinking he could fly but decided in a split second that the next best thing would be to try not to land on his head. Desperately trying to flip around so he could land on his feet. The best he could do was turning him up to the point where it looked like he was going to lay on his stomach. After all his desperate attempts to land on his feet, he body slams onto the rocky earth below him.


Terran went face first into a flat rock about a couple of inches before his body crashed into the bottom of the lagoon. Struggling to get to his feet, he grins widely after he was up and all that was left of his teeth was two front on the top and one on each side of the bottom. He could now see mini rocks started to prance around his head and banging against him every couple of prances making him dizzier. After swatting away the dancing granite, he happened to notice a shadow coming toward his direction.


The hilt of his sword crashed into his face creating a dragon imprint on his face. Before he would go unconsciencious for an hour or so, with his vast imagination, he pictured the Chinese-styled dragons' dancing around his head as the rocks did and hitting him with a Katana (sword) and causing him to go unconscience yet again.

Terran now coming back to Cirrus for a reality check, confirmed that diving into the Lagoon was defiantly a BAD idea.

Carefully, Terran walked along the narrow way leading to the bank of the lagoon, clinging to the rocks for dear life itself. After a long climb down the steep valley's pathway, he then made it to the base of the falls. Now at the banks of the lagoon he stared down into the clear waters when he noticed a dark patch reflecting off the waters. He tried to look behind the falls to see the unknown dark patch but only found mounds of rocks at the reflection of the water and saw the dark patch again and realized that is was a cave. Rubbing his eyes to se if his eyes were playing tricks on him and took another glimpse behind the falls and found nothing but the same boulder at the entrance. Not sure on what he is seeing, he checked the reflection of the cave in the lagoon surface and to his dismay he saw...nothing.

"Jeez, I think I hit my head a lot harder than I thought when I fell from the bridge," he commented while taping his head a couple of times trying to get the unclear image in this head out of his mind.

Terran looked at the sky and noticed all the different hues.

"It's getting kind of late and everyone'll be worried." He said in a worried tone in his voice.

Looking at his surroundings to continue his original path that he was on before he got distracted by the calls. He turned his back for a second but when he looked back there was a new path but it seemed to be blocked by weeds, bushes, and ivy.

"What the...? That was not there before I turned around. Jeez, this place is really creepy. It's no wonder no one ever comes here!"

Terran decided to see where the path leads to, so he tried to get through the thick shrubbery. He noticed that it was on top of a hill leading a windy read to Celedon. Realizing that, that was an even faster and closer path to home he tried to shove his way through the massive bushes and pricked and scrapped himself in the process.

"Ow! What the..THORNS!" He yelled as he gave an evil look at the cursed bushes.

Terran had an idea and took his blade out from his belt, where he kept it from falling while ascending the rocky ridge. He then held it up high and exclaimed "Ah-ha! Now it's payback! Heh-heh-heh-!"

With that he went on a frenzy to get revenge over the ones who scratched him.

"Ha! That'll teach ya to mess with someone who is armed with a...old, rusted, sword..." He said as he looked confused at the old rusty sword. "Man, this thing has rust on it from hilt to tip. I'm surprised that this thing could even glow with all that crud on it. I'm even surprised that, that thing can do so much damage to those shrubs in the condition this is in."

Now that he cleared the path he headed down towards the village with the blade in his possession. On the way down he saw a fish like creature with a brilliant yellow color standing in his path when it suddenly attacked him with one giant leap.

"Huh?" he asked as he got back to his feet. "What are Rabbyth's doing here? They are pretty weak animals but I won't take any chances. "

Terran took his sword and with one quick swipe he vanquished the "Rabbyths." As he continued the trails he found more and more Rabbyths appear. One by one with a quick fluid lash, he subdued the fish creatures. After walking a few meters and killing a Rabbyth every step of the way he finally found a sign that said "Celedon Village - " and marched onward.

Author's Note

Sorry it took so long to get things to look a bit decent. I'm still trying to edit and format the story.

I'm still planning on making it a crossover but mainly sticking to the SoM storyline. If crossovers are not your cup of tea, I apologize for not mentioning this before in the first chapter.

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