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Chapter 1- Heart beat

"I killed them."

The words rattled round Minerva's head that night. There was no other explanation. Francis had died 30 years ago on June the 24th at 3:45 am, the exact same time Minerva had blacked out to only to wake up on the floor in the kitchen. Stuart had died 24 years ago when Minerva had yet again conveniently had another black out. She could only remember parts of what happened those two nights. She had been arguing with Francis an hour before she found him dead.

Francis had wanted a child, Minerva had not, simple enough until it went too far. Minerva remembered pushing him away as he tried to console her; she remembered seeing him trip and land in the full bath. She'd blacked out seconds later, her mind not willing to take in what had happened next she guessed. The exact same had happened with Stuart. Each week, money had been going missing from the McGonagall account in the Gringotts. When she had asked the goblins about it, they claimed that her husband had been taking out money every week for months.

Minerva being very curios about why he was taking out money with out her permission questioned him about it. (After she had slipped some truth potion into his drink that was) She had not been pleased with the answer he gave her. Yet again she blacked out waking up hours later on the edge of the McGonagall estate. Then of course there was Simon McGonagall Minerva's father, a burly Scottish man with a fiery temper.

His once pitch black hair had slowly turned silver over the many years, his grey eyes cold and emotionless. Minerva had definitely taken after her father. Minerva couldn't remember anything about that day, she remembered knocking on the door of the McGonagall mansion and that was it. She woke up the next morning in Albus's arms how she got there was a mystery to her.

It was true, Minerva could think of no other logical explanation... she was a murderer. Angerona had called her a murderer many times Minerva had just ignored her... she was right. She had been telling the truth and Minerva had just had her locked away for it. Guilt now made the broken woman sink even lower into her hole of self pity.

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