When one trained too much. -The Ryoga edition-
By Hiryo

Begin: 17.05.03

Author Notes:
You can thank Daniel J. Gibson for the betterment
of this fic. The disclaimer you can find on my
profile-site here on with other goodies like
my website. :)

Chapter 1 - 1st try to . . . .

Ryoga has trained hard for months. In particular,
'his' special technique the Bakusai Tenketsu.

He has it! He sees all the Ley Lines! He wants to
try it out immediately.

Ryoga shouts, "Bakusai Tenketsu!"

With that, he concentrates all his senses on that
network of Ley Lines. He pushes the focal point on
the ground as well some of his Ki to use those
lines to supercharge his attack . . . . A deep gap
appears . . . deeper and deeper it reaches . . . .

Ryoga looks down and notices that the gap is still
expanding and going deeper and deeper.

Now he sees a reddish glimmer. Only a single word
escapes Ryoga lips . . . .


Where upon his hand goes behind the head and rubs it
in embarrassment.

All over the world, the needles of the earthquake
scanners swerve to the max of their Richter scale
. . . 30.

The last thoughts of Ryoga were, 'Hmm, how could I be
so stupid and let me be distracted by Ranma? Even if
in mind only . . . . To confuse the Ley Lines with the
Fault Lines . . . he must have used Shampoo's potion or
something like that . . . . DAMN YOU RANMA I WILL KICK
YOU . . . .'

And then the Earth EXPLODED!