Lifeless Rose

My life was just a grave that had been walked upon like a lifeless rose. Everyday I had to fight to hide the fact that I was a member of their family. Do you think it was hard to look into the eyes of my loved one's lying to them knowing what I had done? Of course it was. But I was no high class girl with an O.W.L in Astronomy. I was a drug addict, a lady of the night, a prostitute for those gutless men. All my life I was the slag on the street corner, the black sheep. Not like her! No not like perfect Minerva. She thinks she's so superior to me she's a whore herself selling herself to that fool of a headmaster. She denied it of course claimed they were only friends. He said differently he said they we're in love. As if he hadn't thought of having ago with me when he walked past my corner in Knock- turn alley.

Father kicked me out of the house when I was but 15 when he found I was pregnant. They found his body floating in the river last week. They blamed me... well she blamed me and the rest of them followed. They stuck me in this bloody cell. I know I didn't murder my father I was many things but a murderer was not one of them. I hated him yes but not enough to kill him. She hated me enough to kill him. I know it was her I remember when they found her first husband Francis drowned in their bathroom. She married again a few years later to Stuart Hunter. He came to me it seemed Minerva had been to busy to satisfied his lustful needs. I satisfied them for him she found out of course she has a nasty habit for finding out secrets. He was found decapitated in the woods. Yet again she got away with it I have no proof to say that it was her. I just know.

She hated me from the day she was born, our parents just thought it was sibling rivalry it went deeper then that what I did to offend her is beyond me. Yet she loathed me even before I went to the court to try and prove she was a murderer and I almost did yet the court sided with her. She always did have a nasty temper I remember when she was 8 I insulted her day after day. I hated her as much as she hated me. After 2 weeks she had obviously had enough, I found myself on my back in the kitchen she was sitting on me a pair of scissors in her hands. Father managed to pull her of before she managed to cause me real damage, she didn't even remember going for the scissors she just stood there with a dazed face on. It was that day that I realised there was something dark in her something begging to get out. Things like this happened many times till eventually Mother sent her to an anger management therapist. What became of the therapy, I will never know.

I remember the day when I came home my stomach inflated with the child of Marcus Gate. She didn't say anything I had expected her to say something like 'How typical of you' yet not a word came out of her mouth she didn't speck to me at all during my short stay. That worried me. She only started her relationship with Dumbledore a year ago. I fear he may be the next to face her deadly wrath. I think father found out about her secret relationship with her old Professor and he of course got mad so she killed him. That would explain a lot. I don't think she killed any of them on purpose just like that day with scissors that thing inside of her just managed to escape.

But she does have to be stopped. I Angerona McGonagall fear I could be the only one who could do it. I will get out of this cell and I will get her the help she needs.

Yes an extremely strange chapter! I know she rambles and bit and that this chapter was a bit like a car crash. Bits and pieces everywhere. But Angerona has been through everything so she is a bit like a car crash herself and this is how I picture her talking. I don't know where this is going; it's just something that popped into my mind at about 3 in the morning review's and suggestions of what to do with this fic would be much appreciated.